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Recently, we asked the BuzzFeed Community what “good” characters are actually the villains of their own stories. Here are some of the best responses:

Warning: spoilers ahead!


“In the MCU, Tony Stark basically only cares about things when they affect him.”

Tony ignores Peter's reasons for needing to choose school over the Avengers

Marvel / Via Disney+

“He places the blame for his actions on others, thinking that his money gives him a free pass to bypass laws. He blackmailed and gaslit Peter, who is a literal child, into fighting a battle he had nothing to do with.”



“In Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Gina Linetti’s total personality is EXACTLY like every high-school bully everyone had in their childhood.”

Gina had Emily write down a burn for Amy so she wouldn't forget it

NBC Universal Television Distribtuion / Via Netflix

“She’s constantly making fun of Amy’s hobbies (far further than the jokes the others make), and she repeatedly sexually harasses Terry.”



“Luther Hargreeves in The Umbrella Academy tried to kill Vanya before she even did anything bad. “

Luke locks up Vanya because he knows she has powers

Netflix / Via Netflix

“He only thought she was going to do something. His alienation of her actually led to the end of the world.”


“He is practically single-handedly at fault for the apocalypse. If he worked with Vanya to help her like literally every other sibling wanted to, they could have talked her down and stopped things.”



“Not only did Ariel from The Little Mermaid fall in love with a guy she didn’t even know, she also refused to listen to any of her friends or family who all told her not to listen to Ursula.”

Sebastian begs Ariel not to go see Ursula

Disney / Via Disney+

“In the original story, too, when the prince falls in love with another woman, Ariel’s sisters all cut off their hair to give her a knife to find her way out. She chooses instead to fling herself into the sea.”



“Daniel from Cobra Kai had everything in life, and he couldn’t pull his head out of his ass to see that Johnny wanted to change and actually do some good.”

Johnny confronts Daniel about burning his car

Netflix / Via Netflix

“If he hadn’t been so petty and started his own dojo, all that shit that ensued wouldn’t have happened.”



“On Glee, Rachel Berry sends someone she literally just met to a crackhouse and is always going on about how amazing she is.”

Rachel argues that she didn't do anything wrong because she didn't send Sunshine to an active crackhouse

Fox / Via Netflix

“If I was in that glee club, I would have left a long time ago.”


“She got every single solo, and when Tina got her first solo, she tried to bribe her out of it. She was never supportive of Finn and didn’t want him to play football, whereas he broke up with her so she could pursue her dreams.”



“In The Kissing Booth, Elle literally did the only thing her lifetime best friend asked her to not do.”

Elle tells Lee that if he can't accept her love for Noah, then he can't be part of her life

Netflix / Via Netflix

“Lee grew up feeling inferior to his brother, and even his best friend would make him feel bad about it. Then, in the second film, she decides that Noah is cheating on her and starts flirting with another guy from her school. Oh, and I almost forgot, she almost ruined Lee’s relationship! Like, what kind of BFF is that?”



“In The Wizard of Oz, Glenda the Good Witch uses Dorothy to commit heinous tasks for her, like murdering her rivals.”

Glinda tells Dorothy not to give back the ruby slippers because they must be very powerful


“She puts the poor girl through a harrowing and life-threatening journey to reach the wizard, knowing he can’t help her. At the very end, once Dorothy has killed the evil witch, Glenda reveals to her she could have gone home the entire time, but she withheld the information from her. Glenda is 100% an evil witch.”



“Dean Winchester from Supernatural lies and tells everyone they’re family until they get in the way of what he wants, and then his only family is Sam.”

Dean convinces Jack to let him lock him inside a box

The CW

“I will never forgive the toxic relationship he had with Jack, telling him that he loved him and they were family and then taking it back. Sam was a little better, but Cas was the only real family Jack had. Cas and Jack deserved better for everything they did and sacrificed for the Winchesters.”



“Prince Florian from Snow White falls in love with a 14-YEAR-OLD GIRL AND MARRIES HER.”

Snow White is 14, and Prince Florian is 31

Disney / Via Disney+




“Carrie from Sex and the City is self-obsessed and a shit friend.”

Carrie blows off her friend to eat veal with Mr Big

Warner Bros.

“Even back in the day, I couldn’t fathom how I was supposed to like her.”



“Annoying, selfish, ungrateful, undeserving — these are all words that could be used to describe Eric Forman from That ’70s Show.”

Eric tells Donna that Red was right about him being a dumbass

Carsey-Werner Distribution

“THE Donna Pinciotti dating him was the most unrealistic thing I’ve ever seen on television.”



“Listen, Louise Belcher is literally my favorite character on Bob’s Burgers, and I am even thinking about getting a Louise-themed tattoo, but she causes a lot of problems for the family and never seems to get into any trouble.”

Louise's parents walk in on her illegal gambling ring


“Some of these include opening up an illegal casino and owing thousands of dollars to Mr. Fishoeder, trying to steal presents from other kids at the yacht club, badmouthing other food trucks to secure a win for their own, blackmailing Tina after she’s already being blackmailed by Tammy, and letting loose the mechanical shark on Wonder Wharf.”



“In Hercules, all Hades wanted was to join the gods in Olympus and have a purpose like them, but Zeus just gave him the role of Lord of the Underworld and ditched him.”

Hades reminds Zeus that he can't stay for the celebration of Hercules's birth because he's the only god with a real job to do

Disney / Via Disney+

“Although, Hades should have known better than to take revenge by attempting to kill his brother’s son (Hercules) and take control of Olympus. Still, Zeus should have acknowledged his brother more.”



“In Gilmore Girls, Rory Gilmore was very self-centered and treated her boyfriends awfully.”

Warner Bros. / Via Netflix

“First she left Dean for Jess. Then she left Jess for for Dean (even while Dean was married!). Then she left Dean for Logan. Whether she was treating a boyfriend badly or stealing a yacht, I feel that she was the villain in her story.”



“The majority of bad things that happened in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina were due to Sabrina’s selfish choices.”

Nick isn't surprised Sabrina found a way to make his suffering about her

Netflix / Via Netflix

“Most of the time, she thinks about her own well-being rather than the fate of the world. Only when things go extremely wrong does she try to fix her own mess. She isn’t even held responsible at all for her actions.”



“In The Vampire Diaries, Stefan Salvatore pursued Elena despite knowing that their relationship wouldn’t last.”

Stefan begs Elena not to tell anymore he's a vampire because her knowing is dangerous

CBS Television Distribution / Via Netflix

“He ended up getting her whole family [deep in some] perilous bullshit, with like half the people she knew dying. Not to mention, he pursued her because she looked like his ex.”



“After Maya dies on The 100, Jasper essentially becomes a challenge that gets in the way of dealing with the real problem, and then he tries to convince a bunch of people to kill themselves with him.”

Jasper tells Clarke he'd rather everyone live in the moment than fight to survive

CBS Television Distribution / Via Netflix

“The fact that he’s completely invested in and supportive of the City of Light made me hate him.”


“I understand that he had tons of grief, but so did everyone else. He always found a way to victimize himself and blame everyone else for literally EVERYTHING that went wrong.”



“I [wasn’t upset when] Kate from Lost blew up her mom’s boyfriend (and, as it turns out, her biological father) because he was a creepy, abusive asshole, but then she gets her best friend Tom killed, drugs and leaves the guy she marries, convinces a dude to rob a bank, and almost gets the old man in Australia killed.”

Kate holds Tom at gunpoints while someone else shoots him


“On the island, all she does is whine about wanting to be included, which leads to her getting captured and forcing people to come save her and getting them captured. Then off the island, she basically kidnaps Aaron, keeping him from Claire’s mom. Back on the island, she totally disrupts Sawyer and Juliet’s relationship, blows everyone’s cover by acting stupid around Roger, and does nothing to help Juliet. She was not just useless, but she actively caused drama and got people killed.”



“Bella Swan from Twilight couldn’t give less of a shit about anyone who isn’t a gorgeous immortal vampire, including her parents.”

Bella refuses to tell her dad what happened to her

Summit Entertainment

“She has no issue with (literally) throwing her life away for some guy, or with having to cut ties with her perfectly nice and loving parents, who she never has anything nice to say about for some reason. You might think, ‘oh, she’s a teenager, and all teenagers act like jerks to their parents,’ but this is someone who is supposed to be mature for her age. Also, why is she so unpleasant towards her school friends? These people approached her on her first day and did their best to make her feel at home, and yet she can’t be bothered to take an interest in them as people? Does Bella Swan just hate humans in general?”



“Ezra in Pretty Little Liars fully inserted himself into the group for his own goals and convinced a child that it was okay that a grown man was in a relationship with them.”


“Nothing about that is good.”



“Annie from Bridesmaids was so helpless and let her jealousy get the best of her. “

Annie says it isn't her fault the wedding was ruined

Universal Pictures

“She made the audience not root for her, and she ruined her best friend’s wedding festivities!”



“In Love Actually, they portray Marc’s story line as romantic and set him up as a lovable underdog, but he literally is obsessed with his best friend’s new wife.”

Juliet realizes Marc only took videos of her at the wedding

Universal Pictures

“He ruins the wedding tape by only focusing on her. He pursues her while simultaneously being incredibly rude to her, and you just can’t do that to a friend. While it’s not bad to love someone but know you can’t have them or even admit your feelings, pursuing a married woman and treating her differently because of it isn’t right.”


And finally…


“Gabriella from High School Musical is possessive over Troy.”

Gabriella breaks up with Troy

Disney / Via Dinsey+

“When he’s literally going to meetings so he can get into college, she runs off and cries in a pool.”


Note: some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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