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We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which TV scenes make them laugh every single time they watch them. Here are the hilarious results.


In The Office, when Dwight planned a surprise fire drill for everyone, and all hell broke loose.

Everyone breaking and throwing things around the office during the fire drill


“I think this is the best scene from the show. When Angela pulls her cats out of the filing cabinet and throws them through the ceiling…I just can’t. I’m laughing while typing this.”


Here’s the full scene:



In Schitt’s Creek, when Moira thought she killed a random man, so she talked to David about it and accidentally turned him into an accomplice.

David and Moira confronting each other in David's store


“I am in stitches every single time I watch this scene because both she and David think they’re about to go to jail. I also love the part with Patrick and Moira’s scone.”


Here’s the full scene:



In New Girl, when everyone helped Winston realize that he’s colorblind, and his whole life started to make sense.

Schmidt questioning Winston's shoe color


“The funniest part is when he’s doing the jigsaw puzzle but most of the pieces are just cardboard-side up!”

inspire_forever and motherofcats222

Here’s the full scene:

Fox /


In Fleabag, when Claire’s coworker walked into the elevator immediately after Fleabag farted, and she commented on the scent.

Fleabag farting in the elevator while carrying a tray of food, and one of Claire's coworkers walks in

BBC Three

“Look, I’m not normally into this type of humor at all, but the delivery of the random woman in the elevator gets me every time. It’s the exact opposite of what you think is going to happen, and that’s why it works so well. All of Season 2 is perfection.”


Here’s the full scene:

BBC Three /

The specific elevator scene starts at 1:41.


In I Love Lucy, when Lucy accidentally got drunk off of Vitameatavegamin while filming a TV commercial.

Lucy drinking directly from the bottle of Vitameatavegamin in "I Love Lucy"


“It’s waaaay funnier than any other I Love Lucy moment.”


Here’s the full scene:



In Community, when Troy left his apartment for 30 seconds to grab the pizza, and he came back to an enflamed room and a bloody Pierce in the darkest timeline.

Pierce lying on the floor from a gunshot wound, Shirley covered in blood, and Troy coming back to an on-fire apartment while holding the pizza in "Community"


“The darkest timeline scene is easily the best/funniest moment.”


Here’s the full scene:



In The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, when Carlton ran around the entire set, screaming, after Will tricked him into thinking his prank accidentally killed Lisa.

Carlton crawling on the kitchen floor and screaming in "The Fresh Prince"


“Carlton tried to prank Will, so Will turned the tables and made it seem like Lisa died during the prank. Carlton’s freakout when he ran around the set gets me every time, especially when he crawls on the kitchen floor.”


Here’s the full scene:



In Brooklyn Nine-Nine, when Rosa suggested that Captain Holt and Kevin “bone” because they were spending too much time apart.

Captain Holt yelling in the police precinct


“I laughed for, like, 10 minutes straight when I first saw that scene. So hilarious!”


Here’s the full scene:

Fox /


On The Carol Burnett Show, when Tim Conway played a dentist and kept accidentally injecting himself with Novocaine, making his limbs go numb while on the job.

Tim Conway as a dentist getting hit with the Novocaine needle, making his legs and arms go numb in front of a patient

CBS Television City

“It kills me every time!”


Here’s the full sketch:

CBS Television City /


In Veep, when everyone had to testify before Congress, and Mr. Rakes read every single insult Selina Meyers’ team had about Jonah in their “Jonad Files.”

Jonah, Amy, and Dan sitting before Congress


“I watch that clip on YouTube all the time when I need cheering up.”


Here’s the full scene:



In The Cosby Show, when Clair absolutely obliterated Vanessa’s entire existence after finding out she went to a concert in Baltimore, got the car stolen, and was robbed.

Clair yelling at Vanessa in the living room


“Clair’s reaction to Vanessa going to Maryland to see the Wretched is absolutely hilarious. The ~big fun~ lines get me every time.”

angelam48 and c4c7

Here’s the full scene:



In Will & Grace, when Jack got extreme paralysis after putting too much numbing cream on his hands and face, and Will tricked him into thinking the only solution was to eat a banana.

Jack trying to eat a banana with numb hands


“Just watch the scene. You won’t regret it.”


Here’s the full scene:



In WKRP in Cincinnati, when Les Nessman reported live while turkeys were hurled from a helicopter, attacking people on the ground, in a Thanksgiving promotion gone wrong.

Les Nessman reporting in front of a grocery story while turkeys fall from the sky


“They were just trying to give away turkeys for Thanksgiving. You see nothing (you only hear it), but it is hilarious!”


Here’s the full scene:



In Friends, when Phoebe found out that Chandler and Monica were secretly hooking up after accidentally catching them mid-act from across the street.

Phoebe screaming in Ugly Naked Guy's apartment after catching Chandler and Monica having sex across the street


“If I was forced to choose just one scene from the show, I’d have to go with this one. Total gold.”


Here’s the full scene:



In It’s Always Sunny, when Dennis and Mac tried making a dating profile for Charlie, but there was absolutely nothing redeeming about him.

Charlie sitting on the couch, looking disheveled, while Mac and Dennis sit across from him


“This is the funniest scene ever. No matter how many times I see it, it’s still hilarious.”


Here’s the full scene:

FX /


In Parks and Rec, when everyone got drunk on Snake Juice and completely lost control of their own thoughts and bodies.

Everyone being drunk at the bar, then Donna driving away with Jerry tied to the roof of her Benz


“I love when they all pile in the car, and as they drive away, you can see Jerry on the roof.”

bluespandex68 and jac1126

Here’s the full scene:



And on Saturday Night Live, literally any time Bill Hader tried to get through a single Stefon sketch without laughing…but failed miserably.

Stefon and Seth Meyers cracking up during a "Weekend Update" sketch on "SNL"


“Bill Hader is the only actor who’s actually FUNNIER when he’s breaking character. It’s all just too good.”


Here’s the full sketch:


Did your favorite scene not make the list? Tell us in the comments below which TV moment you think is the funniest of all time!

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and clarity.

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