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A bag of grain-free dog food that is perfect for pet owners with busy lives. It’s an ideal measure to ensure you always have food for your favorite fuzzy friend on hand and know that they’ll love what they’re eating.

The dry dog food


Promising review: “I switched my three dogs (two 2-year-old mini dachshunds and a very senior 18yrs+ retriever mix) to this food when the puppies came along. It was game-changing, everyone likes it, no more sensitive stomachs, and we have had perfect poopies since. My senior gal has issues keeping weight ON, and we have been able to eliminate the fatty generic canned food because the small bites are easy on her teeth to eat so she eats more of it! Her energy level increased and we joke that she will outlive us all now. My only wish is that the small bites would come in larger sized bags because I find myself buying five to six 12-lb bags off Amazon because local stores only stock 2-12 lbs at a time, so thank goodness for Amazon’s infinite quantities!” —Bex

Price: $37.09 (available in four sizes and six flavors)


A pack of poop bag rolls for the person who seems to always be running out of a *very* important item. These are key for a socially distant walk if you don’t want to turn your doggy’s duties into a spectacle.

One of the poop bags in a reviewer's hand


Promising review: “Do you have dogs? Dogs that poop? Especially when you’re walking them? And more poop than seems biologically feasible? Like, if you could harness the power of their intestines you could create matter from nothing, making you a master of the universe?! Me too. They’re great dogs. But it’s a lot of poop…and no end to it! And they dispense it like it’s a gift. A few times each walk. Like they’ve saved it to share with me and the neighbors. Why?! It’s just, So. Much. Poop. But…these bags! These bags are Hope! These bags are a success! These bags are what all poop bags should be! They just roll off the roll well and easy, they keep coming, they do their job better than any poop bag ever, and…and…wait…yep!…they’re biodegradable!!! Wha?! That’s right, you’re saving the world twice each time you use one: once for collecting your doggy’s “gift” and once because you hermetically sealed it within a biodegradable bag!!! Good work! You’re happy! Your doggy’s happy! Neighbors are happy! And the Earth is happy! Walk proud, fellow gatherer of poop…you’ve chosen well. And poop on little pooch! Do what you do so well…we’ll be ready!” —Stillwater

Price: $11.99 (available in two sizes and two styles; or Subscribe & Save for $11.39/four months)


A bag of premium cat clumping litter because it’s dust-free, low tracking, and has superior odor control. It’s the perfect litter for the no-muss no-fuss pet owner that wants to simplify clean-up as much as possible.

The litter


Promising review: “I love this cat litter. After using many other brands that were okay, I stumbled upon Dr. Esley’s and I couldn’t be happier. It’s lightweight and small granules are perfect for her to sift through with little to no odor even after multiple uses. My cat loves it and tracks very minimal if any litter when using it. Easy for her use and very scoopable with outstanding clumping. You really can’t beat the price as well for how long this litter lasts. A bag/box lasts me a little over a month, there’s plenty to fill the litter box up, as well as extra to add more litter when it gets low.” —Suzanne Shanken

Price: $18.99 (available in five styles and two sizes)


A pack of dog treats with bone marrow and calcium so your pet can grow big and strong with each bite. If you’re worried about your pet’s healthy while observing them a little more closely than usual now that you’re working from home, this may be the ticket for overbearing pet-parent syndrome.

The pack of dog treats with bone-marrow and calcium being fed to a dog


Promising review: “A good basic dog treat from an American-made brand we trust, these are a reasonable price and there seem to be (roughly) a million in a jar -—a good value when you have six dogs! These are small enough to be used as training treats, but also make just a nice, bite-size treat for our dogs, which are all in the 30- to 50-lb range. They’re always excited to get them!” —pmb

Price: $7.49 (available in eight styles, two flavors, and three sizes; or Subscribe & Save for $7.12/two months)


A stain and odor eliminator that’s paramount to keeping your WFH space clean and smelling as it should. It’s proven to eliminator odor, is safe for pets, and has a satisfaction guarantee, so you can be sure you’re getting the most of your purchase.

The stain and odor eliminator in a white spray bottle


Promising review: “We got a new dog a year and a half ago. She is now trained but the stains remained. After multiple cleaning products and even paying a carpet service, this product is the only thing that worked. I was very impressed how well it worked. Just be patient and let the product sit and do its thing.” —charles

Price: $19.97 (available in two sizes; or Subscribe & Save for $18.97/two months)


A set of three plush animal toys for the pup who needs constant entertainment. Plus, it’s great for older dogs with sensitive teeth, and it will keep them busy all day long so you can work without distraction.

Dog with the three fox, raccoon, and squirrel plush toys


Promising review: “My dog is old and has lost a lot of her teeth. I wanted her to have something to play with because she just seemed sad that she couldn’t play with her old toys. I opened it as soon as it arrived and pulled out the fox toy. She perked up when she heard me squeak the toy like she does with any squeaky toy. She came up to me and I threw it a little way. She seemed like she was nervous to pick it up in her mouth but, she did. She carried it in her mouth over to her dog bed and chewed on it for a bit. She gets defensive if anybody tries to get it out of her bed but, she will still fetch it if somebody throws it. Happy doggy. I’m very satisfied with my purchase.” —Melissa Atwood

Price: $9.99


A set of puppy potty training pads because sometimes your pet isn’t able to wait for you to take them outside and if you’re in the middle of a meeting all bets are off. These pads are leak-proof and protect floors so they’re perfect for accident-prone puppies or senior dogs.

The set of puppy potty training pads in white and blue with a reviewer's dog


Promising review: “Really great. These are so good they also teach your fur babies to go in a certain place outside in your yard. Magical.” —michelle

Price: $18.99 (available in two sizes and five styles)


A 24-pack of Purina wet cat food so you can improve your pet’s overall health. If you’ve noticed your cat isn’t loving their normal dry kibble as much as you thought they did when you’d pour a bowl and head off to work for the day, might I suggest treating them to this tasty complex meal?

The pet cat food in a reviewer's hand


Promising review: “My cats love this stuff. I started feeding them wet food twice a day after reading that it’s healthier for your cat than dry food. I have noticed an improvement in their coat, making them very shiny 👌🏻 I used to only get gravy lovers (my cats won’t touch any kind of pate) but find the grilled kind have more meat in them and you can mix a little water with em to make a kind of gravy if that’s what your cat prefers.” —Jesse Danger

Price: $12.31 (available in 21 flavors, two styles, and three sizes )


A self-cleaning litter box that is perfect for keeping your home smelling nice while you’re spending, well, every waking moment there. Plus, you can keep track of your pet’s health through litter that corresponds to their ailments.

The litter box in a little box hider at the reviewer's home


Promising review: “My daughters begged me to let them have a cat. My wife promised they would take care of everything. So we got a cat. After a couple of months, they tired of their responsibilities, and now this cat relies on me for everything. Every self-cleaning litter box I bought broke after a few months. I read the reviews on PetSafe ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box and it seemed promising. Our 3-year-old cat took to it immediately. It has immensely lightened the burden of being a cat caregiver. I change out the litter once a month. Best of all, the litter box has lasted several years and it’s still going strong.” —db2000

Price: $48.95 (available in three colors)


A pack of Greenie’s natural dog treats for the dog who may not have the best dental hygiene. It gives your pet the extra cleaning that they need and will keep their breath fresh for longer since you’re inevitably smelling it every day now that you’re home 24/7.

The reviewer's dog eating a Greenie


Promising review: “It occurred to me a few weeks ago that my little diva Yorkie’s breath stunk. Doggy kisses weren’t very pleasant. I tried to brush her teeth but that was like trying to give a cat a bath. She’s skittish. Her teeth aren’t bad though. It must be the food she is eating that causes doggy breath. We were at my sister’s house when she offered Molly a Greenie treat that she gives her own dog. Molly ate it right up to my shock. She is picky about what snacks she will eat and usually sticks to bacon-flavored chewy things. I came back and ordered a bag of Greenies Dental Chews. They came today and I immediately gave my dog one. She gobbled it up like it was filet mignon. Her breath is better too. Hey, if it makes her breath better and helps keep her teeth clean, I am happy.” —PattyT

Price: $30.99 (available in eight sizes)


A pet hair-removal brush, because we all know the perils of looking around midday only to realize that your house is a mess and your pets are to blame. If you don’t have time to be constantly cleaning while working from home, this is the solution for you.

The pet removal brush in yellow with clumps of pet hair


Promising review: “My vacuum has had me living a lie. I just swept my carpet the day before..THE DAY BEFORE.. I have three kids a dog and a cat. Let me tell you what.. this broom is my life now. If you have pets or hair GET IT!!” —Heather Whited

Price: $12.98


And! A ChomChom pet hair roller so you won’t have to worry about your couch or chair looking super dirty in the back of Zoom meetings. It’s perfect for preventing hair buildup and ward off overpowering clumps that fill up the vacuum quickly.

The ChomChom pet hair roller being held by a reviewer


Promising review: “Love my ChomChom roller! Cleans up pet hair off of furniture like a breeze and is easy to empty/clean out! Definitely recommend!!” —Kelly K

Price: $24.95


A Greenies Pill Pocket packet that is perfect for the pet owner who is sick of wrestling their pet to give them their medicine. It’s a total time-saver, and we all know that time is precious these days.

The Greenies pill pocket in a reviewer's hand


Promising review: “Charlie and Sammy love the flavor and scent of these pill pockets. I love them because it turns pill-taking into treat time for my two. The freshness of Greenies Pill Pockets is always perfect, and I keep any extras in the fridge until next time I need them. Win-win!” —Tracy V

Price: $14.98 (available in three sizes)


A 10-pound bag of bird food for the person who needs a little quarantine entertainment. Whether you have a pet bird or you and your cat enjoy watching the bird eat outside your window, this purchase provides as much entertainment for you as it does nutrients for the birds.

The reviewer's photo of birds eating the bird food


Promising review: “Birds love it, arrived quickly and feel like I’m feeding the while city now! My cats love to watch them . . . (I’m not too crazy!)” —Nick

Price: $11.29


A pair of pet nail trimmers/ clippers because it’s never fun to realize that your pets are poking holes in your furniture. Now that we’re spending more time at home than ever, it’s important that we keep our homes looking the way we want them to so your pets could use a memo.

The pet nail trimmers in blue and white


Promising review: “I am really excited about all the features on these puppy nail clippers! It has a locking mechanism to prevent accidents and also has a special metal guard on the backside to keep you from clipping the nails too far. I didn’t even notice it at first, but there is a built-in nail file that slides conveniently into the handle! These are sharp enough to get the job done right on the first try. These clippers arrived on time and even came with a coupon.” —Cara

Price: $14.95


A pack of cat dental treats so you can keep your pet’s oral health in tip-top shape. If you’ve noticed your pet is having difficulty eating (under your new watchful WFH eye) then these may help improve not only their breath but their overall gum health, preventing vet bills down the line.

The reviewer's photo of the pack of dental treats


Promising review: “I have very picky cats and they love these treats! I don’t know if they are psychic, or what, but they know exactly when I open the container and come begging! Greenies are also very good for cat’s teeth. I recommend this product for your kitty!” —Emily G.

Price: $8.48 (available in four sizes)


A pet grooming tool that stops pet dander in its tracks. It’ll prevent your house from becoming a zoo while you’re forced to spend most of your time there and your family will thank you for taking the initiative to keep the space clean.

The pet grooming tool in blue on a lawn with a pile of hair


Promising review: “The only brush I’ll ever use for my German Shepherd. I had a $60 FURminator brush that broke on me. I bought this for less than one-quarter of what I had paid for my FURminator, and it works every bit as well.” —Amazon Customer

Price: $14.97


An electric flopping fish toy for the pet who isn’t easily amused and needs a little more stimulation. It’ll keep them busy so you’re free to do all the stuff you need to, and you can feel good knowing they’re entertained.

The electric flopping fish toy in blue being played with by the reviewer's cat


Promising review: “My cats love it! Rub a little nip on it, and it will really keep them busy. I was pleasantly surprised at how realistic it looked.” —acceber306

Price: $12.99 (available in four colors)


A shag fur machine-washable pet bed because your pet is certain to be preoccupied while they’re sleeping soundly in their favorite bed.

The shag fur bed in beige


Promising review: “Highly recommend this dog bed! This bed has really helped my little guy with anxiety and always calms him down. I will be purchasing my second one to keep at home and at my office.” —Courtney Kelly

Price: $25.09


A pack of toys so your pup can stay entertained for hours without demanding your attention. It comes with 14 different toys, making it a total steal for the price.


Promising review: “My puppy loves it. She was so excited she didn’t know which one to play with at first but her favorite is the banana. It has a squeaky ball inside and a plastic thing keeps her entertained. Love love this!!!!” —Renee Nieves

Price: $20.98


An IRIS pet storage container that can be used for food, litter, and everything in between. It’s ideal for buying in bulk (aka saving money) and keeping your pet’s food fresh at the same time.

The IRIS pet storage container in clear plastic with blue lids


Promising review: “I just received mine yesterday. The package came when expected, in excellent condition. I love the way it looks. Wheels popped on easy. So far I haven’t anything to complain about. I like the way it looks. Bottom container I put in 35-lb bag of medium size dog food. Top packages of smaller dog food. I love the lack of space it takes and will be ordering two more different sizes for 50-lb bags of sugar and flour bought during COVID. Such a great way to store in pantry. I would recommend this product.” —Cathy

Price: $18.74


A stimulating toy for pets who could use a little mental and physical exercise. It’ll ensure your pet is never bored and that they’re constantly occupied so you can focus on you.

The stimulating toy in green


Promising review: “It took me about three minutes to assemble and that was without reading the instructions (I found the instructions after assembling!) The mustache sticker is my own addition, it came with eye stickers (when I find them again, I will apply those as well!) Almost immediately, my kittens were batting the balls back and forth to each other. They continued to play until I was writing this review and of course, kittens nowhere to be found when I took the photo. My 6-month-old and 3-month-old kittens enjoy this toy. They play together and solo.” —igypzy

Price: $8.99 (available in three colors)


A cat condo free tower with a hammock bed and scratching post because if your cat has also been sitting on your desk or laptop these days, you feel me. It’s no secret that cats love to sit anywhere they aren’t supposed to, so this is a great way to combat that incessant curiosity.

The cat condo with the reviewer's two cats in it


Promising review: “I was hesitant to buy this because some people reported it showing up wayyyy too small, but I decided to take the risk and THANK GOODNESS I did! It took me about three minutes to put together and my two cats were immediately all over it!! The hammock is super soft, the scratching posts are well made, and they are loving the toy attachment! It’s a good height and the hammock can accommodate them both as they nap together.” —Sara Doble

Price: $27.51 (available in two colors)


A durable natural rubber chew toy so your pet can chew things that aren’t you or your furniture. It’ll offer a much-needed distraction from all the other viable (but not edible) objects around the house.

The reviewer's dog with the chew toy


Promising review: “My boxer really loves it. It has a strong rubber smell but he didn’t mind it. I have an XL and an L for him. The first week I use the larger one, which was easy for him. It took only 20 minutes. The second I used the smaller one, which made it harder to lick out, and it cost him two hours LOL. I’m not sure of its teething function but it’s durable. Actually, my boxer didn’t try to destroy it, he just licks slightly… But anyway, he loves Kong so much.” —July

Price: $12.99 (available in six sizes)


A pack of deodorizing dog wipes that will prevent your dog from tracking dirt all over the house and ensure your quarantine puppy isn’t making your house a pig sty.

The puppy wipes with the reviewer's dog


Promising review: “These wipes are great for bulldogs who can’t have baths often. My English Bulldog little pork chop can only have baths once a month due to really sensitive skin. These wipes are great for freshening them up between washes. The scent lasts pretty long, and it also gets some dirt off them. I haven’t had any issues with his sensitive skin. Bulldogs are stinky creatures sometimes, and these wipes certainly help :-)” —Jermey Moore

Price: $5.60 (available in four sizes and two styles)


A calming diffuser for anxious pets because aren’t we all a little stressed these days? To make sure your pets are getting the TLC that they need, sometimes we need to offer them a little help in the form of anxiety relief and this product does just that!

The reviewer's cats relaxing after the classic calming diffuser


Promising review: “So far the Feliway diffuser is working! Have one in each of two rooms. Two weeks so far no peeing from my male cat. Was afraid I’d have to re-home him. Keeping fingers crossed but haven’t done the 40-day replacement yet.” —Kevin C.

Price: $16.47


A litter mat pad because it’s never fun to realize your cat has tracked a pile of litter out of their box. It’ll keep your home clean and your cat healthy while making sure you’re both happy.

The reviewer's cat sitting on the litter mat


Promising review: “Apparently this litter mat doubles as a comfy bed. Going from no litter mat in for this box to using this new mat there is a noticeable decrease in litter strewn across the floor, which is what I wanted. The cats certainly don’t mind the texture so they have no problems with it either. Would recommend.” —Kelliar

Price: $16.99 (available in two sizes and three colors)

The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.


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