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If you’re anything like me, you’re a pretty big Friends fan, and love nothing more than rewatching old episodes.


But while rewatching some of these classic episodes, you feel pretty uncomfortable because of the way the show handled (or didn’t handle) serious topics.


And unfortunately, this happened a lot on the show.

Like when Frank Jr. Jr. got engaged to his high school teacher, and all of the friends came around to accepting the relationship because they were truly “in love.”


And how the show treated Chandler’s dad’s character as a whole — they made cruel jokes about her for being a drag queen, when in reality, she was actually a transgender woman.


Community member jennyb27 said: “Chandler’s anti-gay jokes about his transgender parent were awful. While they did address it later on by reuniting them, the character was played by Kathleen Turner! The show also conflated transgender people and drag queens. In trying to expose and dismantle some prejudices, they also perpetuated others.”

And in “The One With Ross’ Teeth,” when Chandler felt uncomfortable when Joey and Ross were knitting and wearing makeup, and he made them feel bad about it.


Fragile masculinity at its finest.

Whatever it is, we want to know. Tell us when Friends greatly mishandled a serious topic on the show, and why you think so, in the comments below.


The best submissions will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.

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