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Our babies are crying out!  Lol!
Our babies are crying out! Lol!

I don’t blame the baby,do you???
Welcome to the 21st century! Lol!!!

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2 thoughts on “I have a feeling i was downloaded,not conceived!”

  1. Read and laugh…….Wife Is A Wife

    A newly married couple was walking through a garden, suddenly a dog ran towards them. They both knew the dog would bite them but the husband lifted his wife to let the dog bite him rather than his sweetheart. The dog stopped before them, unsure what to do, barked a little while & ran away.

    The husband put his wife down, expecting a hug & a few kind words of gratitude from her. But his wife shouted “I’ve seen people throwing stones & sticks at dogs, this is the first time I am seeing someone trying to throw his wife at a dog”

    Moral : A Wife is a Wife
    “No One ELSE Can MIS-UNDERSTAND a Husband Better than a Wife.”

    Husbands it is well. Take heart it is part of the challenges of being a husband. It is price all husband must pay

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