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Aaron Rodgers and Shailene Woodley might be engaged?!!

Quinn Harris/ Jeff Kravitz / Getty Images

When did they even start dating???

Last Tuesday, E! News reported that they were a couple. According to their source, the Packers quarterback and The Fault in Our Stars actor “are both focused on their careers, but they also make time for each other.”

Santiago Felipe/ Allen Berezovsky / Getty Images

Just FYI, neither have confirmed or commented on this yet!

BUT THEN, the Green Bay player revealed yesterday that he got engaged in 2020!!!


Naturally, the internet had some things to say about this!

A couple people were totally shocked…

Twitter: @iamthecontinent

…Okay, more than a couple people:


This woman provided the perfect gif for how quickly the story is developing:

Twitter: @kathleen_hanley

Some made jokes using Shailene’s past TV show names:

Twitter: @txrocker1227

And movie titles:

Twitter: @theandijuniarta

This lady joked that Ricky from The Secret Life of the American Teenager was Aaron Rodgers:

Twitter: @lilybraidich

This person had a hunch that Shailene going to Wisconsin for him meant it was serious:

Twitter: @nnstats

This woman loved the rumors swirling around that Aaron’s ex was the one to introduce them:

Twitter: @staceyNYCDC

Some brought up the reactions the PR team and agent must be having to the news breaking:

Twitter: @jpmullins_13

Others asked if this is the reason why the Divergent movies haven’t been finished:


This person felt like the pair could be a Jeopardy answer for most random celebrity couples:

Twitter: @midwestmessd

This guy joked that Aaron’s wedding ring is one ring that fellow Packers player Kevin King can’t steal from him:

Twitter: @UltraWeedHater

Many thought they make a really cute couple:

Twitter: @cmclymer

Other people pointed out Aaron’s excellent season (so maybe she’s his lucky charm!):

Twitter: @Virg0619

This lady joked that they’ve never really met:

Twitter: @emucog

And finally, this sentiment I think we all share:

Twitter: @carley_savannah

Even though we don’t know for sure that they’re engaged, I think they’d make a cute couple! How do you feel about Aaron Rodgers and Shailene Woodley together? LMK in the comments below!

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