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We all know Chris Evans. Actor, attractive human, and of course, Captain America.

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Now, Chris has previously said he was done playing the iconic Marvel character — in fact, Avengers: Endgame saw him handing the title over to Sam Wilson, and Spider-Man: Far From Home seemed to confirm he had died.


Chris told The Graham Norton Show that Endgame was the end for Cap: “It was a great run and we went out on such a high note that it would be risky to revisit it in my opinion. It was such a good experience and I think it’s better left that way.” However, he did say it wasn’t a “hard no.”

It seemed unlikely we’d be seeing Evans in a Marvel film again — until today, when Deadline reported that Chris is nearing a deal to reprise the character in a Marvel property.

Paramount Pictures / courtesy Everett Collection

We don’t know what this will be — probably not a new Captain America film, but maybe an ensemble cast film? Maybe a Disney+ series like The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which is set to air its first season in March?

Marvel Entertainment / YouTube / Via

Now, things are complicated, since we last saw Steve super old and he had passed the mantle (literally) onto Sam, making him the new official Captain America.


So what’s going to happen?! Are we going to see Avengers-era Steve pop up again, or a past version of him when he was still the shield-wielding Cap? Or even someone like Loki impersonating him in the new Loki series, like we saw him do in Thor: The Dark World? Are we going to have TWO Captain Americas??


Maybe the multiverse is going to come into play — he could make an appearance in a Dr. Strange or Spider-man film.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures /Courtesy Everett Collection

Whatever it is, I am beyond ecstatic, and cannot wait to see more of Steve Rogers.

Zade Rosenthal/Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures / courtesy Everett Collection

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