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The rules here are simple: I will give you the in-ring name of a beloved WWE superstar*, and you will click on the tiny corresponding photo of them. That’s it. That’s the quiz. I will then reward you with an imaginary belt, proclaiming you to be the “WWE Superstar Naming Champion” and your music cue will play loudly throughout the award-winning, critically claimed Thunderdome (JK, I don’t have that kind of budget). Ready? Here we go!


*STIPULATIONS FOR THIS QUIZ: These are professional wrestlers who were ACTIVE with WWE in 2020 specifically (even if only for a few matches). Yell at me in the comments about who’s missing if I left out your fave! Also, this only includes superstars from Raw and Smackdown…I couldn’t also include NXT. I’m just a mortal, human woman. I’ll be sure to include NXT N-E-X-T time. Get it? Like…like the word “next.” Okay, sorry, bye, love you.

How’d you do??? Who’s your favorite WWE superstar?! Share in the comments below!

No, seriously, please share. I want to know…I need more friends who watch this.

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