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The Florida man who was *the* viral picture from the insurrection.

florida man carrying lectern arrested on friday night

Yes, this guy.

guy carrying lectern

Win Mcnamee / Getty Images


The Florida man who just wanted some horses to be free.

Florida man accused of trying to steal horses, riding them home, deputies say


The Florida man who never learned his lesson.

Florida man accused of being in Capitol riot arrested at Biden inauguration


The Florida man who happens to be a fake teen doctor that can’t stop getting into trouble.

Fake teen doctor known as ‘Dr. Love’ arrested again on fraud charges in Florida


The Florida woman who did a whole lot of screaming.

Tampa Bay singer used voice for screaming during Capitol riot


The Florida man who stole a police car…naked.

Sheriff, report: Naked Florida man stole, crashed police car


The Florida man who needed to get home to mom.

’I would have crashed:’ Fleeing suspect claims he was driving too fast to pull over, police say
Man says he needed to get home to his mom


The Florida man who set himself on fire while trying to burn down a house.

Tampa man hospitalized after setting himself on fire while allegedly trying to burn down home, police say


The Florida man who smeared poop on yard signs.

Neighbor smears dog poop on Fort Lauderdale man’s yard signs, video shows


ANOTHER Florida man at the riots.

I'm in... this is our house. another floridian accused in capitol riot


The Florida man who happened to be a monkey whisperer.


The Florida woman who claimed to own Google.

42-year-old Summerfield woman who once claimed to own Google back in jail


The Florida man who took the joke a little too far.

Florida man shot in the stomach after attempting to scare friend


The Florida man who kept the party going.

Drunk man steals floating tiki hut in key west

The U.S. Coastguard posted this picture on Facebook with the caption, “We’d like to remind mariners not to drink and boat.”


The sinkhole that opened outside of a sports bar.

a huge ass sink hole


The Florida woman with the 5 A.M. ritual of annoying the hell out of her neighbors.

Florida woman accused of screaming political profanities, ringing bell at 5 a.m. each day


And the Florida man with cocaine up his butt and nuggets on his mind.

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