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You know Claudia Conway.

And now you know that the daughter of Kellyanne Conway, former senior counselor to Donald Trump, will appear on the upcoming season premiere of American Idol.

ABC / @PopCrave / Twitter / Via Twitter: @PopCrave

That’s right: Claudia Conway has apparently auditioned for the long-running singing competition’s 19th season, which airs on ABC on February 14 (aka Valentine’s Day).

Claudia Conway on the season premiere of American Idol

ABC / @PopCrave / Twitter / Via Twitter: @PopCrave

According to ABC’s promo, it looks like Claudia’s father, attorney and outspoken Trump critic George Conway, will appear on the show as well.

George Conway on the season premiere of American Idol

ABC / @PopCrave / Twitter / Via Twitter: @PopCrave

…And so will Kellyanne.

Kellyanne Conway on video call to Claudia Conway on American Idol

ABC / @PopCrave / Twitter / Via Twitter: @PopCrave

Kellyanne, as previously reported, was recently under investigation for allegedly sharing nude photographs of her daughter on Twitter.

Kellyanne Conway talks at the Save America Tour in Sugar Hill, Georgia on January 3, 2021

Icon Sportswire / Getty Images

The news broke in November of last year that Claudia had auditioned for American Idol, so it looks like the audition — and Kellyanne’s appearance — took place before the recent investigation.

Entertainment Tonight / YouTube / Via

Claudia has also repeatedly accused Kellyanne of emotional, physical, and verbal abuse in the past. Read about the abuse allegations against Kellyanne Conway here.

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