So, one of my favorite TV shows to binge during quarantine has been Gossip Girl.

"Gossip Girl" cast

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There are lots of iconic couples on the show, but today I want to talk about a relationship that should have been endgame: Nate and Serena.

Nate and Serena on the couch on top of one another and smiling

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The ending simply did not do their relationship justice, and I need to talk about it. Here are some moments that prove Nate and Serena were meant to be!

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Obviously, spoilers ahead!


First, when Serena came back from boarding school in the pilot and Nate was so excited to see her.

Nate and Serena making eye contact longingly, Nate smiling

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When Nate tried to tell Serena he wasn’t over her at the masquerade ball, but accidentally told Jenny, who was wearing Serena’s mask.

Nate says he's trying to do the right thing with Blair but he's not over Serena and it's killing him

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When we saw them being total goofballs in the Thanksgiving flashback.

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When they rekindled their friendship and had this super sweet exchange.

Serena: "If you wanna reflect alone together I'll be around" Nate: "What are you up to now?"

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When Serena pretended to be Nate’s girlfriend at the White Party to make Catherine jealous and they had this iconic kiss.

Nate: "I just wish I could make her feel as badly as I feel right now," Serena: "You totally can," kisses him and then they smile and laugh

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When Serena asked Nate to distract her from Tripp, so he took her on a bar crawl.

Nate says he'll take Serena on a bar crawl so they can get "really, really drunk," she says he's the best and hugs him

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When Nate revealed what he tried to tell Serena at the masquerade ball two years earlier.

Serena: "You loved me?" Nate: "Of course I did, Serena you're the most beautiful amazing alive person I've ever known"

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When Nate asked Serena to stay with him.

Nate pleads with Serena not to get into the car with Tripp: "Just stay here with me, just give me a chance"

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When Nate slept in the hospital by Serena’s side all night after her car accident.

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When they finally got together for real.

Nate says he worried if they moved too fast things wouldn't work out, they both say they've waited a long time for this and then kiss

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And then when they walked out of the party together acting all cute and innocent as if they hadn’t just hooked up in a closet.

Serena: "That was the best first date ever, promise me no more slow," Nate: "What if it's the good kind of slow?" They kiss

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When they had this adorable, flirty play fight in the kitchen that turned into, like, the hottest scene ever with “She’s on the Move” playing in the background.

Serena licks whipped cream off her finger while "She's on the Move" plays in the background

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When they stuck by each other through everything, the good and the bad.

Nate: "I want to be that person you can bring anything to, the good and the bad," Serena: "Me too"

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When Serena apologized for leaving the morning after the Shepherd wedding all those years earlier.

Serena says she never meant to hurt Nate and says she wishes they could relive that night because this time they know they love each other

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When their banter was just too adorable.

Serena: "You're such a good guy, can I kiss you before I kill you?"

The CW


When Serena was there for Nate even after they broke up.

Serena: "Nate if you ever need me I'm here always"

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When Serena knew she would always love Nate no matter what.

Serena: "If I end up with Dan, a part of me will always love Nate"

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And finally, when Nate looked at Serena like this as she walked down the stairs in her wedding dress.

Nate looks at Serena longingly as she walks down the stairs

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Because it should have been Nate and Serena instead, and we all know it.

Serenate deserved better!

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