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TikToker @mommacusses (who has a lovely username, BTW) recently asked parents to share things that make it obvious they have kids:

People would immediately know she had kids because her house decorations get far less breakable the further down you look:

@mommacusses /

@mommacusses /

You can tell @bankingonthebanks is a parent by the constant spit-up on her shirt:

Photo of spit-up on shirt.

And you can tell user @kristenmarie1231 has kids by taking a look inside her car:

Photo of a happy meal and trash inside back seat of car.

@kristenmarie1231 /

All user @msmerilinj needs to do is pull a few things out of her purse and you’ll know she’s a momma:

Mom pulling tons of snacks and leftover out of her purse.

@msmerilinj /

It only takes one look at all the half full water bottles around user @mrsjabbs07‘s house to know she is a parent:

Half empty water bottles.

@mrsjabbs07 /

User @piercehan obviously has kids because there are little bite marks in half of the fruit in her house:

Orange and apple with kid's bite marks.

@piercehan/video /

You’ll be able to tell @awassyew is a mom by the lack of cash in her wallet:

Woman holding up a wallet with just a bit of change.

@awassyew /

It’s evident user @shelbylehmkuhl has kids because of this horrifying mess only a kid would be capable of:

Toys and random items on the floor.

@shelbylehmkuhl /

And a peak inside @der_braunaupirat‘s house would also tell you the same:

@der_braunaupirat /

@der_braunaupirat /

You’d know user @livbarkerr is a parent by how she has to constantly sneak her food:

A bookshelf full of plushies and family games is a red flag that user @silmiyauk is a mom:

Book shelf with tons of kids games.

@silmiyauk/video /

And although @staceybee74 put fake boobs in to represent ~boobage changes~ people experience post-pregnancy, it is VERY REAL AND RELATABLE:

@staceybee74 /

@staceybee74 /

User @kellyann1964 also fully represents us moms:

We stand in solidarity with post-baby boobs!!!

Photo of mom accentuating her boobs.

@kellyann1964 /

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