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Without giving too much away, The Undoing is HBO’s newest drama/thriller mini-series centered on a woman whose husband is accused of a brutal murder.

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So obviously, The Undoing is a super dark show. But, there is one ray of sunshine: Nicole Kidman’s wardrobe.


This dress gets an honorable mention, because LOOK at it.

And by wardrobe, I mean specifically her coats.

Undoing HBO / Via

If you have to go to court, at least go in style.

They are glorious.

David Giesbrecht / HBO

First, we have this signature green coat that she wears frequently throughout the first few episodes.


It’s unfortunate that she looks horror-stricken in every photo, but alas.

I think for me, it’s actually a combination of her coats + flowingly, luscious locks.


She looks like the best caramel apple in the barrel.

Then, there’s this little red moment:


She actually has two different deep red/maroon-colored coats on this show, it seems.

She walked into that courtroom in this jacket ready to SERVE.

Courtesy of HBO

Order, order in the court!

And who doesn’t dress in a silky, robe-type coat to play chess with pops?

David Giesbrecht / HBO

Check MATE.

But the real cream of the crop is this beautifully, embroidered white robe.

Niko Tavernise / HBO

Mmmm looks like money.

Here’s a close-up so you can really get a feel for the pattern.


Hi, Hugh Grant’s hand.

This show is technically about other, bigger issues… but for me, it’s about Nicole Kidman’s coats.


Hats off to the stylists!

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