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In some of the great hall scenes in the first two Harry Potter films, the food on the table had been left out for days, meaning the entire cast had to pretend they weren’t sitting in front of tables of stinky rotten food.

Warner Bros.

Director Chris Columbus wanted the scenes to be as realistic as possible, but the heat of the lights doesn’t seem to have been taken into account too much. According to Warwick Davis, on the first day of filming the cast could actually eat the food, but by day four, they could smell the stench before they even stepped on set. They decided to use fake food for the rest of the films.


In Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Jennifer Lawrence had to eat a raw fish.


Look, I know it doesn’t sound awful, but think about it – a fish, straight out of the water, in your mouth. Not ideal. Although you could never tell from the film, the behind the scenes shots make it clear that a raw fish isn’t Jen’s favourite meal.


In The Revenant, Leonardo DiCaprio was concerned that the faux bison liver prepared by the prop department didn’t look realistic enough. So, what did he do? Volunteered to eat the real, uncooked thing.

20th Century Fox

That made my stomach turn a little, and the picture that Leo proved he has guts of steel – he told Variety, “It’s like a balloon. When you bite into it, it bursts in your mouth.” No thank you.

*Viewer discretion advised*


And Leo powered through after a glass shattered and cut his hand during his big scene in Django Unchained, resulting in a very intense scene.

The Weinstein Company

He said that he was more interested in watching Quentin Tarantino and Samuel L. Jackson’s reactions to stop and tend to his bleeding hand, so he carried on. When the scene cut, he suggested wiping the blood on Kerry Washington’s face for dramatic effect, but you’ll be pleased to know that fake blood was used for that.

*Viewer discretion advised*


Because Titanic had a really gruelling filming schedule, the stars had to use the bathroom in shifts, but Kate Winslet revealed that she just peed in the water tank from time to time.

20th Century Fox

Kate was so dedicated to getting her scenes perfect that it was a no brainer. She told Rolling Stone: “you wanted to get it right. You didn’t want to have to get out and go to the bathroom, which would take half an hour with corsets and dresses and all that sort of thing. So, yeah, I peed.” Unfortunately, this wasn’t enough to stop her from getting hypothermia in the final scene. What a ride.


That wasn’t Kate’s only run-in with water – during the filming of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, she fainted after spending ages sat in hot water during the sink scene.

Focus Features

According to Jim Carrey, Kate had been saying that she felt nauseous during filming, but the director Michel Gondry had powered through. When she eventually fainted, Jim ended up having some stern words with him.


In Pretty Woman, Vivian was meant to find I Love Lucy really funny. But Julia Roberts didn’t seem to find it all that hilarious, so the film’s director ended up tickling her feet off-screen to elicit that authentic laugh.

Buena Vista Pictures

As a relative newbie in Hollywood, Julia revealed that she was so nervous about doing her sex scenes that she’d break out in hives. This moment comes right before Vivian gets up close and personal with Edward, so maybe the tickling was Garry Marshall’s way of calming her nerves?

*Viewer discretion is advised*


When she was filming Red’s parts in Us, not only did Lupita Nyong’o stay in character for the whole day, but she isolated herself and maintained Red’s unique voice the entire time.

Paramount Pictures

She said that playing two different characters was like playing “against herself” (she was the the lead character Adelaide alongside “tethered” Red) took an emotional toll on her, and her on-screen daughter even revealed that Lupita’s dedication to her craft spooked her out a bit.


In Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, about a third of the sweets were edible. Gene Wilder was well aware of which third, but chose to take a bite out of his inedible wax teacup, cos why not?

Paramount Pictures

He had to chew it until the take was over, and I’m sure you’ll agree that the sacrifice to his tastebuds closes the scene perfectly. Plus, the teacup actually looks kind of tasty, wax or not…


We all know that Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom had that one scene where there were loads of bugs. What you might not know is that Kate Capshaw had to take a valium to get through the sheer amount of bugs that were crawling through her clothes.

Paramount Pictures

Frank Marshal, the film’s producer pointed out that, unlike animals, you can’t really arrange or contain bugs, so they were all over the place.


Tony Todd had his face covered and his mouth filled with real bees in Candyman, and he was paid a bonus for each sting he received.

TriStar Pictures

Tony got a $1000 dollar bonus for every single sting he received, which wound up being a total of 23!


Daniel Stern had originally thought that a fake spider would be used for the famous Home Alone scene, but was surprised with a real venemous tarantula when it came to filming.

20th Century Fox

There was a long rumour that Daniel Stern had to remain silent to avoid scaring the spider, but Barry the tarantula didn’t have any ears.


For the 40-Year-Old Virgin, Steve Carrell decided to actually get his first ever chest wax on-screen, all for the sake of comedy.

Universal Pictures

Even though his reactions were basically 100% genuine, he was the most professional one there – the woman who was waxing him had claimed to have experience, but in truth, she’d only ever tried to wax her boyfriend’s back.


After snorting so much fake cocaine on the set of Wolf of Wall Street, Jonah Hill ended up in hospital.

Paramount Pictures

What is “fake cocaine,” I hear you ask. Well, in this case, it’s vitamin D powder. So yeah, Jonah was doing the fake coke daily for seven months and ended up being hospitalised after overdosing – he developed bronchitis. What a journey.


The iconic opening of The Sound of Music captured Julie Andrews frolicking around in the hills, a picture of elegance. What we don’t see is the multiple times she faceplanted into the muddy grass after being swept up by the strong winds from the helicopter that was used to film the scene.

20th Century Fox

It took about seven takes to get the perfect scene, and every time the helicopter turned around she got caught downwind and was swept right off her feet into the dirt!


We all know that the chihuahua wasn’t mauling Amy Poehler’s actual chest in Mean Girls, so what was going on there? Well, Amy had a piece of cocktail sausage pinned inside her bra, and the rest is history.

Paramount Pictures

Ah yes, the old cocktail sausage in the bra trick – makes it hard to keep a straight face, but always works a treat.


And finally this bonus one – because it didn’t actually happen on set, but I think it shows some serious dedication to the craft – Timothée Chalamet got up close and personal with a peach ahead of filming the famous Call Me by Your Name scene.

Memento Films International

After reading the description of it in the novel, director Luca Guadagnino gave it a go, and found that it worked better than he imagined it would. When he went to share his findings with Timothée, he revealed that he’d already tried it.

When did an actor’s dedication to their job blow you away? Tell us in the comments!

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