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What’s next for the MCU? If you think Marvel is running out of steam, you’re crazy. Half of the Avengers that populated the comics in the ’80s and ’90s haven’t even been introduced yet (or are just making their appearance).

Thanos snaps half the universe away

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There are also hundreds of stories that Marvel head Kevin Feige can dig into to inspire the future of the MCU. I’m ready to see villains like Doctor Doom, Magneto, and Kang the Conquerer make their debuts.


“But I’ve never read a Marvel comic and I have no idea where things are headed!” That’s okay, imaginary internet voice I talk to sometimes — we’ve got your back!


“But I’ve never read a Marvel comic and I have no idea where things are headed!” That’s okay, imaginary internet voice I talk to sometimes — we’ve got your back!

There’s quite a lot to dig through, but we’ve compiled a list of the top ten Marvel stories we want to see in the MCU that have a good chance of appearing in the next decade.

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Of course, we expect the X-Men and Fantastic Four to touch down, so most of these stories involve them.

Now sit back and soak in some Marvel comics knowledge.


Secret Wars

Secret Wars is such a classic Marvel cross-over story. There have been sequel and remake comics, but the original is the best. A god-like being called The Beyonder takes a bunch of Earth’s heroes and villains and pits them against each other in a massive fight on a planet called Battleworld. Still with me? Good.

This storyline is where Spider-Man finds his black suit aka the Venom symbiote. The Beyonder seems like too far out an idea for the MCU right now, but after the X-Men appear, anything is possible.


Secret Invasion

This storyline is already confirmed to be appearing in the MCU. Nick Fury, played by good ol’ Samuel L. Jackson, will be getting his own Disney+ series called Secret Invasion. In the comics, the story occurs after the Kree-Skrull War. After the war ends, a group called the Illuminati (Professor X, Namor, Black Bolt, Reed Richards, Iron Man, and Doctor Strange) get together to attack and warn the Skrulls to never use Earth in their battles again. Instead, they are kidnapped and experimented on until they finally escape.

Long story short, the Skrulls use what they learn by experimenting on the Illuminati to infiltrate Earth and mimic the heroes. They end up replacing several prominent heroes, such as Spider-Woman, Hawkeye, Elektra, and Captain Marvel (a different one). It’s yet to be seen how far the Disney+ show will incorporate this storyline. However, I’m sure someone who is “dead” (like Black Widow maybe) isn’t really dead… Who could the Skrulls be?!


Avengers Vs X-Men

The original “Avengers Vs X-Men” storyline dropped in the late 80s, but they remade it in 2012 as well. In the OG version, Magneto is getting arrested for war crimes, and the X-Men stand in to defend him. The Avengers get involved, and it’s ugly. In The remake, the Phoenix Force is returning to Earth, and everyone believes it’s headed for Hope Summers (more on her later). The X-Men and the Avengers fight over how to handle the situation.

The MCU can go either route with their adaptation, however, the X-Men need to be involved first. I suspect that Kevin Feige won’t just jump-start the X-Men, but instead do some origin stories first. Maybe a Wolverine show? Or perhaps a Professor X Disney+ series? Once the X-Men are introduced, though, expect an immediate set up for a clash.


House Of M

The “House of M” storyline was kind of adapted in WandaVision, but so loosely that there is plenty of room for more. In this fan-favorite storyline, Wanda becomes frustrated with all the fighting on Earth between mutants, superheroes, and humans. So, she warps all of reality and turns the world into mutants. It ends the problem of mutant discrimination, and her father, Magneto, becomes the ruler. That’s where the title “House of M” comes from.

Wolverine has to mess things up though, as he and other heroes start to remember reality and snap out of Wanda’s mind-control. They confront Wanda, cause a big fight, to which she decides, “no more mutants.” Essentially, Wanda wipes out 99% of the mutant race and causes a domino effect that sets up many storylines. I suspect that WandaVision is not the last time we see Wanda make her own reality. I also feel like she will be connected to the rise of mutants somehow as well.


Young Avengers

The Young Avengers are coming, we just don’t know how soon they’ll get together. Disney+ is setting up this young group of heroes very nicely. We know Kate Bishop (or a version of her character) will appear in the Hawkeye series. Both Patriot and the new Falcon have already appeared in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. Speed and Wiccan were in WandaVision. And the MCU will be introducing Ms. Marvel and IronHeart. That’s more than enough characters to make an MCU version of the Young Avengers.

In the comics, the Young Avengers are formed after their adult counterparts disband. A complicated story involving Kang the Conquer forms the base of their inception, but I won’t get into all that. I will get into how Jonathan Majors will be playing Kang in the Ant-Man threequel. I expect to see the Young Avengers debuting very soon.


Kang Dynasty

Jonathan Majors is blowing up fast. His ascension to superstardom has landed him the role of Kang in Ant-Man Quantumania. Kang is a pretty big Marvel villain, so we can’t imagine him being relegated to only one movie. However, Ultron is a classic Avengers villain and they did him dirty with one movie. But that’s another story.

Kang is a time-traveling villain with various versions of himself across the multiverse. There are several amazing Kang stories, but the most popular is “Kang Dynasty.” In this story, the titular villain destroys and kills everyone in Washington DC and gives the Avengers all types of trouble. I suspect his time-traveling and monitoring habits will bring him into the MCU. After the heroes played with time so heavily, they must have gotten this super villain’s attention.


Civil War II

After the first Civil War, you would think the heroes learned their lesson. NOPE. An Inhuman with the ability to see the future helps the Avengers stop an invasion, and the group starts to debate about using him to preemptively stop crimes. Iron Man is against arresting or attacking people before they commit a crime, even if you can see it clearly in the future. However, Captain Marvel stands against him.

The story has its ups and downs, with some major deaths right in the beginning. However, I can’t imagine the MCU going for a second Civil War so soon. They have plenty of other stories to tell first. However, they will inevitably give us a much larger Civil War battle sometime in the future.


The Kree-Skrull War

The Kree-Skrull War has already been touched on in the MCU, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. In Captain Marvel, we were introduced to the Skrulls as first the villains, then as refugees of war. Oftentimes in war, there are good people on both sides engaged in a struggle orchestrated by higher powers. We also met the Kree a few times, in both Guardians of the Galaxy and Captain Marvel. The Kree-Skrull war is epic in the comics, and leads to some of the best fallout stories in modern Marvel lore.

Although the Skrulls were painted as good guys in Captain Marvel, I don’t think it’ll stay that way forever. Nick Fury’s show Secret Invasion will most likely end up being a super cross-over event almost like an Avengers 5, and the Skrulls are set to be a big part of it.


Under Seige

Baron Zemo has been introduced in the MCU, and he is now back in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. His presence has encouraged many fans to speculate that the popular “Under Seige” story from the comics is on the way.

In this story, Baron Zemo builds a team called the Masters of Evil (real original) to defeat the Avengers. Zemo simply reasons that if all the villains band together, the Avengers couldn’t stop all of them. And he was kinda right. There are enough B-list villains running around in the MCU (from Vulture, to the Abomination, to Karl Mordo, to Shocker, and more) to form a live-action version of the Masters of Evil.


Messiah Complex

I told you it would come back to Hope Summers. After the events of “House of M,” mutants are almost extinct. That is until Hope is born. She is the first mutant birth after Scarlet Witch wiped almost all of them out. Hope is chased relentlessly, so Cable takes her into the future and protects her until she grows up.

When Hope gets grown, she and Cable are forced back into the present where they battle insane Sentinels, religious zealots, and an enraged Bishop. I can see the MCU using a time-hopping adventure to introduce the X-Men, and there are few time jumping stories better than this one in the source material. Plus, Cable is in Deadpool, which is now a Disney title as well. Cable’s entire motivation in the Deadpool sequel was to protect his daughter Hope from a grim future. This can all be tied back to the MCU and the multiverse at any moment.

Which famous Marvel comic stories would you love to see in the MCU?

Let us know below!

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