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A can of Blue Buffalo senior wet dog food that will put some pep in your senior pup’s step — plus reviewers say it satisfies even the pickiest of eaters.

Reviewer's dog bowl filled with wet dog food

Promising review: “This food is great for my senior dog. He tends to be a very picky eater when it comes to wet dog food. Normally he will stick his nose in and out endlessly before actually eating the food but with this food he dove right it and has loved it ever since. I like the fact that it has chunks of veggies in it and the food smells pleasant. Most dog foods smell horrible.” — MaNnY & JoJo

Price: $23.76


A party mix of cat treats, because these make for a fun playtime snack for your feline friend. Plus they are a great source of fiber.

Reviewer's jar of treats

Promising review: “My 18-year-old cat loves these treats. She would live on them if I let her. She is pretty picky, so if she likes something, she gets it. I wish they were made of better ingredients, but a little digestive powder on them (I add it to the canister and shake it around to coat the treats) and she is good to go. It’s a great value if you spend money to spoil your pets and the large size means you don’t need to buy as often and it’s a better overall value. They make my senior diva very happy, so I’m going to buy them. The fair price point just makes me happy.” —L. Jacobson

Price: $11.99


A dinner of Taste of the Wild dog food that’ll be great for dogs who prefer a high protein diet. Help them connect to the wolf within!

The bag of food


Promising review: “My two golden doodles were having chronic ear infections. I switched them over to Taste of the Wild based on research about grain-free food and dog allergies and I couldn’t be happier. My dogs have not had a single ear infection in the two years that they have been on this food! I really love that I can switch between flavors without any digestion issues. My dogs seem to like the Salmon and the Roasted Bison the best so I alternate between the two flavors. This food may appear more expensive than grocery store brands, but when you consider all of the long term health benefits of a grain-free food and the savings from vet bills (not to mention that your dogs will feel better, longer). I actually think that this food is saving you money.” —Tara Winchell

Price: $48.99


A pack of Purina dry cat food, which is made with real chicken and turkey, and will keep your indoor cat purring.

Reviewer's cat sniffing the bag of dry food

Promising review: “This bag is huge! My cat weighs 13 pounds, so naturally, my idea of 13 lbs is off. I was not expecting the bag to be this big! That’s about how much I pay for a 3-lb bag at the store. I’m very happy with this purchase and my cat (Chloe) is too! :)” —Prime&Proper

Price: $12.49 (available in three sizes)


A pack of dried bloodworms, because while gross sounding, this will keep your fishies swimming happily throughout their days. It is highly nutritious and helps with digestion.

Reviewer's picture of the dried worms

Promising review: “Never have my frogs and goldfish come together in such beautiful unison to enjoy a hearty meal of blood worms. You can catch the frogs basking under the heat lamp and the goldfish swimming with the light after the worms have been consumed. It promotes good digestion (which is evident in their healthy bowel movements I have to scoop up) and aids in the fish’s appearance; My goldfish slime coats have never been slimmer- in fact, they’re the slimiest since using this brand. When I go to pet them they slip right out of my hands! Before the blood worms I was giving them shrimp which were okay – but with these I get to watch them slurp up the little wormies and swim healthy and happily for hours – and it’s all for $3! Highly recommend.” —Cecelia Heaslip

Price: $3.52


A Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw Boost meal topper for an easy way to add some raw food to your dog’s regular diet of kibble. Give your dog’s dinner an added boost!

Reviewer's picture of the bag of raw boost mixers

Promising review: “I have a 17-lb 1-year-old cockapoo. And just recently he started becoming picky with his kibble. Adding boiled chicken worked but I wanted variety. So amongst my research I came across these small miracles! Easily stored with long shelf life, crushable, and did not have a bad odor. In fact, it has a light almost popcorn-like scent. I recommend crushing the boosters so your pooch can’t pick out the good bits! I use three to four pieces as a topper per meal (3/4 cup of kibble). Works miracles for my pooch with a sensitive tummy.” —Joanna

Price: $11.99


A Feline Favorite variety pack that will let your cat discover for themselves what their favorite treat might be, which will make it that much easier to spoil your loved one with treats you know they like.

Reviewer's cat lays out with a bag of Temptations treats on his stomach

Promising review: “Bruce loves temptations. He will carry the bag in his mouth to me when he wants a snack. I’ll find the bag in weird places in my apartment. Once he figures out how to open it I think I’ll be useless to him. A+ for the product and the packaging.” —Lauren

Price: $6.32


A combo of Purina small breed dog food and DentaLife treats, because this is truly a deal that makes perfect sense. Take care of your dog’s pearly whites and keep their bellies full with the same order!

The two bags of food and teats


Promising review: “Only dry bulk food my dog can eat. He has multiple protein allergies and cant eat other kibble because they use multiple protein sources. Was about to have to resort to an expensive prescription-dog-food diet when we found this. So grateful we found a food that comes in bulk at a good price that doesn’t make my dog scratch/bite/lick his skin off. Also comes in smaller bags, so we were able to try it without worrying about wasting our money on a giant bag of food our dog couldn’t eat.” —Mallory

Price: $33.48


A box of Greenies dental cat treats that’ll have your cat begging for more. Good thing it comes in a value size!

Reviewer's closeup of the bag's inside of treats

Promising review: “My cat is so obsessed with these. Like, addicted. He acts like a crazed drug addict when I even stand any where remotely close to the cupboard where he knows I keep them. And they really have made a noticeable improvement on his plaque buildup above and beyond his daily tooth brushing alone. My only complaint about these things is that they don’t come in a more sustainable container, like a cardboard box or something. I have contacted them about this potentially being an option in the future, so we’ll see if they ever make a change. But until then purchasing the biggest bulk container they offer is my only answer to reducing the amount of awful plastic packaging I have to try and recycle/reuse. Luckily, my cat loves them so having them in bulk is never bad, and the container is a great size/shape so, once empty, it might make a nice container to reuse for any variety of things… if the plastic is BPA-free, which is doesn’t say. Well, off to email the company again and ask. :)” —Krystal

Price: $8.48


A bag of Iams Proactive Health food which is sure to keep your cats stomach healthy, happy, and full. It is blended with beet pulp to help prevent those pesky hair balls.

Reviewer's brown cat eating the food


Promising review: “My cat is the perfect target market for this food: she’s indoor, has weight issues, and is prone to hairballs. I cycle her through a variety of dry foods. I feed her canned, Weruva food in the morning. In the evening, I give her a bit of dry food to hold her until morning. Typically I choose dry foods that are targeted to weight and/or hairball issues. She’s not a picky eater and will eat whatever I give her, but has her favorites for sure. Iams proactive health is definitely a new favorite. She loves the taste, her bowel movements have improved, and her hairballs are less frequent.” —Amy S.

Price: $13.44


A tub of premium catnip that’ll be sure to hit the spot for your feline friend.,

Promising review: “I have eight indoor cats and seven of them LOVE this catnip. I have tried over 10 other brands, and my cats definitely prefer this blend over all the others. I said seven of my eight cats like this nip, what is remarkable about that is only six cats originally liked catnip. You converted one non-interested cat into a catnip-lover! That never happens.” —bothernomr

Price: $14.97,

Promising review: “I have eight indoor cats and seven of them LOVE this catnip. I have tried over 10 other brands, and my cats definitely prefer this blend over all the others. I said seven of my eight cats like this nip, what is remarkable about that is only six cats originally liked catnip. You converted one non-interested cat into a catnip-lover! That never happens.” —bothernomr

Price: $14.97


A tasty treat for your rabbit, hamster, or guinea pig that is filled with strawberries, carrots, spinach and more. It looks tasty enough for even me to eat.

Reviewer's picture of the mix of dried plants in oranges, greens, yellows, and reds

Promising review: “I got this for my rabbit who LOVES herbs and flowers. I like that it doesn’t have a bunch of additives or dyes. The mix appeared and smelled fresh, not like it had been sitting for too long. Most importantly, my bun gobbled it up! This is a much better alternative to sugary and processed treats.” — Ashley

Price: $1.03


A Meow Mix Irresistibles cat treat that will get your cat meowing for more. Their soft texture means that they work great for older cats with bad teeth.

The bag of treats


Promising review: “These are my cats’ favorite treats! They swarm me when I get the bottle out. As long as you remember to be responsible and screw the lid back on, they stay moist and tender for a long time.” —Leanne B.

Price: $7.45


A variety box of Rachael Ray dog food which will add some exciting choices for your pet’s daily meal, including chicken paw pie!

Reviewer's picture of the three containers of dog food

Promising review: “I really like the packaging for ease of use and for in my dog’s life. The container is very neat. It’s easy to scoop out of and then reserve the rest of the food right in the container with its nice lid. I’ve also washed the sturdy container to reuse to make individual packages of kibble when we “wanna go for a ride in the car”! Additionally she likes the taste of the food. Not that I’m going to taste it but it doesn’t have that nasty dog food smell. I wouldn’t want to give her anything like that. This brand actually smells like a nice stew. I buy this on repeat.” —Byestuff

Price: $11.52


A dinner of birdseed to keep your pet parrots chirping happily. Not all birdseed is formulated for indoor birds, but Wild Harvest has you covered.

The bag of bird feed


Promising review: “This item is a wonderful way to keep the birds healthy. Great value for a reliable item. Will buy time after time.” —Debbie Owen

Price: $3.22 (Originally $5.99)


A freeze-dried meal topper that will feel like a luxury for your canine’s tummy. They can even make for great training treats to motivate your pup.

Reviewer's small dog sits next to a red bag of meal mixers

Promising review: “My little chi mix loves Stella and Chewy’s. I add this to her dry kibble (holistic select). When I first adopted her she had dry flaky skin and would vomit every now and then. I started feeding her wellness. I don’t want to say wellness is bad, but she didn’t like it and gave her stomach upset with horrible diarrhea. The vet said it was probably her food. So I switched her to holistic select + Stella and chewy’s meal mixers. It’s been a few months and she has been doing great so far. She has normal regular bowel movements, no more smelly gas, soft silky fur and no more flaky skin.” — R. L. Mills

Price: $38.99 (available in eight flavors and four sizes)


A baked carrot treat to have your fluffy little pet jumping for joy. Any of our rodent or bunny friends will be happy to munch on these sweet snacks.

The treats


Promising review: “My bunny and two guinea pigs love these. Bun bun (Oswald) normally has the apple biscuits but have been out of stock. I tried the carrot ones and she loved them, and has learned new tricks for them. She will give a kiss on the lips, stand on her back legs and also walks like a human for them. She will eat a bag within a week and these are a great price.” —Joel Humphrey

Price: $1.35


A SmartBones dog chew, because this will spoil your pupper with the chicken-wrapped texture and real peanut butter!

The bag of peanut butter, chicken-wrapped sticks


Promising review: “I feel like I’ve ordered these about 20 times already from Amazon. I have two girl Chihuahuas (1 year and 8 years), a little old man Chihuahua, and an old man dapple dachshund. They know right away when the package is dropped off and become very excited when they recognize the package. My only complaint is that they last about an hour because they’re obsessed with them.” —Becky Bishop

Price: $8.30


A diet of Purina Friskies wet cat food for keeping your fur baby rushing to the sound of opening cans. The mouse flavor might be my favorite option, but you will have to see what your cat prefers.

Reviewer's cat sleeps in a green box of cat food

Promising review: “This is the only flavor or texture of cat food my cats will eat in the canned food type. I am glad because other types smell up the house so bad that I get nauseous from the smell. This one stays contained to the area where they eat it. It’s also easy to divide, whereas the other texture, I think it’s the chopped kind, comes so gelatinous looking that it makes it hard for me to divide for them. So I’m just personally grateful as a person with a weak stomach for this food, in addition to the obvious pleasant taste and texture for my cats, not to mention that they’ve been on it for years and never have to go to the vet for any health issues. In fact one of them lost her teeth to a chronic viral infection, much like my fibromyalgia, the vet explained years ago, and so this is the kind of food she HAS to have, and even though this is all she’ll eat, she is thriving for years now, has a soft and shiny coat, and is very happy, vocal, and active. 😊” —Carey

Price: $20.49

The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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