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An expandable rack for your pans, lids, boards, and more. The 10 adjustable dividers make this organizer a nice fit for cabinet spaces of all sizes.

A pan rack that holds lids too


Promising review: “Wow this is a game-changer! I had all pans spread on three shelves, now I’ve got them all on one! I will be buying another.” — neenamarie930

Price: $39.99


A six-cube organizer shelf to store or display an array of items. Flip it horizontally or vertically to make it fit any room in your home. Plus you can choose from a variety of colors to coordinate your room’s vibe.

A 6-cube organizer in a room


Promising review: “It came with all the parts intact and was super easy to put together and looks nice, in my opinion.” — Rachel

Price: $29 (available in four colors)


A ladder bathroom shelf for everything from linens to lotions. This piece will take your bath organization to new heights.

A ladder bathroom shelf


Promising review: “East to assemble. Perfect for things I am storing in baskets in our master bathroom.” — widecalfboots

Price: $51.99


An entryway storage valet that will make getting out the door and in the door a lot more organized. With hooks, shelves, and racks, this item can bring together everything you need in one place.

An entrway organizer


Promising review: “This is exactly what we need to help get the kids out the door in the morning. It seemed like I was going to war with them in the mornings trying to find bags, shoes and coats. Now they can organize themselves.” — Julie

Price: $55.99


A four-pack of small storage trays for the knickknacks that need a home of their own. Even if you don’t know what you need these holders for, you’ll find a reason to be happy you have them in no time.

Four small storage trays


Promising review: “I bought these to organize my junk drawer and they are awesome. I love the feel of them. They are flexible so can squeeze them in if you have to.” —Sarahperks18

Price: $2 for a set of four


A highchair that is actually not a chair. This attachable seat makes it easier to make room at the table when it’s family meal time.

A space-saving high chair


Promising review: “We have been using this high chair for about a year now. We have it strapped into one of our kitchen chairs and it fits perfectly. The tray is extremely easy to get on and off.” — KalsMom

Price: $49.99


A hanging shoe organizer for when the space in your closet isn’t big enough for your kicks collection. With 15 pockets, sneaker heads and shoe fiends will finally have the solution to their ever-growing footwear collection.

A 15-pocket shoe organizer


Promising review: “This is exactly what I was looking for! It hangs nicely on the back of the door, and doesn’t take up much room.” — Val

Price: $10


A eight-tier wire rack to spice up your kitchen space. Keep your cans, jars, and bottles in a central place with this over-the-door organizer.

An 8-tier wire rack


Promising review: “We just moved into a smaller apartment with minimal pantry space, and this product is a HUGE help.” — Picky pants

Price: $33.99


A three-cubby box with hooks perfect for any busy entryway. This hybrid piece hangs and stores what you need to grab on the way out.

A 3 cubby box with hangers


Promising review: “Very happy with this cubby! We’re using it to hang our shoes/ store bike cleaning supplies and it looks super cute!” — Mandi

Price: $40


An organizer to help you avoid playing a game of Jenga with your boxes. This item will pack your boxes into one neat place and make them easy to store and remove.

A box organizer


Promising review: “I like that you can make shelves different heights.” — Abes mom

Price: $19.99


A shoe bin to give all those pairs without a box a home. These canvas bins add a modern touch to your closet space but if you don’t need them for shoes, there’s sure to be another reason you fill these up.

A grey shoe bin


Promising review: “Fits perfectly on my bookshelf and in my closet! Love these for my socks, belts, and bras! Sturdy bin as well.” — Willie

Price: $10


A garment rack with some shelf space, because this is the perfect solution for a lack of closet space. Clothing storage issues will be a thing of the past with this 2-foot hanging rack that can hold shoes and folded clothes.

A clothing rack


Promising review: “It is compact but holds a lot of clothes, shoes and accessories. It is sturdy as well. It is easy to assemble. It looks great and is functional.” — HippieBri

Price: $62.99 (available in two colors)


A three-shelf set for the closet that needs more space but doesn’t have much to give. Stack whatever you can in the two rectangles and one large square unit — with this shelf set, the options are plentiful.

White three-shelf unit with storage box


Promising review: “Fairly easy to put together and looks great. Helped us organize our closets better!” — Kelseys

Price: $30


A toy organizer that will make the chore of cleaning up a room easier than ever. With nine bins, no one has to dread picking up after themselves.

9-bin toy organizer


Promising review: “They hold up so well and are perfect for keeping toys off the floor. The kids will easily pick up knowing they can throw things into open bins.” — kteadoll

Price: $49.99 (available in three colors)


A storage ottoman because you shouldn’t have to give up comfort for cleanliness. Pack away blankets, pillows, or whatever else can fit in this piece and then take a seat or put your feet up on it.

A grey storage ottoman


Promising review: “Super cute!! I put this in my closet and put my sweaters in it and added really cute pillows. Comfy sitting spot too!” — clw1222

Price: $42.50 (originally $50)


A foldable table for all occasions. Need more space to hold food at a dinner party or a table to break out a game of cards? This height-adjustable table will meet your extra-space needs.

A foldable table


Promising review: “Very versatile piece! We use it in the living room temporarily to have a tray for food, drinks, cellphone etc.” —Pdty85

Price: $19.99


A glass storage container with a wooden lid that’ll look good and do a lot of work wherever you set it. Use it for supplies or ingredients and set it on your countertop to give it a modern feel.

A glass container


Promising review: “This jar looks great on my kitchen counter. I keep my rock salt in it for cooking. The design blends in well with everything. I love the warm wooden lid.” — Sierra

Price: $10


A rope basket, because this is essential for any small space, plus the fact that it looks good means you’re also adding style. The fitted liner makes this piece easy to clean as well.

A roped basket


Promising review: “Perfect for my narrow shelving unit, and much roomier than I thought! Definitely a plus in keeping all things tidy yet pretty.” — Aw

Price: $6


A two-pack of storage bags that can fit under the bed and stack on top of one another. With a clear plastic lid, you also won’t have to guess what you stored in these.

A storage bag under the bed


Promising review: “These are perfect to store under beds!! they are really roomy for how small they are. they fit my huge comforter!” —d03

Price: $16.99


A corner shelf to help you add more display space to your nooks. Dress your corners up with more plants, candles, or other items that have no space elsewhere.

A corner shelf


Promising review: “A perfect little shelf that went great in my bathroom to get things off the counter and more organized.” — Nicole

Price: $15


A three-drawer medium cart that can fit the needs of any room in your space. With casters, the storage bins are mobile and easy to move around in case you want to tuck it away.

A 3 drawer storage container


Promising review: “Love these. They help us stay organized and it is easy for the kids to get things in and out of. The wheels help with moving it room to room when we need to.” — Lysa90

Price: $12


A foldable dish drying rack made from bamboo — when the dishes are put away, the rack they were dried on should be put away too, and this piece allows you to do just that.

A foldable dish rack


Promising review: “It was perfect in my apartment as I only had a couple items I needed to dry at a time. It also folds completely flat for when I don’t need it.” — Gretchen

Price: $20


A wire wall rack that will have your kitchen looking like your favorite coffee shop. With industrial pipe and wire baskets, this rack is sure to elevate your morning coffee/tea routine.

A wire wall rack


Promising review: “This is my favorite thing to look at in my kitchen! I wish I had more room for another one!” — Kelley

Price: $26.98


A wooden cube organizer for the extra space you didn’t know you needed but you’ll be happy you have. This shelf is perfect for a bathroom where the countertop is almost at capacity or books for a growing library.

A 3-cube shelf


Promising review: “These are great for extra storage around the house. I have several for sitting toys in different rooms.” — KTeacher07

Price: $25 (available in two colors)


A stackable shelf that sits low to the ground, in case you’d like to stack another one. Put it in a closet or an entryway, no matter what you decide, this sleek shelf will give you more storage.

A stackable shelf


Promising review: “My 4-year-old has a lot of little bits she likes to play with and this storage is perfect. I love that it’s stackable for when we inevitably need to add another layer of storage.” —MFP

Price: $17 (available in two colors)


A steel wine rack for the novice wine collector. Maybe one day you’ll have enough bottles for a cellar, but for now, this eight-bottle rack should do the job.

A 8 bottle wine rack


Promising review: “t looks great on the shelf in my kitchen. I may add another set since there is never enough wine storage!” — Wynlvr

Price: $22


A microwave cart that will give your shelves and countertops some more room. With hooks and shelving, this metal and wood cart will go a long way in your home.

A microwave cart


Promising review: “It is a great buy. Holds weight of pretty heavy boxes in the shelves and table top ideal for a microwave in apartments or small houses.” — GK

Price: $60


A set of TV trays for the occasions when there’s more people than table space. And when the party is over, this five-piece wooden table set can be folded back up and stored away easily.

A set of wooden TV trays


Promising review: “Bought these last-minute for a family party. Any other set available in-store (no time to ship!) was easily twice as much. They worked well. ” — Jerzeyman

Price: $49.99


A corner storage shelf to keep whatever you need nestled away. Nooks are a great space-saver in small homes and these shelves prove it.

A 3-tier corner shelf


Promising review: “Exactly what I wanted. Fits perfectly in my bedroom corner and looks good. Plus it was easy to put together. If I had a need for another one would definitely order again.” — JMorgan

Price: $25.99 (available in four colors)


A chic wooden nightstand that looks beautiful and works hard. With a drawer and an open shelf, you’ll be able to store plenty of bedside essentials.

A wooden nightstand sits near a bed


Promising review: “Love this nightstand. It is beautiful and feels well made. There is plenty of storage space, too.” — Heather

Price: $140.00


A decorative box for the small things that need a little space of their own. This wooden edge box looks good regardless of what’s inside.

Two wooden boxes


Promising review: “Simple and perfect for styling a bookshelf. Great quality.” — Erin4

Price: $15

The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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