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So last week, Twitter users began sharing their mutual love and appreciation for Brendan Fraser:

Which was so well deserved, because he’s a fantastic actor!

But I think we can all agree that — when discussing Brendan’s best performances — there’s absolutely no topping The Mummy franchise. Like, The Mummy is a perfect film. We stan The Mummy in this house.*

L-R: Oded, Rick, Evelyn and Jonathan in The Mummy

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*And by “this house” we specifically mean “this post.”

It not only gave us Brendan Fraser at his Brendan Fraser-iest — in all his charming, hilarious, floppy-haired glory — but it introduced the world to the most iconic couple of all time: Adventurer Rick O’Connell and Egyptologist Evelyn “Evie” Carnahan (played by Rachel Weisz and her iconic eyebrows).

Rick and Evie embracing one another

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Do you see where this is going yet? I sure hope so (because it was literally the title of this post you clicked on)! IT’S TIME WE GIVE RICK AND EVIE THE APPRECIATION THEY DESERVE. So, with that in mind, here are 15 reasons why they’re the best movie couple, period:


First of all — let’s take a moment to bask in the glow of these two gorgeous humans. That’s it. Just LOOK at them, would you?! We could end the post here and you’d get it!

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We’d willingly let a decaying, enchanted corpse man kidnap us if it meant these two would come to our rescue.

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We’d willingly let a decaying, enchanted corpse man kidnap us if it meant these two would come to our rescue.


And, even though The Mummy was clearly an action-adventure film, Rick and Evie’s beautifully-paced romance really steals the show!

Rick and Evie looking at an Egyptian artefact together

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Which is a credit to the actors’ ridiculously believable chemistry!


For starters, their meet-cute was IMPECCABLE. Did YOUR faves meet while one was in prison and the other was wearing a fantastic hat??? Didn’t think so!

Universal Pictures

Seriously though, that hat!

Universal Pictures

Seriously though, that hat!


And how about the moment when Rick catches sight of Evie’s new outfit, resulting in him doing a double take and losing all coherent thought? WORDLESS STORYTELLING.

Universal Pictures

And, honestly? Same. That outfit was jaw-dropping!

Universal Pictures

And, honestly? Same. That outfit was jaw-dropping!


Like, The Mummy is just filled with scenes where Rick and Evie share these electrifying and romantic gazes — which say so much, without actually saying anything, you know?

I desperately need someone to gently caress my chin like Rick does for Evie.


Or how about a little later on in the movie when Rick gives Evie some archaeological tools as a gift? He’s so awkward — he stumbles, he fidgets, he blushes! He basically drops all his bravado because he’s nervous about what Evie will think, which is just super adorable!!!

And it’s even funnier that he 100% stole it from those pesky Americans!


And don’t even get me started on their BANTER! Unmatched. Iconic. The stuff of dreams.


Seriously, even before they officially got together, they were already acting and arguing like an old, married couple.

“Toss me!” — Gimli, but also Evie, probably.


It’s gloriously adorable to see Rick slowly let down his guard to let Evie in, as he embraces her wit, her intelligence, and everything about her as a person without ever once putting her down. Like, he understands that she’s an ASSET!


And, even though the treasure was lost at the end, Rick realized that he found something a lot more precious along the way — his queen, the librarian.

Jonathan saying they're going home empty-handed; Rick disagrees and looks at Evie before kissing her

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And y’all…that’s just the FIRST film! In the sequel, The Mummy Returns, Rick and Evie are an even more solid team, combining their brawn and brains to, once again, battle Imhotep.

Rick and Evie exploring an underground tomb

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They also have a brilliantly smart and adorable kid!


What? Just because they’re parents now, you think they’re going to stop their adorable, hilarious banter? WRONG AGAIN.


While most sequel films involving couples introduce some contrived drama to try and separate them, Rick and Evie only get closer. They’re still MADLY in love, and they constantly prove that they’ve grown together and learned from each other! It’s marvellous!


Heck, there’s even an epic scene where Evie battles Anck-su-namun, and she uses some fight moves she learned from her head-butting hubby! Our shy Evie from the first movie WOULD NEVER.

Universal Pictures


Universal Pictures



And, in the end, they (quite literally) save each other’s lives multiple times. There’s nothing more romantic than someone NOT wanting you to die!

So, once again, here’s to Rick and Evie — who were the original “couple goals” before that term was even a thing!

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And, of course, shoutout to Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz for acting those parts flawlessly. We’re still holding out for another Mummy sequel featuring these two!!!

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