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You know Robin Roberts — host of Good Morning America and an all-around television icon.

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Robin was a guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today, where she told a story about her most embarrassing interview moment — and you just might pee your pants laughing when you hear it.

“All the years I’ve known you, I’ve never shared this,” Robin said. “My first big interview, I was still in college, and I was quite nervous. And I, um…how can I make this, um…I wet myself.”

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Ellen responded by asking Robin if she meant she spilled water on herself, to which Robin said simply: “We’ll go with that.”

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“No. No, it was a ‘clean-up on Aisle 1’ after I did the big interview,'” she clarified.


“I don’t remember who the interview was with,” she continued. “I was nervous. I was still in college. I was really wanting to make an impression. And I think I really did, remembering it after all this time.”

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Ellen then asked Robin if she feels “free” now that she’s admitted this publicly, to which she joked that she feels “relieved.”

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“Now, wait, did the person know that you wet yourself?” Ellen asked.

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“Look, no follow-ups. There will be no follow-ups to this,” Robin replied. “It was pretty hard not to notice. Let’s put it that way.”

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You can watch Robin tell the story in full below:

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