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Action movies can be so much fun and, like with every genre, sometimes part of that fun is absolutely bonkers dialogue. So what’s your favorite action movie line that was supposed to be serious, but turned out magnificently funny?

Maybe this “threatening” line from Con Air‘s Cameron Poe makes you guffaw.

Cameron Poe says, "I said, put the bunny back in the box"

Touchstone Pictures

Or maybe this wild moment in Road House is a total home run for you.

The doctor asks, "Do you enjoy pain," and Dalton says, "Pain don't hurt"

Silver Pictures

Or maybe this Furious 7 line – my favorite line from anything ever – takes your breath away.

Dom says, "The thing about street fights...the street always wins"

Universal Pictures

Let me know your favorite accidentally funny action movie line and why in the comments below! Some of the responses will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.

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