Ramadan is a month away and Muslims all around the world are getting ready. So I’m here to give you tips on how to get a running start and reach the finish line.

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Start fasting now. (Seriously, start now!)

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To go from eating three or more times a day to only eating twice, with HOURS in between, is a hard transition for anyone.

Start fasting for a few days out of the week so you get used to it.

I try (emphasis on “try”) to fast a week or two before Ramadan and whenever I do, the transition is soooo much easier.

This should allow you to ease your way into Ramadan so it doesn’t hit you like a freight train.


Get up early (like really early).

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Waking up at three or four in the morning is not an easy feat. So start getting up early!

The worst feeling is when Ramadan comes and you oversleep and miss suhoor (breakfast), then you’re running off of last night’s dinner to get you through the day. Who wants that?

Use the time to pray, meditate, and get ready for the day ahead. It’ll be worth it for sure!

This definitely happens to me at least one time every year so here’s to hoping my alarms don’t fail me this year.


Set some goals and write them down wherever you’ll remember them.

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Want to read more Qur’an? Adopt better eating habits? Do more volunteering? Write it down!

I keep my list of goals at my desk or mirror because I know I’ll be reminded of it every day.

And if you want even more motivation, get some accountability partners (i.e. your friends)!

We all want to stick to our Ramadan Resolutions but it can definitely be a challenge at times. So it may be helpful to have a group of people to keep you on track.


Clean up your space, even if it’s a corner where you can pray, write, etc.

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If you’re like me, you treat Ramadan like a new year. So it’s helps to have a clean space where you feel like you can focus without any distractions.

And it doesn’t have to be your entire living space. For me, it’s my room because it’s where I get the most sunlight and I can catch some rays while I reflect on the month ahead.

Don’t let clutter ruin that Ramadan zen you’re trying to achieve!


Limit your time on social media.

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Now if it helps to follow people for their inspirational Ramadan content, go for it. But if you’re following food bloggers, problematic faves, etc., maybe for your own sanity you should limit your time on social media.

It can be a distraction especially since we all know how fast time moves when we’re scrolling endlessly.

I try to make sure I spend less than two hours a day on social media and that I’m using the time to read or focus on my goals for the month.


Get involved in your local Muslim community.

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Ramadan is a month for giving back, so get involved in your community! You can donate money towards community initiatives, volunteer to host programs for kids, or help out with preparing food for those who fasted.

Do whatever interests you!


Drink lots of water (but not toooo much).

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It’s important to stay hydrated in general but when you’re not drinking water throughout the day, you want to make sure your body is still in decent shape.

However, drinking a ton of water in one sitting is not a good idea at all. You’ll be getting up to pee every five minutes and you’ll end up being dehydrated. So be sure to space out your water intake at breakfast and dinner.

P.S. — You can also get your water intake from certain fruits too! (Looking at you watermelons 🍉 )


Avoid foods high in salt or sugar.

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After going a whole day of not eating, people tend to scarf down a TON of food that may be high in sugar or salt because, let’s be honest, it tastes really good.

But it’s important to not only pay attention to how much you eat but to what you’re eating. I love a good “four for four” meal from Wendy’s but it’s never done me any good during Ramadan sadly because I end up feeling sluggish.

I know it tastes good but you want to FEEL good too!


Coordinate dinners with your friends, even if it’s virtual.

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It can be a very isolating experience for many if you’re fasting by yourself or you’re away from family, so coordinate with friends or other folks who are in the same boat! Sometimes, it’s nice to share your meal with people and just talk about your day.

Last year, I ate with friends through Zoom or Facetime and it was (almost) like we were together in person.

And you can be creative! Last year, Rami Ismail, a game developer, coordinated virtual iftars through Animal Crossing. The options are endless!


Pick up a new skill.

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Ramadan is all about improving oneself (mentally, physically, spiritually, etc.) So why not use the month to learn a new skill? Take Arabic lessons. Create a workout routine. Start journaling.

I got into the habit of taking at least five minutes to meditate at the start or end of my day and I still do it now!

Do whatever you feel will be beneficial to you during Ramadan and beyond.


The most important tip of all: Take it easy!

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If this is your first Ramadan or your 20th, it’s important for you not to overexert yourself while you’re fasting. So take it easy!

No one operates at 100% capacity on an empty stomach so you shouldn’t try to.

Take it day by day and show yourself some kindness!

I’ve now bestowed my wisdom upon you. Go forth and conquer Ramadan.

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What tips and tricks have worked for you?


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