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Ever dream about what it would be like to stumble across an incredible artifact from the past, near or distant?


Well, these redditors — plus some BuzzFeed readers — had that exact experience! Here are their very cool, and very unexpected, discoveries:


This moonshine from 1917 some kids discovered behind a fake wall in their home’s basement:


A 120-year-old glass plate negative that YouTuber Mathieu Stern found inside a time capsule and then developed, discovering this image of a long-gone kitty:

A man wiping something onto a negative and slowly developing photo of a cat

Mathieu Stern / Via

He then colorized the image so we could get a great look at what our feline friend from 1900 really looked it:

A colorized photo from the 19th century of a cute cat

Mathieu Stern / Via

Watch the video of how he colorized the photo here.


This newspaper from 1936 (that fans of The Crown would surely find of interest) this person came across in their grandmother’s boxes.

A 1936 edition of the batimore news post with the headline: king edward abdicates


This doodle of a bird on a land deed drawn by a 19th century worker that a digitizer discovered when scanning land deeds from the 1800s:


A war savings bond issued in 1943 that belonged to this person’s great-great-grandparents:

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