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After four GRUELING months of waiting, Gigi Hadid FINALLY revealed her and Zayn’s daughter’s name, and in the most low-key way ever — by slipping it into her Instagram bio!

Gigi's bio says "Gigi Hadid, khai's mom, IMG Worldwide / @gigihadid

KHAI’S MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! / @gigihadid

OMG. So, Khai…I love it. But immediately, I was like, “What’s the meaning behind it???” So my Google search began.

E! /

According to an ever-in-the-know TMZ source, the name is a tribute to Gigi’s paternal grandmother, whose name was Khairia.

“Gigi loved everything about Tata,” Gigi’s dad — and now Khai’s grandpa — captioned the post. “Gigi won first place in an art competition of a portrait of her Tata.”

We love a heartfelt family connection!!!

The CW /

I’d say Gigi and Zayn totally nailed it with this name, and Gigi’s grandmother would be so, so proud.

Sending love to Gigi, Zayn, baby Khai and their whole fam!!! 💖💖💖


UPDATE: An earlier version of this post cited an inaccurate translation of Khai’s name.

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