A wide reversible sofa and chaise that will seriously upgrade your next movie night. Being able to stretch out on a sectional sofa is truly an experience worth the investment.

The wide reversible sofa and chaise in blue


Promising review: “Love this deep, lush, and comfy couch! So easy to fall asleep on it! You sink into it but the cushions are pretty overstuffed and it’s actually not that low to the ground. Can’t wait for the winter to curl up with a furry blanket!” —Shanon

Price: $2,160 (originally $2,299; available in four colors)


A coffee table with storage so you can keep your coffee table books close by without cluttering your space. It’s a great way to add a little dimension to any living room.

The coffee table with storage


Promising review: “Such a great find! I wanted something different when it comes to a coffee table and I love the combination of the darker wood and white top. The table was easy to assemble and is definitely of better quality since it’s quite heavy.” —Victoria

Price: $230 (originally $249; available in two colors)


A cane armchair that is a seriously beautiful piece. It will fit seamlessly in any home and its sleek mid-century modern design allows it to blend in with a home that has a colorful or neutral palette.

The cane armchair in linen


Promising review: “OBSESSED! The color is beautiful. It came assembled, which is a major bonus. They even included a free throw pillow cover as a gift with purchase!” —Beth

Price: $285+ (available in six colors)


A two-drawer nightstand for those who like to keep all their cords, essential oils, and books shoved in their nightstand. With more space comes more organization, which is why two drawers may be your perfect solution.

The two drawer nightstand in white


Promising review: “Limited assembly, which made it a delight to receive and install. The piece is made with solid wood and is well-crafted. I am extremely pleased with the two nightstands! A great mid-century article of furniture. I also have the matching bed frame for the complete look and feel!” —Brandon

Price: $210+ (originally $272.88+; available in two colors)


A deep velvet armchair, because who wouldn’t want to sink into a plush velvet chair at the end of a long day? This will surely become your new reading, TV watching, and scrolling spot.

The deep velvet armchair in blue


Promising review: “Perfect size, low profile, but big enough seat I can curl up my legs. Great minimalist modern style.” —Elaine

Price: $440 (originally $899; available in five colors)


An 84″ sofa for those looking for their most luxurious TV watching experience ever. It’s so simple, crisp, and clean it will make your home feel like the waiting area of a spa.

blue sofa


Promising review: “Okay, I LOVE this couch! I had been eyeing it for quite some time but purchasing a couch online is terrifying! It’s comfy but firm, lightweight but well-made, and a beautiful color. The color really is just as it looks on the photos. Super easy to assemble — you only have to screw in the legs.” —Erika

Price: $900 (originally $1,649; available in two colors)


A floating TV stand that’ll prop up your TV and hold up to 70 pounds. Plus, you can use the ends for storing cute decor like coffee table books and candles.

The TV stand in white


Promising review: “I love this floating shelf. It’s just as described. The doors have a slow opening mechanical means so it doesn’t just drop down. Very nice!” —Yvonne

Price: $445


A wood storage bench that is perfect for any entryway. If you’ve been craving a place to sit down and pop on your shoes before heading out the door, this may be the perfect thing for you.

The wood storage bench in espresso


Promising review: “This little bench is beautiful. It’s heavy and well-made. Perfect for my living room. The packaging was great and very easy to assemble, just put on the legs and you are done.” —Miriela

Price: $270 (originally $319; available in five colors)


A console table for those who have trouble keeping track of their PKW (phone, keys, wallet). Pop a few trinkets on this multi-tiered entry table and you’ll be jazzing up the first look into your home in no time.

The console table in blackened bronze


Promising review: “Perfect for my entryway! You can do so much with this console. I get so many compliments.” —Amy

Price: $189+ (available in three sizes and four colors)


A leather pouf, because there’s never a bad time to pop your legs up and relax. Plus, it can be used as an ottoman, side table, or as decoration, so it’s super versatile.

The leather pouf in brown


Promising review: “Perfect for touches of fun in our smallish space! Sturdy enough to use as a settee or footstool, nimble enough to sit into strange spaces as a side table. Anywhere they are, they just kind of attract the eye, creating interest in the space.” —bonnie

Price: $227 (available in 37 colors)


A wooden drawer storage bench so you can keep your bedroom extra tidy. It makes a perfect seat to drink your morning coffee and features two drawers to store extra linens.

The brown wood drawer storage bench


Promising review: “Love this bench. Very comfortable and good height. Not too large, which is good, and fits well in the guest bedroom with all of the matching pieces in the set.” —Tonya

Price: $480 (originally $799; available in two colors)


A set of two bar and counter stools that will make eating at the counter a luxurious experience. Plus, if you get tired while cooking, these can provide the perfect respite from chopping up ingredients for dinner.

The set of two bar and counter stools in charcoal


Promising review: “These bar stools are perfect for our dining room/kitchen. We originally ordered two, but I loved them so much I ordered another set! They match the chairs at our dining room table and I love the tone and texture of them in our room. They were very easy to put together and are super sturdy.” —Emily

Price: $169 (originally $297; available in four colors and two seat heights)


A dining table for those who appreciate a midcentury wooden aesthetic. It will bring a little natural beauty to any dining room.

The dining table in dark walnut


Promising review: “Great table and exactly what we were looking for! Love the mid-century modern style of the legs. The quality is there — we’ve had this table for over a year now and it’s still as sturdy as ever. Easy to put together and disassemble for moving purposes too.” —Michelle

Price: $295+ (available in two sizes and two colors)


Or a round dining table, because sometimes a long dining table doesn’t fit the space limitations that apartment dwellers face. Plus, its sleek art deco design will bring a splash of eccentricity to any space.

The dining table in black


Promising review: “Table is fantastic; everything came in great condition, the top doesn’t look or feel cheap, assembly is easy, and the table feels very solid. All in all a great purchase for a small apartment dining table.” —Daniel

Price: $300 (originally $447; available in two colors)


A three-light cluster teardrop pendant so you can keep a well-lit house. This will look awesome in any dining room, office, or living area and its unique design is sure to spark joy.

The three-light cluster teardrop pendant in black


Promising review: “It took me a while to find a tiered light fixture and this hit the spot with the elegant combination of black and brass. It was easy to hang and it’s nice that you can adjust the height of each pendant per your need and taste. However, the outside (black) material is a little easy to scratch, which I did while hanging. Luckily, you don’t see it as it is higher than your eye level. Great product with a good price.” —Aylin

Price: $137+ (originally $150+; available in four colors)


A sideboard that will elevate any living room. It can be used as a media console or a bar cabinet for entertaining (future) guests.

The sideboard


Promising review: “This was the perfect addition to our living room! We needed something to hold our records and record player. Solid piece of furniture, easy to put together!” —Pearl

Price: $1,000 (originally $1,884.74)


A genuine leather sofa, because you really can’t go wrong with leather. It will make any home feel sophisticated and posh and its modern construction will balance out the leather’s old-school feel.

A genuine leather sofa in vintage black


Promising review: “I have owned this sofa for about two years, so this is a review from an existing owner. The condition hasn’t changed at all from when it was first delivered in any noticeable way; I’ve got two medium-sized dogs who regularly sleep and play on the sofa. It’s easy to vacuum, super deep and comfy (I regularly fall asleep on it), and a burnt sienna color that looks great in pretty much any interior. No complaints here.” —Elizabeth

Price: $1,700 (originally $2,780; available in two colors)


A platform bed for those who value simplicity above all else. You really can’t go wrong with a wood bed frame and with multiple colors to choose from, you can be sure that your new favorite piece of furniture will fit in any space.


Promising review: “It’s a great solid wood option and super sturdy. I’ve only had it for a few weeks now but overall it’s been great. The directions were decent for a flat pack and weren’t super difficult.” —Tyler

Price: $437+ (originally $681.98+; available in three colors and four sizes)


Promising review: “It’s a great solid wood option and super sturdy. I’ve only had it for a few weeks now but overall it’s been great. The directions were decent for a flat pack and weren’t super difficult.” —Tyler

Price: $437+ (originally $681.98+; available in three colors and four sizes)


A two-drawer nightstand, because having a solid nightstand can make the difference between money wasted replacing the same cheap one you keep rebuying every few years. This one is beautifully constructed and is currently discounted, so better hop to it!

The two drawer nightstand


Promising review: “Love it, packaged really well and made really well! Love the look of it; can’t wait to get the bed and dresser.” —Michelle

Price: $400 (originally $667.81)


An hourglass end table so you can keep your living area looking lively with books, lamps, and knickknacks. Plus, you’ll need a place to set the cup of water you always carry around the house.

The hourglass end table in white


Promising review: “Perfect little side table. I was pleasantly surprised at how heavy and sturdy it was. Great buy for the price.” —Alicia

Price: $194+ (originally $378; available in five colors)


A geometric bookcase that will add a fun layer of dimension to any room of the house. It’s a seriously fun piece and holds tons of books, which is great for the heavy readers out there.

The geometric bookcase


Promising review: “This shelving unit is well-made and sturdy. It looks great with my other mid-century modern furniture.” —Jo Anne

Price: $620 (originally $822)


A desk with chrome legs for the person who wants their work to feel anything but stuffy. This super polished desk features two slide-out drawers and draws the eye with its unique design.

The chrome leg desk


Promising review: “Very good quality; solid wood, the legs are sturdy and have a nice finish, very easy to assemble, I highly recommended!!!!!” —Miguel

Price: $650 (originally $1,065; available in two colors)


A three-drawer filing cabinet because we all need a place to store our documents and keep things *organized*. It’s a great solution to all those stray papers that are currently littered across your desk.

The three drawer filing cabinet in light gray


Promising review: “Just what I hoped for. Solid and sturdy. Only assembly was the simple attachment of the wheels, which were in the bottom cabinet. Great addition to a minimalist desk.” —Angi

Price: $279 (available in five colors)


A geometric bookcase/room divider so you can make a house or apartment that’s strangely constructed feel more broken up or private. This can be especially helpful if you’d like to create a divide between where you eat/work/relax.

the brown wood bookcase with different size square and rectangular compartments


Promising review: “Love the color. Takes up a big empty wall which is what I wanted.” —Kathleen

Price: $720+ (originally $1,182; available in two colors)


A bar cabinet that will become your new favorite piece of furniture in you home. It will make you feel like you’re in Mad Men when you make an Old Fashioned atop this baby.

The bar cabinet in franklin blue


Promising review: “I’m very happy with this purchase. I put it together in one day, which I was not expecting and the instructions are clear and easy to understand.” —Melissa

Price: $360 (available in three colors)


A high-top dining table for those who like to be elevated at all times. If you’ve always preferred bar stools to regular old chairs, this is the perfect item for you.

The high top dining table in white


Promising review: “Looks beautiful and is the perfect size for our small kitchen! Will make a great computer desk for a laptop when we move into a bigger space.” —Gregory

Price: $710+ (originally $965+; available in two colors and two sizes)


A three-piece dining set, because being outside doesn’t have to mean sitting on a towel or a super uncomfortable pool chair. You can enjoy your meals here when the weather is nice and rest assured it’s all-weather approved.

The three-piece dining set in gray


Promising review: “Nice quality, easy assembly. Very clean look for my midcentury modern ranch deck. Instant love!” —Judy

Price: $790 (originally $1,659; available in seven colors)


Or a three-piece outdoor seating set with chairs instead of benches for enjoying all the great outdoors has to offer. This is a great place to recover from the day with a nice cold one or wake up on a positive note by sitting out with a cup of coffee.

faux wicker small table and chairs with white cushions set


Promising review: “This is a perfect patio set for a small space. Looks great in our little yard and it’s trendy!” —Cara

Price: $320 (originally $523.97; available in three colors)


A leather bench that will make any entryway feel super cozy. It’s such an inviting color and texture that anyone who walks through the door will immediately feel at home.

The leather bench


Promising review: “Love love this bench, looks just like picture. Sturdy and expensive-looking. I’m using it as an accent piece in the living room for additional seating as needed. Would be great to use with a dining table as well.” —Laura

Price: $520


A glass console table for those that like to keep a super simple and tidy space. This modern table is the perfect place to set keys, masks, and all the other items you’ll need when running out the door.

The glass console table


Promising review: “It’s perfect!! Waiting for the rest of our items to go on the table and I am over the moon.” —Sarah

Price: $520+ (available in two sizes)

The reviews used in this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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