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A popcorn machine ornament to hang on their tree and reminisce on better days like getting off of work, changing into comfy clothes, and meeting your friends at the movies to watch the latest release.

the popcorn ornament


Promising review: “We have a tradition in our home at Christmas. My wife and I buy ornaments for our five kids and each other each year to open and hang on our tree. But not ordinary ornaments — ornaments that are unique and personal. Ornaments like this one. Wow, we have a popper like this in our home and truly feels like a shrunken version of it, and the quality is so high. With actual (appears to be) popcorn that you can shake around inside. Thank you so much for being an awesome part of our family tradition!” —Lee E Alcorn

Get it from Amazon for $17.31.


A minimalist movie poster for a reimagined movie poster of their fave film that’ll serve as both a cool gift and a bomb print to add to their wall decor. They’ll think of you every time they gaze at it.


ChungkongMMP is a shop that specializes in minimalist art that reimagines popular film posters.

Get it from ChungkongMMP at Society6 for $13.79+ (available in five sizes)

Get the Donnie Darko poster here and Friday poster here.


ChungkongMMP is a shop that specializes in minimalist art that reimagines popular film posters.

Get it from ChungkongMMP at Society6 for $13.79+ (available in five sizes)

Get the Donnie Darko poster here and Friday poster here.


A Redbox movie night care package that’ll not only give you enough snacks to carry you from opening scene to rolling credits, but it also comes with a code you can use to rent a DVD from Redbox. Score!

the Redbox care package


In this care package, you’ll receive one DVD rental code to rent a movie from Redbox, two packages of Act II Butter Lovers Popcorn, one pack of Skittles, one pack of Sour Patch Kids, one pack of M&M’s, one pack of Hot Tamales, one pack of Black Forest Gummy Bears, one pack of Reese’s, one pack of Starburst, and one pack of Mike and Ike.

Promising review: “I ordered this for my brother and his wife who are feeling a little homesick lately due to living out of state for the military. They deserved a good movie night and loved every single thing! I would definitely recommend sending one of these to anyone you know who’s feeling down in the dumps.” —Cayla

Get it from Amazon for $24.99.


A Keanu Reeves pillow to keep them company in quarantine while they’re waiting for the next John Wick film.

Keanu Reeves pillow


Promising review: “This is the most badass pillow I’ve ever had. Not only is John Wick on it, but it has also given me purpose in life. Stroking those sequins to get a look is my new obsession.” —Becky

Get it from Amazon for $9.99+ (available in four colors).


A portable projector for an interactive experience that can turn any room into a theater. It’s also kid-friendly and comes with access to educational content from Disney, as well as games and more.

the projector in black


You can access Netflix, Disney+, and Hulu if you have a subscription to those services.

I’m a huge cinephile so I’m always looking for cool gadgets and gizmos that promise to enhance my cinematic experience . The Cinemood 360 is a huge upgrade for anyone who purchased the older Cinemood edition. It has more streaming options and the picture is clearer and brighter; no need for complete darkness to see the picture. I like to take this little buddy with me during movie night with my nephews. It’s small, which makes it easy for travel and has a built-in speaker (even though I connect it to my Bluetooth for that surround effect). It’s especially nice now during quarantined weekends. We can make our own little ‘movie in the park’ situation, and by park I mean backyard.

Get the Cinemood 360 from Amazon for $399+ (also available in white) or shop the rest of the Cinemood line here.


A pack of movie-inspired socks to keep the toes cozy as the air gets chilly. Plus, they’re just super cute and for added fun, they can watch the movie of the correlating socks they wear that day.

The pack of movie socks


The socks in the photo represent the films King Kong, Harry Potter, Titanic, and The Professional.

Promising review: “I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of these socks! They are adorable. The designs are exactly as shown, even better I would say. The socks have the perfect thickness to be worn with a loafer or a tennis shoe. They feel great on the feet and are very soft (I washed mine before I wore them so I can’t speak to how they are out of the package). I’ll certainly be a repeat customer.” —Jennifer Campo

Get it from Amazon for $7.99 (originally $9.99).

Editor’s Note: BuzzFeed does not support discriminatory or hateful speech in any form. We stand by the LGBTQ+ community and all fans who found a home in the Harry Potter series and will work to provide a safe space for fans. If you, like us, feel impassioned about trans rights, learn more or donate here.


A coffee table book filled with a collection of art from Austin, Texas-based gallery Mondo, which is known for its modern interpretations of movie posters. This book has been referred to as a true gem for film aficionados and art lovers alike.

the book opened to an illustration of the car from Back to the Future

Simon & Schuster

Promising review: “I bought this book as a gift. It arrived sealed in clear wrap, and just before I was about to put wrapping paper around it, I gave in to the temptation to take a peek. I removed the plastic wrap, and OMG — I decided, I’m keeping this book! For anyone who loves film and/or art this is a great book. It is generous in every way and includes over 300 11″x13″ pages of art. Especially for the price, this is a gorgeous book. Looks like I’ll have to order another one for the gift!” —Edna

Get it from Amazon for $43.97, Bookshop (to support small businesses) for $69, Target for $48.99, or check your local library.

Curbside or in-store pickup is available at Target.


A funny mug because they are completely incapable of having a conversation without including a quote from a movie and then asking, “Do you know what that’s from?” And, when you admit that you don’t, they gasp, and follow up with, “You have to watch that movie!” Amirite?

the funny mug in black that says I speak fluent movie quotes

Strictly Business Mugs/Etsy

Strictly Business Mugs is a shop based in California that makes funny and punny mugs for everyone.

Get it from Strictly Business Mugs on Etsy for $14.96 (also available in white).


An Eat What You Watch Cookbook that’ll be the perfect gift for your movie-lover who also loves to cook as it mixes two of their favorite things — films and food. This book recreates recipes of dishes from some of our fave cult classics. A blueberry pie from Stand By Me, an “I’m Sorry” carrot cake from Bridesmaids — they can eat the food and watch the film. #DoubleWin

The book opened to see the recipe for eggs in a nest with red pepper sauce inspired by the movie Moonstruck


Get the recipe book from Food52 for $25.


An inflatable 20-foot screen to turn their backyard into a drive-in or movie in the park situation. This is sure to be a welcomed gift after being cooped up in the house. The little journey from the living room to the backyard can make them feel like they’re technically ~going~ to the movies.

The screen, outdoors with a football game on the screen


Promising review: “I never write reviews but needed to let others know about this screen. I searched for the right screen for a while and this one is perfect. It was so affordable, and easy to set up. It’s strong and durable. I’ve been using it during the COVID pandemic with an FM transmitter to make a drive-in theater for the neighborhood kids. It’s a big hit!” —Shannon

Get it from Walmart for $189.99.

Curbside or in-store pickup is available at Walmart.


A nostalgic party game inspired by Blockbuster, the video rental store that you’d go to on a Friday night to get two or three movies to watch over the weekend. *sigh* Those were the days.

the game


Promising review: “Great board game! I picked it up for Thanksgiving. Me and my family quote movies randomly so it’s almost as if this game was made for us. I highly recommend for any movie fan!” —Alex H.

Get it from Target for $14.89.

Get the remixed version with additional categories here.

Curbside or in-store pickup is available at Target.


A scratch-off poster because they brag about all the movies they’ve seen and loved but have they really see all the movies? This bucket list of 100 films will be a fun ride for them, especially if they find a few movies they’ve missed. After all the movies are scratched off, the artwork makes a nice addition to the walls.

The poster in a frame on the floor


Promising review: “My boyfriend is a movie guru and also really likes posters! I purchased this for him as a present with the intentions of watching every movie on the list together. We have been scratching the movies off as we go and guessing what the image will be right before it is revealed. A really fun gift — and personal too! In terms of quality my poster arrived without any scratches or crinkles. We use a quarter to scratch off the film and we haven’t had any trouble yet. I highly recommend! Super fun gift.” —Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $30.46.


Or, a fill-in movie poster for keeping the movie-obsessed busy for at least a couple months with 1,500 movies to see in a variety of different categories. *rubs hands together* #ChallengeAccepted 😏

the fill in movie chart

Pop Chart

Get it from Amazon or Pop Chart for $40.


A Star Wars popcorn popper to give them the force to make a great bowl of popcorn.

the star wars popper filled with popcorn


Promising review: “This is my first reusable microwave popper and I am disappointed that I waited so long to try one! Per instructions, I spooned out the five tablespoons of kernels and added one tablespoon of oil (I used olive oil). I stayed close for the first use to make sure nothing overcooked. Instructions said two to four minutes. At 2:10 the popping slowed and the lid was lifted slightly — it was ready! The bowl was naturally hot, so I used care to set on the counter and let cool about 45 seconds. Perfect pops! Now that I have the cook time, I may try butter in the future, but i wouldn’t use butter without reducing the oil, there was PLENTY of residual oil in the bowl. If you like popcorn as a healthy snack option, you might be able to swing with a little less than a full tbsp of oil, but I don’t know if the kernels would pop as well. I am extremely happy with this next to the artificial ingredient filled microwave bag options or the hard to clean machines.” —Devi

Get it from Amazon for $20.20.


Or, a popcorn machine to go full theater mode. They’ll be able to make a bigger batch for themselves and hopefully share a little with you, too, for the ultimate movie night experience.

A reviewer photo of the popcorn machine


Promising review: “This is a wonderful little popcorn maker. I bought it for my boyfriend WHO LOVES POPCORN. He absolutely loves this thing. He wanted that movie theater popcorn flavor. He bought the kernels, seasoning, and oil. He just throws it all into the pot, clicks it on, and waits for it to stop popping to scoop it all out. It make a big bowl full — which is a good serving size for him (a popcorn lover), or sometimes we share the big bowl.” —M. Roy

Get it from Amazon for $65.61.


A popcorn set complete with a variety of kernels and seasonings to make their bowl of popcorn exactly how they like it.

the popcorn set

Sur La Table

This set comes with three types of kernels: white gold, jumbo, and ladyfinger. Plus, five types of seasonings: Sriracha, white cheddar, kettle corn, sour cream and onion, and cinnamon toast.

Promising review: “Naturally gluten-free and vegetarian, everyone loves popcorn but rarely treats themselves to fun popcorn toppings at home. Arguably everyone also loves a movie night. Great price for five seasonings and three types of popcorn. This is my third time purchasing this item!” —Emma A.

Get it from Sur La Table for $19.95.

In-store pickup is available at Sur La Table.


A quiz book that’ll put even the most devoted film fanatics to the test. This book is filled with some of the hardest trivia questions I’ve encountered. Your movie lover will be over the moon at the challenge and excited about all the new facts they learn.

The book

Little White Lies

Get it from Amazon for $14.59, Bookshop for $15.63 (to support local bookstores), Target for $14.59, or check your local library.

Curbside or in-store pickup is available at Target.


A custom movie poster because true cinephiles have loved movies since before they were able to stream. Bring back their early memories of watching movies with this poster that you can fill with some of their favorite films, with room to mix in a few of yours, too.

the custom movie poster

Gifted Guru / Etsy

Gifted Guru is a shop based in Houston, Texas that makes custom gifts and prints for home decor.

(This will be an instant download for you to print yourself or send to a printer. The file size is A2 16X20 inches).

Promising review: “I absolutely love my custom print. I was contacted by the seller with a mock up within hours and it was perfect from the get go. Downloading and printing was a snap. Thanks so much!” —Lisa Clos

Get it from Gifted Guru on Etsy for $14.95.


A horror movie lip balm that I think horror fans will find super cute and practical. Winter is here, and now they can keep their lips silky smooth with their favorite…nightmare? 😳

the horror movie lip balms from the nightmare before Christmas, halloween, nightmare on elm street, and Friday the 13th

Venus Complete / Etsy

Venus Complete is a shop based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania that makes lip balms, candles, and greeting cards.

Promising review: “OMG I am so freaking in love!! I got a Scream and Jeepers Creepers lip balm. They’re so cute and they have a soft text to them (the outside of it) and well they smell so good and are just too damn cute. I don’t know why I only got two, but I’m gonna be back ASAP!” —Briana

Get it from Venus Complete on Etsy for $7.


A enamel pin box set to stick on their denim jacket or everyday bag and act like a bat signal for other film-lovers. Nothing says, “Hey, come talk to me about movies,” like a boom mic.

the film enamel pin set

The Film Pin Society / Etsy

The Film Pin Society is a shop based in Brooklyn, New York that makes enamel pins for filmmakers and storytellers.

Promising review: “Absolutely thrilled and really impressed not just by the quality and exquisite detail in the pin but by the incredibly beautiful presentation and packaging. Looking forward to placing another order very soon. Great Christmas gifts!” —Zac Damon

Get it from The Film Pin Society on Etsy for $55.


A ticket stub diary to keep track of all the great films they’ve already seen and the ones to come.


Promising review: “Purchased this for my girlfriend and I for Valentine’s Day, it’s perfect! We have been collecting our ticket stubs ever since we meet and we finally decided to buy an album for it. After researching some other albums this had the best ratings, but only had a few reviews. After receiving it we were very pleased and the sticker on the front and back was easily removable if you have the patiences. Very happy with this product, great quality and we might buy another one!” —Jonathan Geddis

Get it from Amazon for $10.14.


Promising review: “Purchased this for my girlfriend and I for Valentine’s Day, it’s perfect! We have been collecting our ticket stubs ever since we meet and we finally decided to buy an album for it. After researching some other albums this had the best ratings, but only had a few reviews. After receiving it we were very pleased and the sticker on the front and back was easily removable if you have the patiences. Very happy with this product, great quality and we might buy another one!” —Jonathan Geddis

Get it from Amazon for $10.14.


A movie trivia game because let’s face it, they can never have enough games to pull out at the next shindig to show off their movie knowledge.

the trivia game


Promising review: “This game is amazing. My roommate and I have played it everyday since it was delivered. If there were 10 stars it would get 10 stars. The packaging and the cards themselves? Beautiful. The quality of the cards and the directions pamphlet is great. We stop play just to ooh and ahh over the illustrations sometimes LOL. It’s five games in one, but it’s essentially a deck of cards so you can create your own games. I’m so glad I bought this. Also the deck is diverse which I am huge fan of. I mean Pam Grier? Old actors I don’t know? Well-rounded deck for the win.” —Saphire

Get it from Amazon for $17.60.


A pack of movie dice for when it’s hard to decide which movie genre you want to journey into for the evening. These dice are also a good way to branch out of their traditional movie comfort zone. Or, can settle the group when deciding what movie to watch for movie night.

the dice

JJ Handmade Gift Shop/Esty

JJ Handmade Gift Shop is a UK-based shop that specializes in engraved gifts.

Get it from JJ Handmade Gifts Shop on Etsy for $28.11+ (available in four styles).


A film class so they can learn filmmaking from Martin Scorsese and Spike Lee, screenwriting from Aaron Sorkin, acting from Samuel L. Jackson and Helen Mirren, and more.

Martin Scorsese


Gift them a MasterClass for $180/annually.


A movie genre candle to really set the ambience for their next movie night. Each candle has its own special scent representative of the genre. How I long for the smell of thrillers in the air.

A hand holding the thriller candle


Get it from Joya for $48 or A24 for $48 (available in eight different scents).

You waiting to see how much they love their gift:


Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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