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A 12-piece set of golden butterfly stickers to add a hint of ~magic~ to your walls. Throw it back to the 1990s when butterfly clips were a HUGE thing. That and jelly sandals. Ah the good ol’ days.

The butterflies stuck to a blue wall


Promising review: “Beautiful butterflies! Went and bought another set cause I loved them sooo much. Bought gold and silver.” —Babygirl03

Price: $6.16


A vibrant and eye-catching framed art by Drew Barrymore, for dressing up your bare walls with nostalgic ’80s vibes. Looking at it just makes you want to put on your David Bowie records, doesn’t it?

The framed art hung on a wall


Promising review: “Beautiful! Love the colors, texture, and quality.” —D

Price: $48


A throw pillow with woven tassels for making your couch look less bare *and* adding a boho flair to your living room.

The pillows in different colors arranged on a couch


Promising review: “Exactly what I was looking for. I have these pillows on a small outdoor loveseat, and they look great. I never leave these outdoors in the rain, and so far they are sturdy and haven’t faded at all. They came with the pillow insert and cover separately, and I simply had to put the covers on. It was easy. I like that the covers come off if needed. The crochet front of these are SO cute. I was so happy when I came across these on the Walmart app.” —DIYmom

Price: $26.59 (available in four styles and five colors)


A golden bird figurine that’ll have you thinking twice before scoffing at your mom’s collection of trinkets. This little trifle actually makes a big difference in beautifying the empty spaces on your shelves, desks, tables, and TV stands.

The ornament placed on a pink desk


Plus, it also has a nonslip pad on the bottom, so it stays firmly in place and prevents scratches on your too-beautiful-to-ruin furniture. Genius!

Price: $11.65 (available in three sizes)


A knitted cotton pouf, because most people forget that floors need decorating, too! It’s super cute, but it’s also ~functional~. Use it as a foot rest, a napping space for your small pets, or as extra seating for guests when it’s finally safe to have people over.

The pouf placed in front of a couch


Promising review: “It is beautiful and well-made. I got the navy, and the color is exact. It is very comfortable to put my feet on. Good price.” —MollyB

Price: $50.64 (available in three colors)


A wicker basket to set on your living room floor because, again, they need to be decorated, too! Keep this close to your accent chair or couch for easy access to things you want hidden when not in use, like extra pillows, magazines, or a blanket.

The basket with knit items inside


Promising review: “This can go with any style in any area! It’s also a big enough basket that I was able to put a pillow and throw blanket in there. Great quality!” —Nina

Price: $44.25


A set of three artificial cacti for adding desert vibes to your space without the responsibility that comes with owning a real plant. Plus, adding greenery (fake or real) to your living room makes it come ~alive~.

Three of the cacti lined up on a white table


Promising review: “These are adorable and lifelike. I didn’t expect something this nice for the price.” —Junebug37

Price: $8.99+ (available in three styles)


A set of two golden pineapple bookends that’ll add an antique elegance to your living room shelf. Plus, this’ll keep your Harry Potter collection upright and not leaning on each other in a mess.

The bookends keeping three books upright


Promising review: “Easy purchase, timely delivery, and wonderful product. Exactly as described.” —David

Price: $40.41


A Himalayan salt lamp that’ll make your living room super relaxing, especially if you use that space to veg out. Unlike most lamps of this kind, it changes colors, so it’s almost like a calming light show.


Promising review: “I bought this salt lamp, and I love it. Works great. I don’t have a problem unplugging it when not in use.” —Brittany

Price: $16.82


Promising review: “I bought this salt lamp, and I love it. Works great. I don’t have a problem unplugging it when not in use.” —Brittany

Price: $16.82


A set of three black floating shelves to spruce up glaringly bare walls in your living room. When you add personal items like family pictures or that vase you got from India, it’ll make your room look super lived-in and inviting.

The shelves mounted on a wall with decorative items


Promising review: “Carved in a way that makes them look like expensive wood when on the wall. Unless someone goes up to your wall and takes them down, no one can tell they are cheaper. If you’re looking for these kinds of shelves at a bargain price which still look great, I would go with these. They look amazing on the wall and were really easy to put up. I actually plan to purchase more.” —Sopheina

Price: $9.98


A set of two macramé hanging planters, because people forget how absolutely gorgeous it looks when you hang stuff from your ceiling, especially if that stuff involves ~plants~. Your ceilings need a makeover too, y’know.

The planter hanging from a ceiling with potted plant inside


Promising review: “I shopped everywhere for hangers for my porch. I needed 10 and I wasn’t willing to fork out the money that would cost me. I saw these and decided to order a package (two per pack) because of the other review and the price. They work perfectly! I ordered four more packs. Saved lots money and finished a project.” —Maria

Price: $12.69


A throw blanket for making your living room — and yourself, especially during these cold winter nights — cozier.

The blanket draped over an accent chair


Promising review: “Very pretty, good quality blanket. I love it!” —Megan

Price: $20.77+ (available in three colors)


A braided area rug that’ll add a splash of color to your floor and an artsy vibe to your living room. If you want your space to put you in a good mood at all times even before you’ve had your morning coffee, this vibrant and happy rug will do the trick.

The rug placed in a living room


Promising review: “There is nothing to dislike about this rug. It came packaged securely with no strong chemical smell. The colors are vibrant and happy, which is just what I was hoping for to use for our grandchildren’s play area. If you are ordering an anti-slip mat, for underneath, go smaller or it will show through the tassel border.” —Jenn

Price: $31.48+ (available in six sizes)


A table lamp with a brass finish and a base made of REAL marble, for making your living room setup look more expensive than it actually is. Who knew looking rich while being low-key broke is so easy.

The lamp sitting on a wooden table


Promising review: “Great lamp. Item came securely packaged, encased in thick Styrofoam all around. Gold brass finish with a white marble base and small bubbles around the clear glass. It reminds me of a street lamp with droplets of rain bouncing off it. Overall, very happy. Love the character of this lamp. This is being used as at bedside and will be ordering another.” —Lisa

Price: $34.92


A wooden serving tray for adding a neat, organized feel to your coffee table. This’ll keep items that could potentially look like clutter (remotes, coasters, decorative bowls) in one aesthetically pleasing place.

The tray with a coffee setup inside


Promising review: “Very well crafted. Great size and very pretty. Just what we wanted.” —Tammy

Price: $34.38


A set of four stoneware coasters, because if you want to keep your wood tables from getting those appalling ring stains, make your momma proud and use 👏 a 👏 coaster 👏. While you’re at it, you might as well make sure they’re pretty to look at.

The coasters displayed in front of the napkin holder


By the way, this set comes with a napkin holder.

Promising review: “I love all of Pioneer Woman kitchen accessories. The napkin box is heavy, and what I love about it is the space for the napkins so they aren’t jammed in, and it holds a lot of napkins! The coasters have a cork bottom, so they stay where you put them and don’t slide around. You can’t go wrong with this set.” —Sharyn

Price: $19.99


A set of two macramé tapestries for adding a dreamy boho charm to your living room walls. Lights aren’t included, but you can certainly hang it up with fairy string lights for a magical flair.

The tapestries hung up with string lights


Promising review: “This wall décor is so cute! Great for kids’ and teens’ rooms. These items are not as large as they appear in photos, so read dimensions.” —Melissa

Price: $18.48


A white marbled vase with geometric silhouettes, if you want your living room to look contemporary. Plus, this’ll be great additions to shelves, end tables, or TV stands with empty spaces that need filling.

Three vases on a hallway table


Promising review: “Such a nice vase that will accent any room. I didn’t realize how big it actually was, can’t wait to put some flowers in it to really make it pop!” —Sarah

Price: $25.49+ (available in two colors and five sizes)


A black metal lantern that’ll add rustic vibes to your space. This is a great piece to set by the fireplace or on your mantle.

Three of the lanterns with lit candles inside


Promising review: “I love my lantern. It is beautiful just to look at, but most of all I love the neutral color that enables it to blend in anywhere I put it. I like the vent opening at the top of the lantern that allows the aroma of my favorite scented candle to fill the air. It has an easy-to-grasp handle to use when transferring to another area in my house. I like that it has the glass door. This allows me to see light from my burning candle from all sides, and it is so beautiful and calming to look at. It is mesmerizing to see my candle light burning inside this beautiful lantern.” —Diamond3675

Price: $11.88+ (available in three sizes)


A set of two Better Homes & Gardens wire baskets, because not all 20 of your lifestyle magazines can fit on your coffee table. This’ll keep them all in one place while adding a farmhouse feel to your living room. Plus, it has a small chalkboard on the front, so you can label each basket. Neat!

Two of the baskets, one filled with books and the other, towels


Promising review: “I cannot say enough good things about better homes and garden in general. These baskets are so affordable and perfect addition to my farmhouse feel. The medium size fits perfect in their cube storage. I used them to hide shoes and hats in my front entrance. Super deep and holds a lot of things. The wire is also good quality.” —Alexis

Price: $36.70 (available in two sizes)


A set of three decorative bowls with a hammered metal finish finish and a gold interior, which are *so* in vogue, by the way, especially if you have a sophisticated contemporary style.

Three of the bowls in varying sizes


Promising review: “I really like these three graduated stylish pots. Love the contrast of Gold in the interior with jagged edges on rims!” —DeborahC

Price: $40.39


A 63-inch sheer curtain with multicolored pom-poms that’ll make your room look playful and fun. The material is also light and airy, so it’ll keep your space bright while still retaining privacy from the outside world.

The curtains hung up in a pastel room


Promising review: “These are for our home office space. I wanted something sheer to go over the light blue sheers we already have in here. These are perfect!! They let in enough light for the plants, yet we still have privacy. Couldn’t be happier with this purchase” —Chad

Price: $9.70+ (available in three sizes)


A table clock that’s a beautiful piece to complete your space’s vintage look. With cuffs that make it appear distressed, you can totally tell people it’s a precious antique, and no one will be the wiser.

The clock sitting on a wooden end table


Promising review: “Exactly the look I wanted. My home is vintage. Keeps perfect time.” —Risa

Price: $21.99 (available in two colors)


A set of three ceramic hands for giving your living room eclectic vibes. Since these are so unique and vibrant, they’ll definitely catch people’s eye and maybe even be great conversation starters.

The three hands placed on a wooden crate


These figurines come in three glazes: white, red, and and green. The base is also finished with felt to protect your furniture from scuff marks and scratches.

Price: $37.94


An artificial zebra silk plant that’ll liven empty spaces in your living room, like the one between your couch and armoire, or at the end of your sofa. Empty space = a place to decorate.

The zebra plant placed in a white living room


Promising review: “This plant looks great and was easy to shape the leaves from the closed style they arrived in. The leaves have a nice color, and the fullness after spreading the leaves is the effect I was looking for.” —Iammom23

Price: $35.99


An end table with a white top and gold frame for brightening your room and adding a bit of glamour to your style.

The end table with decorative items on top


Promising review: The frame is a durable painted metal and the top is available in a variety of finishes. Its compact size allows for placement in a variety of locations and its design complements various furniture styles. Because it is well-constructed, it will support up to 50 pounds. Assembly took approximately one hour. Overall, this is a versatile, durable piece that will enhance any décor and is a good value for the money. Recommended.” —Chickenpilot

Price: $32


A patterned area rug to really frame your living room’s seating area. Plus, it’ll dress up your bare floors and even hide unsightly wear, like scuff marks or stains. If you can’t see the damage, it never happened. *wink wink*

The rug spread out in a living room


Promising review: “I love it! It’s very pretty and ties in well with the colors I have in my living room. It’s nice because there are multiple colors in the rug, which makes it easy to style with just about anything. It only took about two days for the edges to lay completely flat after unrolling it.” —Kristin

Price: $23.59+ (available in six sizes)


A faux leather accent chair that’ll complete the mid-century modern look you’re going for and even add a dash of sophistication to your space. You’ll feel like sipping a glass of bourbon in a suit while Mad Men plays in the background.

The chair placed in a living room


Promising review: “Great quality durable chair. It looks perfect in my home. It’s comfortable to sit in. The material is very strong, so I feel like it will last for a very long time. I love that it’s faux leather but feels like actual leather, so it won’t get dirty as easily as other fabric furniture. When it arrived in a box, it was very well packaged, and it was very easy to assemble.” —IrCALove

Price: $130


A carpet runner for living rooms attached to a garden door. Place this in front of those doors, adding a decorative element to a space no one thinks of spicing up. If you can match it with your area rug, that’s even better.

The runner placed in front of a door


Plus, this item is plush for keeping your tootsies extra comfy. It also comes in three sizes, and one of the sizes is designed as an area rug so you can match it with the carper runner.

Price: $95.99


A three-tier accent table by Drew Berrymore that looks more like art than furniture. The colors are so vibrant and the design so unique that it’ll definitely be the statement piece in your room.

The table with items on top


Promising review: “This is an amazingly well-built, heavy weight table — much better than expected for the price. Arrived quickly; easy to assemble; very attractive. I’m using it as a bedside table at the moment, but it could work in a living room as a side table, as a plant stand, or for an endless number of other possibilities. I’m really pleased.” —Linda

Price: $90


A metal wall mirror, because it’ll complete your modern and industrial aesthetic. Plus, hanging up mirrors will make your tiny (yet overpriced) apartment look bigger than it actually is. If you don’t believe me, @ Bobby Berk on Twitter.

The mirror hung up on a white wall


Promising review: “This mirror is larger than I expected! It has really beautiful wood detailing and is the perfect piece to put in my entryway. This is definitely better quality than anything I’ve ever seen from Walmart and at such a great price! I’m super impressed by this whole MoDRN brand.” —WallMirrorLover

Price: $69

You amazed at how beautiful your living room looks like with these small pieces.

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Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.


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