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Faux rabbit fur throw pillows for the comfy, cozy softness of a bunny rabbit without the chase or squirming.

Throw pillows


Available in three sizes and six colors.

Promising review:Soft, chic, heavenly! I bought two. My daughter, who was home on fall break, wanted one to take back to her dorm so I bought her one as well. My oldest daughter fell in love with them and bought several for her home. The brown goes with everything because it is light and has muted tones.” —Tina

Price: $19.99+


Mrs. Meyers hand soap because we all need to continue to keep up with the regular washing. And lemon verbena, whatever that is, smells wonderful.

Hand soap


Made with essential oils, aloe vera, olive oil, and other ingredients.

Promising review:A scent loved by all! I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t love the lemon verbena scent from Mrs. Meyer’s! It’s definitely my favorite of them all and possibly even ever! I am very picky when it comes to a smell of a soap and I never get tired of this one. I also love the eco-friendly aspect and how the company is constantly trying to be more sustainable. All around thumbs up for this product!” —Kellie L

Price: $3.89


An electric goose neck water kettle for both boiling water and controlling your pour-overs. (Evidently, dumping panfuls of hot tap water onto coffee grounds isn’t “recommended.”)

Goose neck tea kettle


Made of durable stainless steel and natural cork.

Promising review: “I buy this for all my friends and family, I recommend for everyone to own one. Easy, safe, and beautiful. I use it every day. Can’t live without it.” —Target customer

Price: $34.99


A dry erase board for to-do lists, grocery lists, and buried treasures lists — i.e. use it to keep your kid occupied for a half-hour while you catch your breath.

Dry erase board


This dry erase board is also magnetic for posting notes, reminders, and photos.

Promising review: “Love these. I’m an online teacher and have bought multiple whiteboards for teaching. They erase easily and are very durable. My young children write on them, too.” —Jo

Price: $7.49


A cedar-scented candle to give any room in your home a pleasant, woodsy aroma — yes, even that room.

Scented candle


This cedar and magnolia candle burns for 45 hours and comes in a black glass jar with a rustic wooden lid.

Promising review:Smells so good! I’ve bought many candles and when I smell them in store and then light them at home, it’s not the same. This one is not like that! The whole house smells exactly like the candle. If at first sniff you like the scent, know it will fill your home.” —Dennis

Price: $12.99


A serving tray that, honestly, you don’t have to use for serving — it’ll make for a decorative spot for knickknacks and other items that need a home.

Serving tray


Made of acacia wood.

Promising review: “I bought this to use for cheeseboards. It is perfect because it has small handles to easily move it around and has a lip to keep everything contained. Easy to clean and lightweight. I love it.” —SGarner0407

Price: $21.00


Food storage containers to ensure your leftovers are good enough to eat the next day…or so.

Food storage container set


This five-piece set is leak-proof two 1.3-cup, two 3.2-cup, and one 9.6-cup container, plus lids.

Promising review: “Great product! These things are wonderful! They seal perfectly, not letting anything escape. They even hold liquid without leaking. I’ve thrown out all my other storage containers and replaced them with these. I have frozen soup in them, and they work perfectly from the freezer to the microwave.” —Cdmk333

Price: $19.99


A 10-shelf hanging shoe storage unit, because that basket full of sneakers — at least, it looks like it’s full of sneakers, but who knows? — by the door is the opposite of organized.

Hanging shoe storage


Promising review: “Very versatile and compact. I liked it so much I bought another, and then two more. I am using them for shoes and jeans (rolled Marie Kondo style). It looks very nice and organized.” —Safemomma

Price: $10


An air purifier to ensure the stuff you’re breathing is as clean as it can possibly be — and free of allergens, since constant sneezing is inconvenient.

Air purifier


This air purifier’s HEPA filter captures more than 99.9% of dust and allergens, its UV-C light kills germs, and its charcoal filter captures odors. For use in rooms up to 167 square feet.

Promising review: “The GermGuardian Air Purifier is the best decision I have made for my allergies! Of all the purifiers, I think this one has a sleek look and I don’t find it to be ugly like a lot of other air purifiers I have seen. As far as how well it works, it is easy to plug in and turn on, and I have noticed a huge difference in my breathing quality. I’ve also noticed it cuts down on odors from cooking and the cat litter box. Overall, I love this thing. I would definitely recommend it.” —XxRynnexX

Price: $89.99


A waterproof Bluetooth speaker for music in any room, including the bathroom — provided it’s in your home and not the public rest area’s restroom.

Bluetooth speaker


These speakers can link with compatible speakers for stereo sound — or link multiple speakers to create a bigger party. Provides 12 hours of play time and comes in five colors/designs.

Promising review: “Perfect Bluetooth speaker! I purchased the teal speaker after researching the many options available. I am a personal trainer and wanted something with good sound for an outdoor workout, to use on beach days, while house cleaning, or just hanging out in the yard. This speaker gets loud without sacrificing sound quality — I have yet to hear it crackle. And it has an impressive battery life. Highly recommend!” —Target customer

Price: $119.99


A Cuisinart colorful knife set to make every food prep session as festive as a parade, albeit minus the crowds, music, and marching.

Knife set


These professional-quality stainless steel knives have a nonstick coating that makes slicing easier. Set Includes a 8″ chef knife, 8″ slicing knife, 8″ serrated bread knife, 7″ santoku knife, 6.5″ utility knife, 3.5″ paring knife, and knife guards.

Promising review: “Great value. I got these because a friend had them and I liked them. I needed a new set for a good price and these were perfect. I would highly recommend.” —becca

Price: $29.99


A robot vacuum cleaner you can control with your phone because pushing around a broom is so last year. Or century. Basically, robots will be doing all the chores soon, so get with the program — literally.

Robot vacuum cleaner


Control this multi-surface vacuum with the app or via Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

Promising review: “No regrets with this purchase! I saw this and thought, If I buy this one for this incredible price, I won’t be disappointed if it doesn’t work out perfectly. I just need something to pick up dust and pet hair on a daily basis. I can pull out the big vacuum when I need to. I took the plunge and I am so happy I did! Not only is this one quiet, it picks up everything and more. The battery life is like nothing I’ve ever seen. It rarely gets stuck and always finds its way back to the base. I would highly recommend this vacuum to anyone.” —K Lee

Price: $279.99


A weighted blanket to simulate a nice, big hug from a bed mate — only this won’t roll over eventually and leave you in the cold.

Weighted blanket


Weighted blankets provide gentle, even pressure across your body and are reported to reduce anxiety and improve mood. For best results, select a weight that is 8% to 12% of your total body weight.

Promising review:Best blanket ever! LOVE LOVE LOVE! 100% worth the money! it is a great deal. The blanket is the perfect size and weight. I bought myself one and immediately had to buy another one after my mom tested it out. It makes me sleep like a baby. It feels like a big hug. 10/10 recommend!” —Target customer

Price: $25.00


A programmable probe thermometer to accurately measure the temperature of what’s in the oven without all the hassle of, like, opening the oven door.

Food thermometer


This thermometer comes with a 6″ stainless steel probe and a 4′ silicone cord safe up to 485 degrees Fahrenheit. An alarm signals when the desired temperature is reached or when the timer goes off.

Promising review: “Worked great for me! I needed this thermometer on the fly Christmas Eve as my original thermometer quit working. The thermometer worked great, the meat was done correctly, and I would definitely recommend this item!” —HJW

Price: $21.99


A desk chair for your home office because the dining room chair is really not intended for 10-hour work days.

Desk chair


This chair’s mesh allows air to circulate. A built-in lumbar support helps prevent back strain and muscle fatigue.

Promising review:Great price, great chair, easy and quick assembly. I love it! This chair is comfy, it rolls around on the carpet without too much resistance, and the mesh backing is nice because it lets your back breathe. It’s comfortable and small enough to fit in my room at my desk with plenty of space. It has adjustable height, swivels side to side, plus you can choose to leave off the arms if you don’t like them. Assembly was very easy. It took me about 30 minutes to put it together by myself. I’m so glad I made this purchase!” —Natalia

Price: $81.99


A printed yoga mat for all that stretching you really, really need to be doing consistently if you’re going to avoid injury.

Yoga mat


This 4-mm-thick mat adds fun prints to your yoga practice with a 4-mm thick. Available in a variety of colors and prints.

Promising review: “Great mat. This was exactly what I needed and expected. I have used it almost daily since I got it.” —Jen T.

Price: $17.59+


A slow cooker to set it and forget it. Then when it’s suppertime: Surprise! You’ve got dinner!

Slow cooker


This 6-quart slow cooker is an exclusive design for Hearth & Hand with Magnolia, and features a travel-proof locking lid with a tight seal for mess-free travel and convenient handles for carrying. It has four preprogrammed settings and automatically switches to “warm” when finished cooking.

Promising review: “Beautiful. Love the look. Big enough for roast and so much more. My favorite recipe is the Mississippi Roast. Enjoy!” —Athena Sky

Price: $39.99


A sous vide precision cooker for professional-quality meals at home without all that professional training professional cooks are always bragging about.

Sous vide cooker


To use, attach the cooker to a water-filled pot, put your food in a sealable bag, and set the time and temperature. The cooker heats and circulates the water to a precise temperature, cooking your food to an exact temperature while retaining moisture. This also connects to your phone, so you can cook your meals by app.

Promising review: “Love it! I can’t imagine cooked meats, fish, pork, or poultry any other way! I have been wanting to try sous vide cooking for quite some time now and finally picked this up about a month ago. I have made two steaks which both cooked perfectly. So delicious. I have also made pork tenderloin and a pork roast and both turned out with a melt-in-your-mouth texture. Tried ahi tuna and chicken breast today and again, it was perfection! The chicken was so moist and the tuna was a nice medium rare. I also love that you have a nice big window for the food to be fully cooked. It offers a lot of flexibility!” —rtimes3

Price: $129.99


A chunky chenille bath rug to give your cold, wet feet someplace soft and dry to land. Or to go fetal position on, for when the bathroom floor is the comfiest space in the house.

Bath rug


Comes in four colors and multiple sizes.

Promising review: “Bath mat of your dreams! I have never written a review about anything in my life but I love this bathmat more than anything else in the world. It’s deep and soft and the nighttime blue is a show-stopping color (deeper and bluer in person). Buy this and be happy forever.” —jesscovie

Price: $15.00+


A runner rug that’s washable, making the foot traffic coming through the front door seem a little less filth-inducing.

Runner rug


Promising review: “I bought two of these rugs for my kitchen to help my little dog get from a carpeted room to her food bowl. She is having an issue with losing her footing on the hard-surface floor of the kitchen. These are perfect. No slipping.” —mindys mom

Price: $29.99+


A knit pouf for resting your tired doggies after a long day. And by “doggies,” we mean feet. And by “a long day,” we mean 10 a.m. You deserve a break!

Knit pouf


Available in five colors.

Promising review: “This is it. If you’re searching for the perfect pouf, look no further. I spent such a long time scouring the internet trying to find a great quality pouf that fits my color scheme at a decent price and with good reviews and wasn’t satisfied — until I found this one! The pouf is beautiful, large, and exceeded all my expectations. I could not believe the price and the quality. I use it every day and it’s held up wonderfully and has retained its shape. I literally want to buy more just because of how great it is. Take my advice and get this pouf!!” —Sydney

Price: $60.00


Wooden milk crate toy bins to help children learn the importance of putting away their things and that milk used to come in something other than Instacart bags.

Toy crate


Made from lightweight wood with two cut-out handles for easy carrying, these crates are also stackable.

Promising review:Great storage crate for kids’ mess. I bought this to store all my son’s arts supplies under his art easel. It works perfectly. Large, solid, good-looking. It’s also nice enough-looking that it could be used pretty much anywhere in the house.” —nkb

Price: $20.00


A “Wash Your Hands” wall sign that’ll not-so-subtly remind everyone who uses your bathroom to practice good hygiene. Every. Time.

Hand washing sign


Promising review: “The perfect gentle reminder. Nice touch to our powder room! Lightweight but sturdy and easy to hang.” —Denisha

Price: $14.99


Gold placemats to give your kitchen or dining room table a touch of Midas — the king from Greek mythology, not the auto repair folks.

Gold placemat


Promising review:So pretty, elegant, and versatile!” —Lauren

Price: $2.49


A French country wall mirror that’ll make any room look larger, brighter, and slightly fancier.



Comes with a brown or distressed black wooden frame.

Promising review:French country chic. Looks a lot more expensive than it really is. The mirror is perfect over my small fireplace. I love the design which goes well with my French country decor. The price point is perfect for what it is.” —Kimmie

Price: $70


Kitchen towels for wiping hands, utensils, or countertops — but not all three in succession.

Kitchen towel


These cotton kitchen towel features an absorbent terry cloth construction that’s great for wiping up spills and drying hands and dishes. Available in five colors.

Promising review:Absolutely the best kitchen towels I’ve ever owned! I was amazed at how big they are! I’ve never had such a huge kitchen towel before! And the material is not skimpy — these towels are very thick and amazingly absorbent. This is the best kitchen towel I’ve ever had in my entire life — and I’m 71! Well worth the price. The only thing I’m sorry about is that I didn’t buy more.” —Deborah Jeanne

Price: $1.99


A PlayStation 5 console because your 4K TV is lonely. So are you, and this allows you to connect to other gamers — and destroy them.

PlayStation 5


The latest PS is the next must-have console, offering next-gen gaming experiences that will get better as more titles come out.

Promising review:Totally worth it! After weeks of trying to get my hands on one of these, my sleepless nights have finally paid off! The system itself is really, really big! It is a huge upgrade to my PS4. It’s super quiet, has blazing fast load times, and looks cool!” —dixonspy2394

Price: $499.99


Plug-in air fresheners for when leaving a wax candle burning for days straight seems a bit risky.

Febreze plug-in


Promising review:Light and fresh. I’m very picky about scents. Most are too flowery or too chemical for me to really like instead of find merely tolerable. Of all the Febreze plug-in scents, this is the lightest and best. I don’t know how any one could not like this light and clean fresh type of scent. If you find most air fresheners too strong, this is a safe one to try.” —Practical Consumer

Price: $4.99


Cards Against Humanity, a game to make intimate acquaintances of strangers and estranged friends of your more easily offended party attendees.

Cards Against Humanity Game


Cards Against Humanity is a simple game without winners or losers. Each round, a player asks a question from a black card for everyone else to answer with their best (i.e., funniest) white card. Comes with 600 total cards and includes a booklet of preposterous alternate and sensible game rules.

Promising review: “Laughing like hyenas. I recently purchased this, the “Bigger, Blacker Box,” and the first expansion and let me tell you, the possibilities are endless and incredibly hilarious! We laughed so hard we couldn’t even finish the game!”Chi

Price: $25


A four-pack of tumblers to provide matching glasses to your dinner guests, as four mismatched coffee mugs won’t cut it anymore.



Promising review: “Perfect glasses. I was looking for slim, plain but beautiful glasses. These were perfect for what I was looking for.” —CMunson

Price: $7.99


A desk lamp for reading, writing, or finger twiddling by a glow less harsh than the overhead fluorescents.

Desk lamp


This LED (lightbulb included) accent lamp features a resin base, contoured silhouette, and a drum-shaped lampshade. Available in five colors.

Promising review: “It’s perfect for my desk at home. I love the look of it. It doesn’t take up too much space or get in the way, which is perfect when I’m doing my school work — my books, iPad, and laptop take up most of the desk.” —am

Price: $15

The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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