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ATTENTION: this is not a quiz, it’s a collection of fun quizzes from March 2021 — in one place for your convenience!


I Bet You Can’t Guess The Disney Classic From These Random Characters

Disney/RKO Radio Pictures/Buena Vista Distribution

It sounds easy, but it’s really hard. Take the quiz here.


Here Are 14 Famous Guys, But Do They Look Better With Long Or Short Hair?

Gary Gershoff / WireImage/VALERIE MACON/AFP / Via Getty Images

These are the important questions, people. Take the quiz here.


“The Devil Wears Prada” Is One Of The Most Iconic Films Ever, But Can You Ace This Quiz On It?

20th Century Fox

What does the pursing of the lips mean? Take the quiz here.


Only People Who’ve Watched “Friends” A Million Times Will Get 10/13 On This Episode Quiz

Sam Cleal/BuzzFeed

Don’t let this quiz bamboozle you. Take the quiz here.


I’m Sorry Youngsters, Only Boomers Will Get 14/16 On This Old School Disney Quiz

Buena Vista Distribution

How well do you know the classics? Take the quiz here.


Be Honest About Your Relationship To Find Out How It Compares To Everyone Else’s

Getty Images

What happens behind closed doors… Take the quiz here.


This Disney Nickname Quiz Seems Easy, But I Bet You Can’t Get 7/9

Walt Disney Motion Pictures / Buena Vista Distribution / RKO Radio Pictures

Only diehard Disney fans know who Little Minnow is. Take the quiz here.


What Scary Movie Villain Are You?

TriStar Pictures/Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

We’ve all watched a film and secretly rooted for the villain, no? Just me? Take the quiz here.

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