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If you watched the Golden Globes last night you may have noticed Amy Poehler and Tina Fey sporting some new ink near their hands:

Amy and Tina holding up their hands during the show to display their ink

Nbc / Getty Images

Upon closer inspection, the artwork appeared to be a series of hand drawn hearts and stars…which left viewers wondering just what it meant.

Amy shows off the drawing on her hand during the Golden Globes

Christopher Polk / Getty Images

So while the drawings weren’t actually brand new tats, it turns out the hearts and stars Amy and Tina drew did have a super sweet meaning…and it has to new with Amy’s new movie Moxie.

Golden Globes/Giphy / Via

Netflix revealed that in Moxie, hearts and stars are used as a “battle cry,” symbolizing anyone “who is sick of the status quo and willing to stand up and fight for what they believe in.”

Netflix / Via Twitter: @netflix

The upcoming film, which Amy both directs and stars in, follows a shy 16-year-old who “finds inspiration from her mother’s rebellious past and anonymously publishes a zine that sparks a school-wide, coming-of-rage revolution.”

Amy sits across from her daughter in a screenshot from Moxie

Netflix / Via

And of course, there are a lot of hearts and stars to support the cause in the film:

Netflix / Via

Moxie premieres on Netflix on March 3. Watch the entire trailer below.

Netflix / Via

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