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Well guys — after a six-month delay — Wonder Woman 1984 will FINALLY be released on Christmas day!

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It’s available for streaming on HBO Max, and is also premiering in U.S. theaters.

Since the first movie was obviously a delight, the second movie has some big shoes to fill!

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And, based on the trailer, I think it’s safe to assume it will deliver!

So, in preparation for the sequel, I thought it might be wise for us to all review what happened in the first film. Here we go:

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Wonder Woman is Diana’s origin story.

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And superhero origin stories are always the best!

But — before we get to the backstory — the movie begins with a present-day Diana sitting in her office in Paris, opening a briefcase delivered to her from Bruce Wayne (aka Batman).

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The briefcase contains an old photo of Wonder Woman, and a note from Bruce that reads, “I found the original. Maybe one day you’ll tell me your story.”

Ok, now we can get back to Diana’s origin story, which starts with a wee, child-aged Diana running around her homeland, Themyscira.

Little Diana

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She’s small, but mighty.

The entire island consists of only Amazon women, and Diana is the only child. Little Diana is eager to learn to fight and to train with the rest of the Amazon warriors, but her goddess-like mother, Hippolyta, won’t let her.

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Basically, the entire island is just full of badass, warrior women who are ready at the drop of a pin to defend their homeland.

Obviously, Diana still trains anyway (thanks to the help of her aunt, Antiope).

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Considering there were no children to play with, Diana probably spent a lot of time training.

We later learn that Themyscira was created by Zeus as a way to keep the Amazons and “the god killer” safe from Ares’s wrath.

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To summarize: Zeus created mankind, Ares got jealous and tried to poison their hearts, so then Zeus created the “god killer” and the Amazons to restore order and good. Diana spends the film believing that the “god killer” to be the sword that is hidden on her island.

Then, we switch to the perspective of adult Diana, who has been secretly training in combat for years with Antiope. Diana accidentally discovers her superpowers while in a practice fight with her aunt.

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Beware the cuffs.

She runs out of the arena to go ~feel her feels~ and watches as a plane crashes, flown by none other than Mr. Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), who is an American spy.

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Steve was running from Germans, who were chasing him for stealing the journal of General Ludendorff and his chemist. He almost drowns, but Diana saves him — or, as she says, she “plucked him from the sea.”

Then, Steve casually informs Diana of the raging World War (WWI) that is happening just outside the walls of the island and, naturally, she wants to go and help.

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They sneak off the island in a little boat and head for London.

In London, Diana is first introduced to Sir Patrick (aka Lupin from Harry Potter, aka David Thewlis), one of Steve’s bosses, who offers them assistance in their quest to try and stop the war.

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Diana thinks Ares is the cause of all the chaos and that, by stopping the war, she will ultimately stop Ares.

She is quickly forced to take in the reality of war and decides she has to do something about it. On the front in Belgium, she crosses “No Man’s Land” and saves an entire town from German occupation.

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Steve and the gang help a bit, but Diana almost single-handedly saves the whole town.

We are now treated to one sweet moment of peace between Steve and Diana as they dance in the falling snow. Everyone is happy because, after their crippling defeat, Germany has (supposedly) agreed to sign an armistice.

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We have now entered the climax of the film.

Then, Steve learns from Sir Patrick that some German leaders (including Ludendorff) are holding a celebration near the town Diana just saved. This obviously raises suspicion…because what would the Germans be celebrating?

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Also, Diana is now convinced that Ludendorff is Ares, so the gang all rushes over to sneak into the party.

The party doesn’t quite go as planned, and Diana soon finds out that Ludendorff has created a toxic gas — with the help of his eccentric chemist — which he plans to release on all his enemies.

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She grabs the nearest horse and rushes after Ludendorff to kill him.

And kill him she does. Except…plot twist: Ludendorff isn’t Ares. Sir Patrick is Ares! So Ares (Sir Patrick) gives his whole villain rant about how he knew who Diana was from the minute he met her.

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It has always been hard for me to believe the man that played Remus Lupin could also play the evil, God of War.

The we get another plot twist: Ares informs a shocked Diana that the SWORD isn’t the god killer, but it’s actually DIANA herself. She is a literal god created by Zeus whose purpose was to, one day, protect mankind.

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And, of course, being a god conveniently comes with immortality and a laundry list of other superpowers.

Ares tries to convince Diana to join him by telling her how unworthy humanity is of her help, and it almost works…but then she remembers her love for Steve and all of the good she has seen in mankind.

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And, like every good superhero movie, her powers strengthen alongside her belief in her mission.

While Diana deals with Ares, Steve is completing his own mission of self-sacrifice: Stealing the plane that was supposed to release the toxic gas and flying it into the sky, blowing it up, and (seemingly) sacrificing himself in the process.

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But, not before he runs up to a dazed Diana (still in the middle of fighting Ares), telling her he loves her, and handing her his watch.

Wonder Woman, of course, defeats Ares and saves humanity.

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But she’s also obviously distraught over losing Steve. The film then cuts to an end-of-war celebration in the streets of a European town, with a more mature looking Diana gently touching a photo of Steve that hangs on a wall of fallen soldiers.

The first movie ends right where it began, with a present-day Diana sitting in her office lovingly caressing the watch Steve gave her and emailing Bruce Wayne back to thank him, writing “Thank you for bringing him back to me.”

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So, there ya have it, folks! You’re all ready for Wonder Woman 1984! What was your favorite part of the first film? Who are you most looking forward to seeing return in the sequel? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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