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A full pound value pack of all-beef bully sticks you’ll thank yourself for buying because it’s way cheaper than having to replace your chewed-up stuff.

The bag of bully sticks


I had a dachshund who had a habit of chewing up just my underwear, until we gave them these to keep them these instead. Problem solved!

You can expect to find around ten sticks in each bag.

Promising review: “My small dog is a heavy-duty chewer and these are perfect for her. Some will be gone in a day and others last longer. I keep one in her seat in my car, she looks forward to it on our drives. It keeps her occupied and happily gnawing. They are a bit expensive but my baby loves them.” —Jsnake

Price: $49.99


A Marineland 75-gallon fish tank with integrated LED lighting and substantial under-tank storage. Your fish will be happy with all the extra space, and you’ll be pleased at finally having somewhere to put your supplies that isn’t out in the middle of living room.

The aquarium set up with dedicated stand and LED lights


Promising review: “I upgraded from a 55-gallon to this 75-gallon and, boy, this tank is worth every penny. My corydoras are happy, which was the main reason I wanted to buy a bigger tank for them to swim in, plus I plan on increasing my stock very soon. The LED light that comes with the tank is a plus: its not super bright so you won’t get algae blooms, it also has the blue light which mimics the moon light, very beautiful. The stand is good and there’s enough room to keep a 5-gallon bucket and a canister, plus your water conditioner, and food. There’s been no leaks, no issues with silicone in the tank. This is just plain beautiful. For the price you can’t beat it.” —HAlmeda

Price: $499


An orthopedic dog bed reviewers say is an excellent value, so you sleep easier knowing your darling doggo has somewhere comfy to rest that doesn’t irritate their arthritis, breathing issues, or back pain.

The orthopedic dog bed


Promising review: “My senior American staff Akira picked this out at PetSmart; it’s the largest size they had. She is 94 pounds, so we go through a lot of dog beds! This by far is more comfortable for her with her cancer and mobility issues. She had a great night sleep which improved her breathing and helped with mobility and she’s been having peaceful naps! without constantly rearranging herself. Highly recommend for great quality for price and your fur babies will appreciate it.” —Mammagoose0918

Price: $69.99+ (available in two sizes)


A ceramic pet fountain that’s safer and easier to clean than plastic, to keep your flow-loving fur baby well-hydrated and away from your toilets, faucet, and spigots.

A cat drinks from the white fountain


Promising review: “I was dubious about spending so much money on a cat’s water dish. However, it is worth the investment! My two ragdoll cats love the flowing water, and are no longer perched on the edge of my bathroom sink. Where has this been all my life?” —Karen77

Price: $79.95 (originally $99.95)


A Snuggle Puppy with a pulsing heartbeat and simulated body heat to recreate the intimacy of being with the litter to help you puppies’ transition to their new home and you to sleep through the night.

A puppy and their Snuggle Puppy


The complete kit consists of one Snuggle Puppy, three heat packs, one “real feel” heartbeat unit, two AAA batteries, one blanket, a teething aid, a toy, and instructions. The heat pack lasts 24 hours, the heartbeat uses two AAA batteries that last two weeks when run 24/7, and the fabric/stuffed portion is machine washable with the heart and heat pack removed.

Promising review: “As I was bringing an 8-week-old puppy home, I was worried about how he would feel about leaving his littermates and parents. So, I bought the Snuggle Puppy. The puppy never once woke up at night. He slept soundly in his crate. This is an awesome product.” —Jamesy_0918

Price: $69.99


A dome-top enamel-coated birdcage that’s a well-constructed investment in your bird’s future because they pretty much last forever.

The smallest size wire birdcage in black on its own stand with wheels


Promising review: “I love the design and size, the color is very pretty. The setup was easy. It’s a great buy for the price!” —Ayadoria

Price: $349+ (available in four sizes and four colors)


A bask and swim turtle home to help your favorite reptile get the light and UV exposure they need without leaving their habitat.

A turtle in the home with straw and plastic grass


Promising review: “This works really well as an extension to my turtles enclosure! My turtle climbs up a little ramp all the time, and it’s great for them to have fresh air and not have to leave their comfy home.” —Haydeehdieugdjokwjdkj

Price: $99.99


A heated cat house that comes together in a flash with Velcro, has two doors so your kitty doesn’t feel trapped, and will keep your feline warm and dry when they feel like escaping inclement weather.

A cat in the house


It’s made with waterproof 600-denier nylon, which is the same material they use to make suitcases and backpacks.

Promising review: “I should have bought at least two more at this price! We have three igloo-type shelters. Some of the cats do not like them because there is no escape route. This cute cat house has that feature. I removed the plastic doors since the cats sensed there was something obstructing their entry. This cat house is very well made and the heating pad is excellent!” —GoofyLady

Price: $69.99 (originally $149.99)


A weatherproof automatic pet door with programmable sensors to do the work of letting your pups out for you when you want them to go outside. Each side can be set individually, so you can make it so your doggo can only go through one way or not at all. Smart!

A dog uses the door


Promising review: “This is a great piece of technology. It is solid and well-built. The Lexan panel that opens and closes for the dog is actually a quarter-inch thick. I have never seen such a thick, rugged door before. Operation is very reliable. The panel opens quickly in about one second. Even when my dogs approach it at a dead run it is fully open before they reach it. Insulation is air tight and once the panel is down it locks securely. The product seems to have been engineered to anticipate the needs of pets and their owners very well. I especially like the directional sensing system. When my dogs wander by it stays closed but, when they turn and face the unit it opens like magic. The adjustable range is also very useful. This is because they are more likely to be running towards the unit from the outside. At night, I turn off the inside sensor and when the boys come in they can’t go out again. This actually frees me from having to call them in at bedtime. I have read many of the other comments here and what many seem to have in common is the remark that pets love the door. This couldn’t be more true in my case. I have two hunting dogs who really get a kick out of using the product. They really seem to enjoy the empowerment it gives them. Overall it is a very well built, reliable and useful product that has improved the quality of life of my dogs. I feel I got my money’s worth and I’m happy to have purchased this item from PetSmart.” —Bravedave

Price: $349.99 (originally $419.99, available in two sizes)


A car seat cover that’ll reduce the pet hair you have to vacuum out of the seats by up to 95%.

A chocolate lab sits on a blue car seat cover


Promising review: “So easy to set up in two steps. It’s not slippery so my doggy is safe. It’s the best thing for me since my dog sheds a lot so my car is always a mess. With this cover the mess reduced to 5% of the hair left in back seat, compared to how it was before. I️ love it and highly recommend it!” —CcRr

Price: $62.95


A flea collar to kill mites and their larvae without having to upset your poor kitty (and yourself!) with burning shampoos and topical treatments.

The flea collar


Promising review: “I purchased this after fighting the flea battle and losing for months. I had tried just about everything else including weekly flea shampoo baths, the topical monthly treatments, and other flea collars. It is a bit pricey, but I finally found something that works and so to me it is worth the investment! I put the Seresto collar and the next day I searched my cat for fleas and only found a few dead ones. She has really thick, dense, long fur and was covered in fleas before. It has been about a week and so far I haven’t seen a single live flea on her. She has been so much more loving and relaxed since the treatment. I have a happy kitty! I would highly recommend this product!” —Amyec22

Price: $59.98 (originally $72.25)


A waterproof 7,500-Kelvin LED light for smaller aquariums that’ll make you feel extra smug about how vibrant and healthy your aquatic plants have gotten.

The lamp in its box


Promising review: “I wasn’t sure at first about this light. Once I figured out how to use the app to adjust the light and create a custom program, I was sold. The light is very sleek-looking and it puts out beautiful light.” —Jean09

Price: $86.99


An automated feeder you can program for up to six daily mealtimes, with a gamma seal to keep food fresher longer, and the ability to unjam itself. Reviewers also compliment the design for resisting any dastardly pets who try to liberate a snack for themselves when you’re not around.

The black plastic pet feeder full of brown kibble


Promising review: “One of my cats is extremely food-motivated and broke the last feeder hitting it against the wall to coax extra food out. I chose this feeder because of the dispensing mechanism and the automatic door that closes in front of the chute when not dispensing, as well as being lower to the ground so my cats can’t move it. So far, I’m very impressed with this purchase and recommend this feeder to other cat owners who have motivated cats who like to beat up other automatic feeders to get extra food.” —Minneapoliscatmom

Price: $79.95 (originally $119.99)


An above-the-ground waterfall pond filter with a relaxing sound reviewers love, which you can clean without getting all wet.

The black plastic filter


Promising review: “Clears and maintains a 1,000-gallon pond quickly and cleanly. It makes outstanding waterfall effects and sounds. You will love the convenience of above-ground filter cleaning with the beautiful looks and sounds of the waterfall. Enjoy!” —Sharkiesm

Price: $85.88 (originally $114.99)


A portable Bissell spot cleaner for carpets, rugs, and upholstery reviewers say is even better than professional equipment to fully remove stubborn pet stains with just one treatment.

The cleaner in its box


Promising review: “My dogs ate a box of Pop Tarts so I ended up with purple puke stains on my carpet. We used this and it really helped. We also used it on a stain that had been in the carpet since before we moved in and it’s gone. Even the professionals couldn’t get it out!” —Crafteeltems

Price: $129.99


A roomy pet stroller for you and your mobility-challenged four-legged friend to enjoy the outdoors together again. It closes without zippers so to get your darling doggo or cunning cat in and out with ease.

A model pushes the green stroller on a gravel path


It’s easy to open and you can close with just one hand. It’s made of water resistant 60-denier fabric, comes with it’s own pump, and has convenient places to put your keys, water-bottle, phone, and some extra poop bags (just in case).

Promising review: “Our Bailey is an older beagle who tore her ACL and dislocated her rear right knee. We needed to be able to take her everywhere she used to go. This stroller fits the tall order! This jogger opens easily and is long and wide enough for her stretch out comfortably. The wheels are inflatable rubber and very sturdy. There is an air pump should the tires get low, but they were perfect when received. This stroller is ideal for everyday use. There is a tray with two cup holders and room for a snack for our lucky hound!” —BglMom

Price: $216.99 (originally $274.99; available in three colors)


A self-cleaning litterbox so you can leave gathering up your cat’s poops to a machine then just fold up the disposable litter tray and put it in the trash. Easy and less gross? Sign me up!

A cat in the litter box


Promising review: “We have two cats and one refuses to use the same litter box as the other and decided that to punish us by urinating and pooping on my bathroom’s carpeted. I bought this liter box and set it next to the covered box. They both share THIS box! In fact, they hang out just to watch the rake do its thing. As long as PetSmart continues to sell the replacement trays, we will be keeping this litter box and pack away the others.” —Raines815

Price: $139.99


A plastic doghouse that snaps together and is made of easy-to-clean and chew-proof plastic, because it’s important for dogs to have someplace to get out of direct sunlight to stay safe and comfortable in the warmer months.

The doghouse shaped like an igloo


Promising review: “My dogs always ask to go outside at night even if it’s cold outside. They go right to the igloo and crawl in and sleep all night. I have three beds in there and they all sleep comfortably. Since it’s plastic there’s no upkeep and easy to wash. Recommended.” —JohnPC

Price: $101.85+ (originally $129.99+, available in three sizes)


A fogger shaped like a tree stump that’ll give your reptile the humidity they need to stay hydrated, with just the push of a button.

The fogger in a tank dispensing fog


Promising review: “I use the mist and it couldn’t be a better environment for the little creature and the moss. It becomes so moist like in a rainforest! I love how you can keep it on as long as you want. All you have to do is plug it in and it will keep going. I highly strongly recommend this product, especially if you have a huge tank, because it will be so beautiful to have the log in.” —Katy1678

Price: $49.99


A set of pet cameras with two-way voice communication and a dedicated app, to keep a reassuring eye on your fur baby when you’re out of the house. Now you can try to tell them to stop chewing up the couch in real time, from anywhere with WiFi or cell service.


Unfortunately, the camera can’t make your pet any more responsive to your commands. (Sorry about the sofa!)

Promising review: “Highly recommend this cameras. Setting them up on my phone was really easy. The quality of the recording and voice is amazing for the price. I get to talk to my dog while I’m at work and keep an eye on him. My significant other and I both got it set up on our phone. Amazing product!” —Cass31

Price: $49.99


Unfortunately, the camera can’t make your pet any more responsive to your commands. (Sorry about the sofa!)

Promising review: “Highly recommend this cameras. Setting them up on my phone was really easy. The quality of the recording and voice is amazing for the price. I get to talk to my dog while I’m at work and keep an eye on him. My significant other and I both got it set up on our phone. Amazing product!” —Cass31

Price: $49.99


A small animal cage that’s nice and roomy and totally chew-proof so your small companion doesn’t pull a Hamtaro and have an adventure outside.

The white metal cage and green bottom


Promising review: “I’ve had this cage for two years and it’s still all one piece. I’ve had a guinea pig in it and currently there are two parakeets in there who have plenty of room to fly.” —Animallover030

Price: $55.99 (originally $89.99)


A bucket of reef salt to add calcium, vitamins, and minerals to your reef aquarium. Reviewers already rave about what a bargain it is, and right now it’s on sale for 50% off.

A bucket of the reef salt


Each bucket can treat up to 160 gallons.

Promising review: “For the cheap price and value you can’t go wrong with using this reef salt.” —Zakkstone

Price: $45.99 (originally $115.90)


A pet nail grinder that’ll finally give your mutt a manicure they won’t mind. It’s remarkably gentle, very well-tolerated even by skittish pets, and is a heck of a lot easier than trying to use a manual nail cutter or take your companion to the groomer.

The nail cutter with all of its parts


It has two speeds, a rechargeable lithium battery you can use while corded or wirelessly, two grinding stones, and a three-hour runtime.

Promising review: “I had never been able to do my dogs nails until I got these. They are easy to use and my little buddy doesn’t mind them at all. There’s never been a better way to do my buddy’s nails. These are awesome!” —Peyton P

Price: $52.62


A kitty mansion with every conceivable climbing and resting spot to accommodate a wide range of feline playtime preferences. Reviewers praise it for being sturdy and attractive to their cats right out of the box.

The kitty mansion


Promising review: “I have two cats. This is great for both! My older cat loves to get up on the top or lay in the small hammock on the side. This makes him feel safe from the new baby and gives him a fun place to play. My little one can easily climb the ladder and get to the second platform. She likes going through the hole to the hammock below and lounging in it. She can also safely jump from the second platform without it being so high that I’m afraid she’ll get hurt. Great product for a great price. I love it and so do my kitties!” —Kittylovers

Price: $99.99 (originally $125.99; available in two colors)


And a set of pet steps so your fur baby can get on and off high furniture like the couch or your bed without risking injury to themselves.

A small dog uses the brown and tan steps


Promising review: “I bought these stairs today for my two basset hounds so that getting on and off the bed would be easier on their hips and legs. These steps are great! They were easy to put together and are very sturdy! My 50-pound and 36-pound basset can easily get up them without them moving or wobbling. I would recommend these!” —Cheyrocker12

Price: $69.99

Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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