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It wouldn’t truly be the holiday season without an ugly Christmas sweater. Use these TikToks as inspiration to create your own!

Hallmark/Giphy / Via


This sweater has me aspiring to reach this this level of Christmas spirit:

A woman wears a green sweater covered in tinsel and ornaments

@lbbrocks / Via


This person took things to the next level and attached a whole working train set and Christmas village to her sweater:

A woman wears a sweater with a train set attached around her waist

@teentigermom93 / Via


Not only did this person rock a onesie featuring Santa breakdancing, but they also attached 60 ornaments to their beard:

A man with ornaments in attached to his bear wears a onesie with a photo of Santa dancing

@ironsanctuary / Via


This person is all about tinsel, all the time:

A sweater made entirely of green tinsel

@niccisdad / Via


As if this sweater wasn’t extra enough, this person added even more flair:

A man flashes a peace sign in a elf sweater

@adampukeonhaters / Via


The family that wears ugly Christmas sweaters together, stays together:

@cezsanchez0 / Via

@cezsanchez0 / Via


This sweater is lit:

A sweater featuring an embroidered fireplace and tinsel

@jacksonfelt / Via


And this one may be a TAD bit too small:

A man in a cropped sweater which says tis the season

@two_tomos / Via


This purr-fect sweater actually took home a prize:

A sweater with a plush cat attached to a tinsel tree

@detnie19 / Via


If you’re looking to make your own, this DIY sweater will have you jingling all the way:

A sweater covered in bells and tinsel

@sewanastasia / Via


And this other DIY sweater will definitely turn heads:

A black cardigan with a 3D Christmas tree

@diywithamy / Via


A sweater with subtle sparkle is a good choice for those who aren’t as bold:

A woman in a red sweater with sparkly holly on it

@jesskiddingm8 / Via


Or this sweater that’s super easy to recreate:

@icynola / Via


Llama lovers will want this sweater ASAP:

A red and white sweater with a llama on it

@fmsmith319 / Via


This unicorn sweater definitely brought the holiday magic:

A woman in a sweater with a unicorn popping out that says Holiday magic

@marisinaround / Via


And finally, this reindeer sweater isn’t just 3D – it lights up too!

A sweater with 3D reindeer

@davidparody1 / Via

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