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We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which sad movie moments completely caught them off guard. Here are the emotional results.

🚨 Spoilers ahead, people! 🚨


In Avengers: Endgame, when Tony sacrificed himself to save everyone and bring back the people who were lost in The Blip, and Peter and Pepper said their tearful goodbyes.

Tony dying in "Avengers: Endgame"


“I was not expecting Tony Stark to go out like that. The goodbyes to him made me cry, along with the funeral scene. I’ve seen every Avengers movie in the theater, and it felt like I was saying goodbye to a friend at the end of this one. I was devastated.”


Here’s the full scene:

Marvel /


In A Star Is Born, when Ally sang Jackson’s unfinished song as a tribute to him after his death, and then the camera abruptly cut to the first time he played it for her.

Ally singing Jackson's song


“His death wasn’t a surprise if you’ve seen any of the other movies, and Ally’s final ballad is totally heart-wrenching, so it’s totally appropriate for people to get teary as she sings his farewell song. BUT the moment that I did not see coming was when the camera cut directly from Ally’s performance to Jackson singing it for her at the piano for the very first time. I just didn’t see that transition coming at all, and it really hit me.”


Here’s the full scene:



In Remember Me, when the love story was finally coming together, but then the camera zoomed out to randomly reveal that Robert Pattinson’s character was in one of the Twin Towers on 9/11, and he died.

Robert Pattinson's character looking out the window of one of the Twin Towers

Summit Entertainment

“The 9/11 twist in Remember Me really wrecked me. I cried because, like, who was expecting that???”


Here’s the full scene:

Summit Entertainment /


In Coco, when Miguel returned back to his family and sang “Remember Me” to Coco, and she started singing along because she remembered who her father was.

Miguel singing to Coco


“When Miguel gets back to the Land of the Living and sings to his great-grandma…I sob when she slowly smiles, starts remembering, and sings along with Miguel. I never expected my heart to be ripped out like that.”


Here’s the full scene:

Pixar /


In Jojo Rabbit, when Jojo was playing in the town square and suddenly discovered his mother’s shoes, realizing she’d been hanged, and he tried to tie her shoes but couldn’t.

JoJo tying his mother's shoes

Fox Searchlight Pictures

“The instant you saw the shoes, you knew exactly what had happened. I teared up the second I saw them, especially because of the built-up shots and the relationship between the two characters.”

watson2009 and dauntlesschristina

Here’s the full scene:

Fox Searchlight Pictures /


In Last Christmas, when Kate learned that Tom was actually dead the whole time, and his heart was the one that saved her during her transplant.

Kate and Tom in the hospital, then them at the bench together

Universal Pictures

“When she figured out that she only imagined him for the entire time…my mom and I watched this movie together, and we both just couldn’t stop crying.”


Here’s the full scene:

Universal Pictures /


In The Sixth Sense, when Cole finally told his mom about his special abilities, and then he revealed what happened when he spoke to his dead grandmother.

Cole and his mom crying in the car

Buena Vista Pictures Distribution

“I literally teared up just by thinking about this scene.”


Here’s the full scene:

Buena Vista Pictures Distribution /


In I Am Legend, when Will Smith’s character had to kill his dog — his only living friend in the entire world — after it got infected.

Will Smith's character killing the dog

Warner Bros. Pictures

“I still can’t talk about it. I went into the movie thinking it’d be an action-y kinda thing, and I sobbed.”


Here’s the full scene:

Warner Bros. Pictures /


In Love Actually, when Karen opened her Christmas gift and realized that her husband gave the necklace to another woman, so she excused herself, cried for two minutes, and then had to pull herself together for her kids.

Emma Thompson's character crying in her room in "Love Actually"

Universal Pictures

“It’s a gut-wrenching moment because she now knows that her husband bought the necklace as a Christmas gift for another woman. The affair is now a certainty, but she has to slap a smile over her tears in front of everyone. So awful!”


Here’s the full scene:

Universal Pictures /


In What to Expect When You’re Expecting, when everything was super happy and cheery, but then it cut to Rosie having a miscarriage in the middle of the night.

Anna Kendrick's character in the hospital


“This was such a happy rom-com, but the miscarriage was quite unexpected and occurred so early on in the film, so it really caught me off guard. The whole thing was very well handled, though.”


Here’s the full scene:

Lionsgate /


In Knives Out, when Marta found out that Harlan’s death was avoidable, and he would have survived if he simply listened to her about calling 9-1-1.

Marta and Detective Blanc talking in the family room


“It’s a freaking murder-comedy movie, and I still choked up. Also, Detective Blanc telling Marta that she was a good nurse really hit me. Great movie. Just great.”

heinzketchup and sunspeaceofmins

Here’s the full scene:

Lionsgate /


In Inside Out, when Bing Bong sacrificed himself so Joy could save Riley, and he faded away forever.

Bing Bong disappearing

Disney / Pixar

Inside Out hurt me. A lot. Bing Bong was assumed to be the comic relief character who we needed to move the story along — he wasn’t meant to die! As he just slowly faded away and said, ‘Take her to the moon for me, okay?’ it broke my heart. It was the first time I ever cried in a movie theater, and it was full-on BAWLING. 😭”


Here’s the full scene:

Pixar /


In La La Land, when the final montage showed Mia and Sebastian living happily ever after, but then it cut back to reality, and it was revealed that Mia actually ended up with a different guy.

Mia at Seb's club with her real husband

Summit Entertainment

“I really thought they would end up together. I cried for three days straight.”


Here’s the full scene:

Summit Entertainment /


In One Day, when Emma was casually riding her bike and randomly got hit by a truck, which instantly killed her.

Anne Hathaway's character getting hit by a truck

Focus Features

“Anne Hathaway’s character finally found happiness, only to be hit by a bus while riding her bike. It was completely out of nowhere. I was traumatized.”


Here’s the full scene:

Focus Features /


In The Best Man Holiday, when Lance had to say goodbye to his wife, Mia, and he fell to the ground in tears.

Lance crying at the funeral

Universal Pictures

“When the casket lowers and Lance falls to the ground, crying…I can’t.”


Here’s the full scene:

Universal Pictures /


In Parasite, when everything got flipped upside down, and Ki-Jung was attacked and murdered
in front of her family at the birthday party.

Ki-Jung getting stabbed and lying on the ground

Barunson EA

“It was bittersweet to see that Ki-woo somehow survived, but this scene was so unexpected and had my emotions running wild.”


Here’s the full scene:

Barunson E&A /


In Kingsman: The Golden Circle, when Merlin sacrificed himself and stepped on the land mine so Eggsy and Harry could save the world.

Merlin stepping on a land mine

20th Century Fox

“The ‘Country Roads’ song destroys me instantly because of this Kingsman moment.”


Here’s the full scene:

20th Century Fox /


In Atonement, when Briony revealed that she completely made up what happened, so in reality Robbie and Cecilia died and never got to live happily ever after.

Briony talking to camera and realizing her sister and Robbie died

Focus Features

“I sat for about 10 minutes after I finished Atonement, just angry and ugly-crying. Wow, I’m going to start crying again because I’m thinking about it.”


Here’s the full scene:

Focus Features /


And in Click, when Michael realized that he abandoned his entire family for decades, and then he collapsed in the rain and said his final goodbyes to everyone before dying.

Adam Sandler's character lying in the ground in the rain

Columbia Pictures

“I remember watching Click and thinking it was going to be a funny Adam Sandler movie. Then I was hit with that storyline and scene out of nowhere. I was sobbing and slightly pissed because I really needed an uplifting comedy. I still can’t watch it without crying.”


Here’s the full scene:

Columbia Pictures /

Did your favorite not make the list? In the comments below, tell us which unexpectedly sad movie moment completely ruined you.

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and clarity.

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