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Hello! I’m Hannah, and I’ve been shipping TV couples since before I knew what that meant.


Katara and Zuko, anyone?

Now, I love any scenes that hint at two characters I love getting together — but I like it even better when other characters on the show start rooting for the couples too.

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Here are some of my favorite examples of characters on TV shows shipping characters together as much as the viewers do!


When Darcy got invested in Wanda and Vision’s relationship after seeing them kiss on WandaVision:

Darcy sees Vision and Wanda kissing on the TV and says "Aww"



When Dawn was ecstatic that Tara and Willow were back together on Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

Tara says she's going to go put clothes on, but Dawn says she doesn't have to and she's going to hide downstairs and they can do whatever they want, before saying she loves them



When Blair went to give Jenny a “smackdown” after she tried to mess with Nate and Serena on Gossip Girl:

Blair tells Jenny, "Nate and Serena? That's mythic. You don't mess with that and survive"

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And when Serena was still rooting for Chuck and Blair even after Louis came into the picture:

Serena tells Blair she always thought her prince was right there with his Empire in Manhattan, and then takes pictures of them kissing at their wedding

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When Caroline pretty openly criticized Elena’s feelings for Damon, saying that Elena and Stefan were soulmates on The Vampire Diaries:

Caroline asks Elena, "Are you sure that this is what you want? Because Stefan is your soulmate!"

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When Scott was still rooting for Stiles and Lydia on Teen Wolf, years after Stiles’ puppy crush:

Scott says Stiles and Lydia are good together, and Kira asks if Stiles still likes Lydia. Scott says yes, but it's different, and also describes how Stiles used to be the only one who could see how smart Lydia was



When even Tina couldn’t help but get excited at Brittany and Santana’s engagement on Glee:

Tina says, "As someone who has lived their life jealously attacking the happiness of others, even I can't hate this engagement"



When Moira told David how great Patrick was for him on Schitt’s Creek:

Moira tells David, "What if we could finally tie a sailor's knot in that string of bad luck? Because after spending 5 minutes with sweet Pat...he sees you. For all that you are"



When Ross realized Chandler and Monica were in love and was psyched on Friends:

Ross saying, "My best friend and my sister! I cannot believe this!" and hugging them



And when Phoebe told Ross that Rachel was his lobster:

Phoebe tells Ross to hang in there because it will happen, which she knows since Rachel is his lobster



When Hanna encouraged Emily to take Maya to homecoming on Pretty Little Liars:

Hanna tells Emily to bring someone she'll have fun with, but then later gets mad when it's not Maya



When Winston was all excited to see Cece and Schmidt “back together” on New Girl:

Winston excitedly asks if Schmidt and Cece are back together, then says that "you can't put peanut butter and jelly on the same shelf and expect them not to mix"



When Murray was partially responsible for Nancy and Jonathan finally admitting their feelings for each other on Stranger Things:

Murray tells Jonathan and Nancy they're adorable and should cut the bullshit and share the bed



And then tried to do the same thing for Joyce and Hopper:

Murray tells Joyce and Hopper to cut the horse shit and admit their sexual feelings, and Joyce and Hopper shout back that he's off base



When Donna almost immediately pledged to help Rebecca on her mission to get Josh back on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend:

Donna talks about the sacrifices Rebecca made for true love and pledges to help Rebecca, saying she can win him back, and one day it'll hit Josh that she's the one for him

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When Phil urged Haley to rush and stop Andy’s proposal on Modern Family:

Phil tells Haley and the rest of the family on the phone that Haley and Andy love each other but don't know it. Haley asks how he knows that Andy loves her, and Phil says he could tell in the way Andy hugged her



When Ann was having trouble encouraging Leslie not to hook up with Ben on Parks and Recreation:

Leslie says she's going to make out with Ben, and Ann says "Yay!" Leslie chastises her, saying Ann is supposed to talk her out of it



When Shirley got pissed that Jeff was trying to date someone new when she knew he liked Britta, even though Britta didn’t even want to be with him, on Community:

Britta tells Shirley Jeff is going to a faculty party, and Shirley says, "To be with Professor Short Skirt? We hate her!"



When Mrs. Hudson absolutely refused to believe Sherlock and John weren’t a couple on Sherlock:

John says he's getting married, and Mrs. Hudson asks "So soon after Sherlock?" John says Sherlock wasn't his boyfriend, and Mrs. Hudson says, "Live and let live, that's my motto"



When Diggle encouraged Oliver to be with Felicity (and was NOT here for his excuses) on Arrow:

Oliver says he's not a catch, and Diggle says Felicity can change that, and that Oliver loves her. Oliver says he was just fooling Slade, and Diggle says he's only fooling himself

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When Brooke tried to get Nathan and Haley back together (multiple times) on One Tree Hill:

Brooke tries to get Nathan to stop by a party and say hi to Haley, which Nathan says is difficult. Brooke also says Haley is going to look "hot as hell"

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And finally, when Cheryl said that Jughead and Betty were endgame on Riverdale:

Cheryl tells Betty, "In this town of nightmares, you and Jughead found each other. That's real. That's maybe even...dare I say, endgame?"

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