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With each award show comes a new slew of notable highlights and meme-worthy moments, and this year’s Grammys were certainly no exception.

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Lizzo accidentally cursed on-air while presenting an award, Beyoncé looked shaken to her core when she broke an all-time record, and Harry Styles wore a purple boa.

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Harold ROCKED it.

But I think the real winners of the night were Bad Bunny, Jhay Cortez, and Trevor Noah—the trio we never knew we needed.

Dua Lipa / Via

During DaBaby and Dua Lipa’s performance of “Levitating,” the newfound trio sat on stage, casually head-bopping to the beat.

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Three Musketeers, stand down.

And I think it’s safe to say they are definitely DaBaby/Dua Lipa fans.

Jhay Cortez Bad Bunny and Trevor Noah on stage at Grammys

Dua Lipa / Via

They were truly just letting the music move them.

@BroBible / Via Twitter: @BroBible

I mean… LOOK AT THEM. It’s precious.

Dua Lipa / Via

They’re so into it.

Dua and DaBaby performed right after Jhay and Bad Bunny, so I guess they had no where to go and decided to just pop a squat right there.

Rashad Razak / Via

Not sure what the normal protocol is for COVID-friendly awards shows, but can we make this the standard?

Bad Bunny / Via

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