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Hello and welcome back to Seasoned Sessions!

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On this week’s episode, Hanifah and Ada discuss:

The University of Aberdeen’s decision to return pillaged Benin bronze to Nigeria, and the fact that the British Museum is the largest receiver of stolen goods in the world.

benin bronze statues in the british museum

SOPA Images / Getty Images

Skip to 21.41.

The lack of bathing and general hygiene in the past, and whether or not colonisers were aware that they didn’t smell too fresh.


Skip to 31.40.

Weird school trips from back in the day, including Ada’s day in a life as a Victorian quarry worker, and Hanifah’s scary immersive crime safety experience.

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Ada and Hanifah are also guest hosts on the latest episode of I Dunno TBH pod, where they answer some big dilemmas, from pandemic friendship break downs to getting over being ghosted.

Tune in to hear it all!

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