This snacceroni is one Max Greenfield, who you may recognize from a slew of sitcoms and dramas he’s acted in over the years:

Well, y’all kept asking…and asking…and ASKING for Max to read thirst tweets, especially after his onscreen/IRL BFF Jake Johnson read his, so I am here to tell you that today is the day.


Y’all are most welcome:


After watching this video — don’t ask me how many times — I think it’s finally time we all acknowledge that Max has been thirst-worthy for quite some time now. Don’t believe me? Allow me to provide the Carfax™:

Young Sandy Cohen from The O.C. — an amuse-bouche:

Young Sandy talking to young Kirsten on the quad on The OC


Leo D’Amato from Veronica Mars — an hors d’oeuvre:

Leo in his deputy uniform on Veronica Mars


Gabriel from American Horror Story: Hotel — a snacc:

Gabriel walking down the hotel hallway in AHS: Hotel


And last but not least, Schmidt from New Girl — a whole entree:


In case this wasn’t enough Max content, you’re in luck, because you can catch him in The Neighborhood, Mondays on CBS.


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