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We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which TV characters were the reason people kept watching a show. Here are some of the best responses:

🚨Warning: There are some MASSIVE spoilers ahead!🚨


Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds

Spencer answering his phone and being angry because he gets another phone call during his prank war with Morgan


“Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds needs to be on this list. He was the reason I kept coming back week after week. He deserved so much more and the writers always found something new to hurt him with season after season.”



Lafayette Reynolds from True Blood

Lafayette working in the restaurant


“He was the reason a lot of people kept coming back even after the show jumped the shark. His character was golden. He was sassy, funny, witty, true to himself, and he deserved every happiness.”



Petra Solano from Jane the Virgin

Petra weeping and telling Jane that JR left and she was about to propose

The CW

“One of the best character arcs from any TV show. She started as a ‘villain’ and ultimately became the reason to tune in every week.”



Santana Lopez from Glee

Santana coming out to her grandmother and saying that she loves Brittany and just want to "be me" from now on


“So much of her talent took a backseat to Rachel Berry, which wasn’t fair. Santana’s coming out storyline was one that I related to so much. I still remember hearing about her story with Brittany and that was when I started watching.”



Mike Chang from Glee

Mike smiling and dancing to "Valerie" with Brittany


“Harry Shum Jr. as Mike was amazing. He was sidelined so much and I remember in most songs my eyes naturally went to him no matter who was singing. Mike and Brittany dancing during ‘Valerie’ alongside Santana were absolutely amazing.”



Cheryl Blossom from Riverdale

Cheryl coming out to Toni and telling her about loving her friend Heather but her mom didn't approve

The CW

“I would say Cheryl’s character arc in general is far more interesting than any other plot on Riverdale. She actually grew as a person whereas everyone else on the show pretty much devolved into narcissistic lunatics. Don’t get me wrong, she’s still a wild character, but at least she has more than enough background history to justify being one. Cheryl is one of the best parts of the show, if not THE best.”



Lena Luthor from Supergirl

Lena telling Andrea that she wants to help her, but if she wants to hurt Supergirl, she's going to have to go through her

The CW

“I’ve watched Supergirl religiously since the beginning and while I love Kara, Alex, Nia, and more, Lena Luthor is one of the reasons I’ve stuck with this show so long. Katie McGrath always impresses me in every single scene she’s in and I’m so sad this show is ending because it means saying goodbye to Lena Luthor.”



Stiles Stilinski from Teen Wolf

Stiles weeping and hugging Scott before his CT scan


“Stiles Stilinski, hands down. Stiles was always the most entertaining character, but Dylan O’Brien absolutely BLOSSOMED during Season 3 of Teen Wolf.”



Poussey Washington from Orange Is the New Black

Poussey saying that love is about just "chilling" with someone and not wanting to go to sleep because you will be without them


“Hands down, Poussey. Her legacy has gone way past the legacies of the series, TBH.”



Spencer Hastings from Pretty Little Liars

Spencer crying and looking shocked


“The first few seasons of PLL were good, but by the time it reached the time jump, it was awful. However, Spencer stayed iconic throughout the entire show. She was smart, witty, kind, strong, and confident. I could go on for hours about why she’s the best character on this show. She always felt like the true main character and I was completely invested in her during all seven seasons.”



Castiel from Supernatural

Castiel crying and telling Dean that he cared about the world because of him and that he loves him

The CW

“The show was on for such a long time and it started to feel like it NEEDED to end, however Cas is who made it watchable until the very end.”



Cristina Yang from Grey’s Anatomy

Cristina saying, "You are a gifted surgeon with an extraordinary mind. Don't let what he wants eclipse what you need. He's very dreamy. But he is not the sun. You are"


Grey’s Anatomy noticeably went downhill after Sandra Oh left. Cristina Yang was such a vital part of the story and her role in such a mainstream show felt really empowering to the Asian community. She was definitely the best part of Grey’s.”



Lexie Grey from Grey’s Anatomy

Lexie telling a stunned Mark that she loves him and she can't stop saying it


“Lexie Grey was the best character on Grey’s Anatomy. The show went downhill after she died because she was one of the reasons to keep watching.”



Logan Echolls from Veronica Mars

Logan telling Veronica that he thought their love story was "epic"

Warner Bros.

“Logan Echolls needs to be included on this list. His character development was incredible. I love him so much and he deserved so much better than the horrific ending he got. He was the reason I kept returning to Veronica Mars.”



Margo Hanson from The Magicians

Margo asking Eliot how they turned into dependable people and Eliot responding, "We have depth and character"


“She was snobby and elitist in the first season, but by the end of the show she was my favorite character. Watching her grow into the strong woman she was meant to be was worth enduring the Season 1 version of her character. She truly carried the final seasons and outshone everyone else.”



Lexa from The 100

Clarke going to Lexa to make her an offer and Lexa saying, "This is not a negotiation"

The CW

“Lexa deserved so much better than The 100 and the show definitely went downhill after her death. This character deserved a full and beautiful storyline and she was the reason a lot of people watched.”



Lincoln from The 100

Lincoln telling Pike that he doesn't have any last words for him, Octavia weeping, and Lincoln saying, "May we meet again"

The CW

“Lincoln was one of the only reasons I continued to watch The 100. When he was killed off, right after Lexa, I was so done.”



Brooke Davis from One Tree Hill

Brooke standing with words like "Not pretty enough" and "not smart enough" all over her body. And Chase's voiceover saying, "It's how you overcome those labels. That's what matters"

The CW

“Brooke Davis carried One Tree Hill through all nine seasons! I love this show, but there sure are crappy parts, however Brooke always made it bearable. Sophia Bush did an incredible job and brought a truly amazing, badass character to life. Brooke had incredible character development and turned from a typical TV cheerleader into a strong and powerful woman.”



Bonnie Bennett from The Vampire Diaries

Bonnie saying, "When did you become such a sap?" and Enzo responding, "I fell in love with a human who makes me feel alive"

The CW

“She repeatedly put her own wants and needs on the back burner to help save her friends and asked for nothing in return. Everyone just expected her to put her life on the line to save Elena’s life without even asking her or considering her feelings, but she always did it anyway without one complaint. Bonnie was the true MVP of the show until the very end.”



Hope Mikaelson from Legacies

Hope saying that some days dealing with grief are harder than others, but holding onto good memories is the key to moving forward

The CW

Legacies is honestly the weakest of all The Vampire Diaries shows, but I still watch it because of how badass Hope is.”



Killian Jones/Hook from Once Upon a Time

Hooke telling Emma that she is his happy ending


“I started watching the show only because of him. In the beginning the show was okay, but after Season 5 I only continued watching because of Hook.”



Rufus Carlin and Jiya from Timeless

Rufus and Jiya smiling at each other


“Personally, I think the show was literally 10 times better when the focus was on one of these characters. I got so bored whenever Lucy or Wyatt were on screen. But when Rufus or Jiya came on? Completely different show.”



Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Spike drinking blood through a straw and out of a "kiss the librarian" mug

Warner Bros.

“I loved his character arc and there were definitely times when the show was lagging and I only watched for him.”



Glenn Rhee from The Walking Dead

Glenn telling Daryl that he can't forgive Merle because he took Maggie to a man who terrorized her. Then, Glenn saying, "I care more about her than I care about me"


“I stopped watching around the time where they faked Glenn’s death before he ultimately met his end thanks to Negan. I haven’t watched to this day because I hated what they did to him and he was the reason I kept watching. Why did all the decent people on this show have to be killed so horribly?”



Michonne from The Walking Dead

Judith telling Michonne, "You're my mom. You chose to be because you love me, and I love you"


“Danai Gurira continued to carry The Walking Dead after Andrew Lincoln left and the show had definitely started to get better again. She played such a vital role in the later seasons.”



Jake Ballard from Scandal

Jake on the phone with Olivia saying, "I wish you had just stood in the sun with me"


“Once Scott Foley entered the series, he became the reason I stuck with it to the end. I love Kerry Washington, but Jake was the character I rooted for. Scott’s weekly performances were riveting because his character was relentless. I took it personally when the series ended with him in prison. He deserved the sun!”



Winston Bishop from New Girl

Schmidt asking Winston, "If you think those shoes are brown, what color do you think you are?" and Winston looking stunned and confused


“Winston needs his own show. He is truly the best character from New Girl.”



Miles Hollingsworth and Lola Pacini from Degrassi: Next Class:

Lola telling Miles that she likes him and she's worried if they get together, everything will change. Then, Miles kisses Lola


“I loved them together as a couple, but even as individual characters, they both stole the show. Miles was one of the most complex, interesting characters in a long time and Eric Osborne’s acting was phenomenal. Lola ended up being a surprise favorite of mine with her Season 3 storyline. I would have watched an entire spinoff just about the two of them.”



Lois Lane from Smallville

The CW

“She gets a lot of hate because some fans prefer Clark with Lana, but honestly, Lois made the show so much better with her humor and attitude. She was one of the reasons I stuck with Smallville.”



Wes Gibbins from How to Get Away with Murder

Annalise telling Wes that she shouldn't have taken him off the waitlist, and Wes asking why she did. And, Annalise responding, "I wanted to be a better person"


“Wes was definitely one of the best characters on How to Get Away with Murder. I kept tuning in because I loved his relationships with Annalise, Laurel, and all of the other characters. When he died, it was hard to replace the magic he brought to the show.”



And finally, Kenzi Malikov from Lost Girl

Kenzi pleading with Bo with tears in her eyes and saying, "Take it from me"


“She remains such an entertaining character to this day. Lost Girl is filled with strong characters, but Kenzi was one of the reasons I kept coming back for more.”


We can’t fit everyone into one post, so which TV characters did you love so much, they’re the reason you kept watching a TV series? Tell us in the comments below!

Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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