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Zendaya’s newest film, Malcolm & Marie dropped Friday.

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Without giving too much away, it’s a story about two lovers, Malcolm (John David Washington) and Marie (Zendaya), quarreling all throughout the night after the premiere of Malcolm’s newest movie.

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Cinematically, it’s beautifully made.

“Quarreling” is really the key word here. The film is 106 minutes long and they fight for approximately 103.258 minutes.

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If their emotions were in actual roller coaster form, it would be the scariest roller coaster in the world.

Naturally, the internet has jokes.

@jk_zswagger / Via Twitter: @search

Malcolm stayed talking about The Lego Movie.

But one of the best jokes came from this man right here: Ryan Ken. He posted a TikTok from the point of view of Malcolm and Marie’s neighbors.

@Ryan_Ken_Acts / Via Twitter: @Ryan_Ken_Acts

It also feels like a Calvin Klein ad just like the movie.

In the video, he pretends to be Malcolm and Marie’s neighbors listening to them fight… again.

@Ryan_Ken_Acts / Via Twitter: @Ryan_Ken_Acts

The robe, the black and white filter, the look of judgment — it’s all too perfect.

He even pretends to be talking to someone else — both of them are baffled by the drama.

@Ryan_Ken_Acts / Via Twitter: @Ryan_Ken_Acts

He’s obviously on Marie’s side.

And then he debates the typical thought-process most people would go through when listening to their neighbors scream at each other at the top of their lungs.

@Ryan_Ken_Acts / Via Twitter: @Ryan_Ken_Acts

This neighbor lowkey loves the drama though.

“She don’t need to go back over there.” He said what we were all thinking.

@Ryan_Ken_Acts / Via Twitter: @Ryan_Ken_Acts

That’s right, Ryan!

But the real cherry on the top of the cake is his final jab, poking fun at the unnaturally sophisticated level of dialogue used in the film.

@Ryan_Ken_Acts / Via Twitter: @Ryan_Ken_Acts

“Solipsistically” had me crying.

Well done, Ryan. If this movie gets nominated for anything, they should also consider Ryan’s performance for “outstanding supporting actor.”

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