Derry Girls is an incredible show full of hilarious characters and excellent performers — but this post is a special shout out to Nicola Coughlan (who you might also know as Penelope in Bridgerton) and her character, Clare.

The cast of Derry Girls smile at the camera


With her expressive face and wonderful comedic timing, Coughlan has helped to serve up some of the best moments on the show. Here are some of Clare’s finest, most hilarious moments…


When she didn’t want to be an individual on her own.

Erin tells Clare her mother wouldn't let her wear a denim jacket to school, Clare says "Well I'm not being an individual on my own"

Netflix / Via bob-belcher.tumblr.com

Nothing has ever summed up exactly what it’s like to be a teen girl like this scene.


When Clare didn’t last very long on her hunger strike.

Clare says "I think my body's gone into starvation mode", Michelle says "For Christ's sake Clare, you've basically just skipped lunch"


When Clare realized she’s poor.

Erin says "Any joy with the trust fund" and Clare says "No, according to my mam, we're actually quite poor"


When Clare had a caffeine-enhanced study meltdown.

Clare freaking out about studying


When the substitute teacher dragged Clare to hell.

The teacher says "this person has written about how much they love their English class in an embarrassing attempt to suck up to the teacher"


When Clare came out to Erin…

Clare says "I'm the wee lesbian"


…and swiftly put her in her place.

Erin says "I'm sorry Clare, I'm just not interested in you like that" and Clare says "I'm not interested in you like that, look at the stte of you"


When Clare called out Erin another time for being a terrible friend.

Erin says "I just think it might be time I moved on friendship wise" and Clare says "you are aware you're talking to your current friends"

Netflix / Via bob-belcher.tumblr.com


When Clare had a minor existential crisis about lesbian height restrictions.

Clare says "there's no height restrictions as far as I'm aware" in response to a comment that she's too short to be a lesbian


When she delivered some perfect “your mom” jokes.

Clare says "your ma is a bit inappropriate" and "your ma doesn't even make sense"

Netflix / Via tiffanyachings.tumblr.com

The only acceptable use of this jokes in the last decade.


When Clare was very worried about her kneecaps.

Clare worries about losing her kneecaps if caught doing drugs


When she tried to make a sartorial point.

Clare wears a union jack t-shirt and Michelle asks if she wants to get beaten up


When Clare took her mother’s instructions literally.

Clare's mother says "don't even breathe" and Clare pulls a face indicating she is holding her breath


When she had a very chill and normal reaction to outdoor activities.

Clare screams and hurls insults while abseiling


When she offered up this literary criticism.

Clare holds up Moby Dick and says "This whale, he's a bad brute Mrs Quinn"



When Michelle accused Claire of being a “craic killer”.

Clare screams "I am not a craic killer"


When she was the only one talking sense.

Clare says "what's become of us" as the other Derry Girls dig up a dead dog


When she had yet another existential criss.

Clare saying that when she woke up in the morning she knew something terrible was going to happen and that she's an evil person

Netflix / Via montygreen.tumblr.com

Let’s be real, her frequent meltdowns are what make her so relatable.


And most importantly, when Clare cracked within 0.5 seconds of being in Sister Michael’s presence.

Clare snitches on the other Derry Girls and Sister Michael says "well I think it's safe to say we all just lost a bit of respect for you Clare"

Netflix / Via james-winston.tumblr.com

Wouldn’t we all?


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