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The first trailer for the new Disney Cruella movie is here!


Honestly, Cruella served us two-tone hair before we were even ready.

The upcoming live-action movie stars Emma Stone as a young Cruella de Vil, following her years as a fashion designer — during which she became obsessed with dogs’ skins and, ya know, became a villain and all.

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Of course, the internet is already a-flurry with plenty of ~opinions~ about the first look of the crime/comedy flick.

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Some people were into it!

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While others were…less into it:

Twitter: @brandyljensen

Twitter: @haaniyah_

There were also some other movies that were brought up — namely, Joker

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Twitter: @thethirdhan

Twitter: @alex_abads

Twitter: @malaymango

…And Maleficent.

Twitter: @QueenKaijuPixel

Twitter: @AltersAlk

Twitter: @cbmroyale

The movie comes out May 28, 2021, which means we’ve got ample time to keep up the Cruella discourse until then.


So what did you think of the trailer? LMK in the comments!

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