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Hart of Dixie

The CW / Everett Collection

This series follows Zoe Hart, a surgeon who moves from her hustling and bustling life in New York to become a general practitioner in Bluebell, Alabama. Similarly to Virgin River, Zoe drops everything and moves to a tiny town she’d never heard of to practice medicine. While it takes some getting used to at first, she eventually learns to love her new home and all of her new friends. Throughout the series, the town of Bluebell becomes just as important as all of its quirky residents. This show has so much heart (pun not intended) and is a perfect option for whenever you want to snuggle up and watch something fun. Also, Tim Matheson, who plays Doc on Virgin River, stars in this series too!

Where to watch: Netflix


Big Sky

Darko Sikman / ABC

Big Sky is a series that takes place in — you guessed it — Big Sky, Montana. The series only just started airing this fall, so there are only a few episodes available, but boy, do they pack a punch. Big Sky follows two private detectives as they investigate the disappearance of two teenage girls who’ve been kidnapped on a quiet Montana highway. Much like Virgin River, this show is really great at getting viewers hooked within the first episode, and the small town plays a huge part in the plot — it’s basically a main character itself. It tells a gripping story, and all the picturesque woodsy landscapes are just a plus! Big Sky does not disappoint.

Where to watch: Hulu



Warner Bros / Everett Collection

If you’re in love with Virgin River because of the small town vibes and “doctor moving to a small town to start over” trope, then you should give Everwood a shot. The series follows Manhattan brain surgeon Dr. Andy Brown, who decides to move to Everwood, Colorado after his wife dies suddenly. Because Andy’s late wife had such an emotional bond to Everwood, Andy decides it’s the perfect place for him and his two children to start over. Throughout the show, the characters learn to live with loss, grief, and the ups and downs of starting over. It’s heartfelt, sweet, the storylines are remarkably written, and there’s even a sprinkle of some spicy teen drama in there. Plus, you might catch some familiar faces, like Chris Pratt, Revenge‘s Emily VanCamp, Jane the Virgin‘s Justin Baldoni, and Grey’s Anatomy‘s Sarah Drew!

Where to watch: IMDbTV on Amazon Prime Video


Modern Love

Amazon Prime

Virgin River has a bunch of really cute love stories, so if that’s more your vibe, then Modern Love is perfect for you. Based on the New York Times’ weekly column, Modern Love is an anthology series that focuses on all things love and relationships. Each episode revolves around a different character as they go on a journey to find romantic, platonic, familial, or even self-love. This is a perfect feel-good show and an easy binge-watch. It’s basically a win-win!

Where to watch: Amazon Prime


A Million Little Things

Jack Rowand / ABC

If TV shows that make you ~feel~ is more your vibe, then you should definitely give A Million Little Things a try. The show follows a group of close friends whose lives totally change after one of their own dies by suicide. This show is all about finding your family and cherishing those you love. Like Virgin River, this series is genuine, deep, and wholehearted. You won’t be able to get through an episode without at least a few tears, I promise.

Where to watch: Hulu


The Fosters


This series revolves around the Adams-Foster family led by Stef Adams-Foster and her wife Lena Adams-Foster. Their blended family consists of one biological son Brandon, a set of twins who were adopted as young children, and two foster kids who eventually get adopted as well. The Fosters has so much engaging unpredictability that there’s no way you can’t binge-watch this show. It’s funny and heartwarming, while still having very strong dramatic roots. Virgin River fans will fall in love with these characters immediately and wish they too could be adopted by the Adams-Fosters.

Where to watch: Hulu


Tales of the City


Tales of the City is a true ensemble show. This miniseries focuses on all the people who live in 28 Barbary Lane, a boarding house turned apartment complex in San Francisco. While each character deals with their own personal experiences, the series incorporates sex, drugs, and LGBTQ storylines into the mix without being predictable. Much like Virgin River and many other shows on this list, the city of San Francisco becomes a major character in and of itself in Tales of the CIty.

Where to watch: Netflix


Anne with an E


Anne with an E is a darker adaptation of the Anne of Green Gables books series written by Lucy Maud Montgomery. The show explores a range of serious topics like child abandonment, gender inequality, and racial prejudice, without ever feeling forced or insincere. Like Virgin River, this series will draw you in during the first episode, but the carefully thought-out storylines and nuanced characters will leave you wanting more.

Where to watch: Netflix


Northern Rescue


Northern Rescue follows John West, who uproots his and his three children’s comfortable life in Boston after his wife tragically dies. They decide to move to John’s hometown, Turtle Island Bay, Ontario and live with his sister-in-law Charlie. Throughout the series, the family learns to live with loss and grief, while also adjusting to their brand-new lives. This series has a lot of tragedy and drama, so be prepared to cry a little bit. However, the entire cast’s performances are phenomenal, and once you start watching, you won’t be able to stop.

Where to watch: Netflix


This Is Us


This Is Us follows the Pearson family throughout their lives, all while jumping through different times and eras. The great thing about this show is that it can be heartwarming and uplifting but still pack in the same kind of drama a soap opera has — much like Virgin River. There is literally never a dull moment on this show. You will never be bored, I promise. This Is Us has the power to make you laugh your ass off and bawl your eyes out within one 45-minute episode. It’s an emotional roller coaster 100% worth taking. Plus, without giving too much away, Alexandra Breckenridge, who plays Mel on Virgin River, also plays a pretty significant character in this show.

Where to watch: Hulu




If a feel-good family drama is your thing, then look no further. Parenthood follows the Braverman family through their everyday ups and downs. This show has so many wonderful characters, and the cast is absolutely to die for. It does a really wonderful job at telling real stories about very nuanced people. You won’t just like the Bravermans, you will fall head over heels for them. The series will make you feel every emotion possible, and I can assure you that you’ll be crying one minute but hysterically laughing the next. Like Virgin River, Parenthood is a show that makes you feel at home and it makes you feel like you’re part of the family.

Where to watch: Peacock and Amazon Prime


Spinning Out


Spinning Out is phenomenal, and you can take my word on that. It follows a young figure skater whose given the opportunity to restart her career after a serious injury almost stopped her from skating ever again. This show is full of soap opera-y drama, and you won’t be able to watch “just one episode.” The characters are very interestingly written, the plot is engaging, I promise you will get totally invested. Similarly to Virgin River, this show follows a headstrong woman whose life suddenly becomes entangled with all of those around her, and of course, there’s some romance involved.

Where to watch: Netflix


Schitt’s Creek

Pop / CTV

Schitt’s Creek and Virgin River both follow the “fish out of water” and “moving to a small town where everyone knows each other” tropes. Both have a cast of equally adorable quirky characters that you can’t help but love. The biggest difference between the two is when Virgin River gets all dark and twisty, Schitt’s Creek thrives on its comedy — which isn’t a bad thing by any means. It’s fun and sweet, while still being actually laugh out loud funny. You’ll get so attached to this quaint little town and all of its inhabitants.

Where to watch: Netflix


Life in Pieces


Life in Pieces is a family sitcom that revolves around the multiple generations of the Short family. The series really takes their title to heart and configures each episode into shorter stories that ultimately become one giant story — it is, quite literally, life in pieces. Much like Virgin River, this show is wholesome, sincere, and full of characters you can’t help but love. Plus, you’ll also see some famous faces make appearances, like Nick Offerman, Megan Mullally, Jordan Peele, Joey King, Josh Groban, and many more.

Where to watch: Hulu


Private Practice


Private Practice is actually a spinoff of Grey’s Anatomy, but it’s a little less stressful, IMO. This series follows Addison Montgomery after she leaves Seattle Grace Hospital and moves to a private practice in LA. This show is great for Virgin River fans because you’re still getting those high stakes medical drama moments, but you also really get to vibe with the characters and their personal lives. Addison might be a little bit of a fish out of water at this new practice, but in no time she fits right in. If you’re familiar with Grey’s Anatomy, think of Private Practice as its super-fun, chill, younger cousin.

Where to watch: Netflix


Gilmore Girls

Warner Bros / Everett Collection

If you haven’t watched Gilmore Girls yet, this is a sign you should start it. The series takes place in the small but mighty town of Stars Hollow, and much of it revolves around mother and daughter duo Lorelai and Rory Gilmore. These two share a bond so strong, nothing can come between them. After only one episode, you’ll fall in love with the cast, the town, and that little jolt of happiness you feel whenever the theme song starts. Gilmore Girls is warm, sweet, and cozy. It’s kinda like if autumn were a TV show, and it’s an absolute must-watch.

Where to watch: Netflix


And finally, Sweet Magnolias

Eliza Morse / Netflix

Sweet Magnolias is a breath of fresh air in a world full of darkness and despair. The series revolves around three lifelong best friends as they support each other through all the unpredictabilities of life. This show is full of bright characters who never fail to make you smile, all while making you wish you could exist in this world too. Like Virgin River, Sweet Magnolias is a cozy show that you can watch anytime you want to get lost in a fictional world of love, happiness, and cute outfits.

Where to watch: Netflix

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