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Maren Morris is speaking out against the pressure “put on mothers to ‘snap back'” after giving birth.

The singer opened up about it on Instagram, in the caption of a photo of herself relaxing at home in her bra and underwear, one year after welcoming her son, Hayes.

“[I’m] never saying ‘trying to get my body back’ again,” Morris wrote. “No one took it, I didn’t lose it like a set of keys.”

“The pressure we put on mothers to ‘snap back’ is insurmountable and deeply troublesome,” she continued. “You are and always were a fucking badass. and yeah, I’m proud.”

In March 2020, the “My Church” singer welcomed her first child, Hayes, with her husband, Ryan.

“The irony is just too rich that after a year of living in the ‘GIRL’ headspace, the universe would give us a baby boy to even things out,” Morris wrote on Instagram in October 2019. “See you in 2020, little one.”

Morris is absolutely right. Postpartum snap back culture needs to end now.

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