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Book of the Month presents them with five awesome reads each month! They’ll get the option to pick one of them (or more if they’d like!), then just read, review, and repeat!

various books

@bookofthemonth / Via instagram.com

What they’ll get: One book (or more) of their choice each month. They’re given the option to pick a new book each month or skip a month (because they understand they may very well need more than a month to get through a book or might not like a certain month’s book options!), and they can cancel at any time if they decide this isn’t the subscription for them.

Get it from Book of the Month: $14.99/month


House Plant Box delivers houseplants, succulents, or air plants right to their door — it’ll be a lovely surprise to find out what they get each month, and will surely make their heart blossom.

assortment of potted plants


What they’ll get: Each month, they’ll receive a custom-crafted selection of lovely houseplants as well as other great surprises such as plant fertilizer, planters, and display stands.

Get it from Cratejoy: $15/month


Birchbox is for anyone who’s obsessed with all things beauty and is always ready to try out some new products.

assortment of beauty products

@birchbox / Via instagram.com

What they’ll get: Each month, they’ll get a box of five beauty samples filled with all all types of skincare, hair, and style products. You can also create a profile so they know what to send them.

Get it from Birchbox: starting at $13/month


Dia & Co, a plus-size styling service, connects users with a personal stylist who works to curate a selection of clothes and accessories that they will love. They can buy what they like, and send back what they don’t.

various accessories and plus size clothing items

@diaandco / Via instagram.com

What they’ll get: They’ll instantly be connected with one of Dia’s personal stylists who will select items for them based on their style and fit choices. You can select how often you’d like for them to receive a box, and when their box comes, they’ll have five days to try on the pieces, keep what they like, and send back what they don’t want. They’ll charge for the items they decide to keep. And guess what? Shipping is free!

Get it from Dia: $20 for the personal style fee for each box, plus whatever pieces they decide not to send back. P.S. — if they choose to keep one or more of the items in their box, the $20 styling fee will be waived


Vices gives them a quality mix of luxury foods, wine, toys, tools, spirits, and more from luxe brands that make the perfect gift for any time of the year, honestly. So if they really like it for Mother’s Day, keep it in mind for their birthday and the rest of the holidays, too!

cans of loa colombe lattes, a coffee maker, a bottle of liquor, and more

@robbvices / Via instagram.com

What they’ll get: An assortment of hand-curated products from luxury brands (like Breville and Equinox) that includes food, wine, spirits, coffee, toys, gadgets, and more. Choose between getting a month-to-month subscription, three boxes in three months, six boxes in 12 months, or 12 boxes in 12 months.

Get it from Vices: starting at $99.95/month


Rosetta Stone provides an immersive learning experience for those who are interested in learning a new language. Rather than flipping through a bunch of flashcards, they’ll be given the content and tools to help motivate and set them up for successful interactions.

a phone with a rosetta stone lesson pulled up on it

@rosettastone / Via instagram.com

What they’ll get: They’ll get to learn a new language by going through an immersive experience crafted by real linguists rather than crowd-sourced flashcards. They’ll also have access to a suite of helpful tools that’ll set them up to succeed in real world conversations.

Get it from Rosetta Stone: starting at $35.97 due at sign-up and $11.99/month for one language, or $119.88 due at sign-up and $9.99/month for unlimited languages (there are 25 languages available)


Yes Plz Coffee delivers fresh beans to their doorstep every week. It’s the perfect way to ensure they’ll always brew a cup of something delicious, without ever getting bored.

a bag of coffee beans

@yesplzdotcoffee / Via instagram.com

What they’ll get: Depending on which plan you choose, they’ll get a delivery every week, every two weeks, every three weeks, or every month. You can opt for a bag that brews between 15–20 cups, or a bag that brews between 18–25 cups. Blends include ones like their Dynamic Duo — it contains notes of chocolate, marzipan, and ripe fruit.

Get it from Yes Plz Coffee: starting at $17/shipment


Jersey Shore Cosmetics sends all-natural, organic balms to their home each month that’ll leave their lips feeling soft, smooth, and smelling super yummy.

Lip balms from the Jersey Shore Cosmetics box

Jersey Shore Cosmetics / Cratejoy

What they’ll get: Depending on which subscription you choose for them, they’ll either receive two or four balms from this fabulous Black-owned company at their doorstep each month. Each balm has a value of $10-$22 and they’re all-natural, organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, cruelty-free, and plant-based.

Get it from Cratejoy: starting at $4.58/month


Coffee and a Classic enhances their reading experience with the help of a yummy hot beverage, snacks, a high-quality photo box, and other fun knickknacks.

a great gatsby themed box featuring a mug with an f. scott fitzgerald quote, a bottle of champagne jelly beans, and more goodies


What they’ll get: Each box will come with a novel in the genre you pick for them (classic literature, children’s classics, or classic non-fiction), a drink of choice to sip on (coffee, tea, or hot chocolate), two book-inspired items, and a bookmark. If you choose the standard box, they’ll also get a snack and a mug. Everything comes packaged in a high-quality photo box! P.S. — If you don’t want to subscribe, you can just buy them one of their past boxes on Etsy!

Get it from Cratejoy: $39.89/month


Laurel & Reed sends them full-sized and all-natural luxury beauty and skincare products that will leave them feeling pampered.

assortment of clean beauty products

@laurelandreed / Via instagram.com

What they’ll get: Each month, they’ll receive a box of three or more full-sized, luxury-curated, cruelty-free, and nontoxic beauty products with a total retail value of $100+. All boxes come gift-wrapped!

Get it from Cratejoy: $43.95/month


BloomsyBox delivers beautiful, fresh flower bouquets right to their doorstep — because you can never go wrong with flowers on Mother’s Day.

person holding bouquet of flowers

Cratejoy / Via Instagram: @Bloomsybox

What they’ll get: A beautiful, single variety bouquet of fresh flowers from sustainable farms around the globe each month.

Get it from BloomsyBox: starting at $43.99/month


SnackSack sends them a mouthwatering array of nutritious treats, that way they never get bored of eating the same snacks over and over again.

various snacks like trail mix, a breakfast bar, coconut chips, and more

@eatsnacksack / Via instagram.com

What they’ll get: An assortment of 11—15 yummy snacks based on seasonal themes and flavors. You can choose to get them a classic box, a vegan box, or a gluten-free box.

Get it from Cratejoy: $24/month


Simplicity Teas delivers delicious and organic loose-leaf teas, perfect for days when they just want to snuggle up with a warm drink.

various teas


What they’ll get: If you choose the mini box, they’ll get two teas a month, and if you choose a regular box, they’ll get three to four teas a month. All teas are organic and come with brewing and tasting instructions, and their first box will come with a unique, reusable loose leaf tea infuser.

Get it from Cratejoy: starting at $9/month


Wickbox sends them a luxury candle each month in a beautiful, re-usable container. The scents are selected to match their preferences and to compliment the current season.

a candle


What they’ll get: If you choose the medium box, they will get one surprise medium luxury candle with a burn time of 30—60 hours, and if you choose the large box, they will get one surprise large luxury candle with a burn of time 60—100 hours. Each month features a different, on-trend candle container to compliment the current season and to match scent preferences. Plus, it can be repurposed as a vase or a pretty storage container after their candle finishes burning.

Get it from Cratejoy: starting at $26.95/month


Candy Club gives the person with a major sweet tooth access to new, delicious candies each month. Whether they prefer super sweet or more sour treats, there is bound to be a candy in their box that will become an instant favorite.

assorted cups of candy

@lovecandyclub / Via instagram.com

What they’ll get: Either mostly sweet or mostly sour candies. A mostly sweet box would be cocoa almond toffee clusters, dark chocolate mini-mels, power flowers, red velvet bites, strawberry bears, and vanilla taffy, while a mostly sour box would be banana berry bears, gimme s’mores, gummy butterflies, peach hearts, sour strawberries, and wild cherry belts.

Get it from Candy Club: starting at $29.99/month


Le Tote transforms any wardrobe into a high-end designer closet. Just know that now, they will definitely be better-dressed than you. Unless of course, you make the smart decision by subscribing for yourself, too.

accessories and various clothing items

@letote / Via instagram.com

What they’ll get: Either one or two totes a month with a few clothing and accessory pieces per tote. They can wear them for as long as they’d like and choose to either buy them for up to 50% off if they love their items, or return them! They offer no accessory plans which allows them to choose between four, five, eight, and 10 clothing item boxes, and accessory plans which allows them to choose between three clothing/two accessory, five clothing/three accessory, seven clothing/three accessory, and 10 clothing/five accessory boxes!

Get it from Le Tote: starting at $59/month plus the cost of any clothes you choose to keep


Match Made Coffee delivers gourmet cookie and coffee pairings so delectable, it’s gonna be hard to resist subscribing to this for yourself while you’re at check-out. (Doooo it, subscribe to it, you know you want to!)

person dipping cookie into mug of coffee


What they’ll get: Each box will come with two craft coffees (ground beans), and two gourmet cookies designed to pair perfectly with the coffee. A pairing guide is included in each box!

Get it from Cratejoy: $19.95/month


Love Goodly will deliver all-natural products to their doorstep all while supporting some truly amazing causes.

various natural beauty products


What they’ll get: An assortment of non-toxic and vegan beauty and wellness products bi-monthly, and with each purchase, they donate to causes like Farm Sanctuary, Beagle Freedom Project, and Cure Cervical Cancer.

Get it from Cratejoy: starting at $34.95/two months


Paletteful Packs sends hand-picked art supplies monthly, so no matter their skill level, they can look forward to unleashing their creativity.

The exterior of the Paletteful Packs boxes along with supplies like paint  and a mixed media book

Paletteful Packs / Cratejoy

What they’ll get: Choose between three different subscriptions. The young artist is designed for ages 8 and up and includes about four items per box, the petite pack includes four or more supplies per box, while the premier pack comes with five or more supplies per box. Supplies may include pens, pencils, sketch pads, oil paints, tool sets, and more!

Get it from Cratejoy: starting at $22.95/month.


Piquant Post for the person who truly understands that variety is the ~spice~ of life… and also cooking.

various bags of spices

@piquantpost / Via instagram.com

What they’ll get: An assortment of four spice blends from a single region or country each month, plus chef-developed recipes. They’ll also get online access to more recipes, ingredient substitutes, and alternative uses for her spices.

Get it from Piquant Post: starting at $9.99/month


UnboxBoardom sends them a new game with each box (they’ll receive either a family game, a strategy game, or a party game every month, every two months, or every three months). You choose how often you’d like their games to come, and all they have to do is have fun playing them!

A board game

Cratejoy / UnboxBoardom

What they’ll get: Depending on which subscription you choose for them, they’ll receive one new game delivered to their door either every month, every two months, or every three months. Games range from family games to strategy games to party games. Plus, for every 10 new subscribers UnboxBoardom gets, they will donate a game to kids who can’t afford their own!

Get it from Cratejoy: starting at $29.99/month.


Explore Local Box focuses on a different US city in each box with artisan goods from small businesses in that city, which means subscribing helps to support awesome small businesses. It’s like gifting them a road trip, minus spending money on gas — a win/win situation.

An assortment of goods from Rhode Island including granola, a candle, and coffee syrup

Cratejoy / Explore Local Box

What they’ll get: Each month, they’ll receive a box that gives them the opportunity to explore a new US city through premium, locally-made, artisan products and foods from small businesses in that city. Plus, each box contains fun facts and a watercolor map for each city, and each subscription helps to support small businesses.

Get it from Cratejoy: $39/month


Shaker & Spoon sends them everything they need to whip up some of the best-tasting cocktails they’ve ever sipped on — all they’ll need to supplement is their own liquor! BUT, if alcohol isn’t their thing, they can also create some mocktails using just the syrups, mixers, and garnishes.

box of cocktail ingredients


What they’ll get: Three unique recipes a month created by top-notch bartenders and everything needed to make four drinks per recipe other than the liquor: syrups, bitters, mixers, garnishes, and more, as well as easy-to-follow instructions.

Get it from Cratejoy: $40/month


Vinyl Moon gives them the chance to discover up-and-coming musicians in a super cool, old-school fashion — with a pretty and high-quality vinyl record.

A person playing a vinyl record

Vinyl Moon / Cratejoy

What they’ll get: A beautiful vinyl containing a mix of 10 up-and-coming musicians in a record jacket custom-designed with deluxe features by visual artists. Subscribers will also receive member discounts and free shipping from their store.

Get it from Cratejoy: starting at $23/box


Wine of the Month Club delivers two bottles of vintage wine each month, which any vino-lover will be excited to open their door to.

two bottles of wine

Facebook: WineoftheMonthClub

What they’ll get: Two bottles of vintage wine a month — choose between one red and one white, or two reds, or two whites.

Get it from Wine of the Month Club: starting at $38/shipment


Leither Collection provides everything they’ll need to make beautiful crochet projects featuring an exclusive new pattern each month.

hand dyed yarn and a crochet hook


What they’ll get: Each box contains a crochet hook, hand-dyed yarn, a new pattern each month, and stitch makers!

Get it from Cratejoy: starting at $21.08/month


Mother Snacker encourages them to unwind and take a break with a fabulous assortment of sweet treats, relaxation products, and uplifting sentiments.

box filled with items like a sleep mask, a candle, potato chips, toffee, and more


What they’ll get: A mix of five to seven products that’ll encourage them to take a moment for themselves, such as artisanal treats and unique everyday essentials.

Get it from Cratejoy: $52/month


Wicked Good Perfume delivers a new perfume roller each month along with two or three more wonderfully scented surprises such as lotions, balms, incense, home products, and more!

miniature perfume sprays and a roller


What they’ll get: Each box contains a perfume roller and two or three other surprises like home products, and skincare/haircare products with a different limited edition scent to fit the season, delivered right to their door.

Get it from Cratejoy: starting at $13.25/month


Marshmallow of the Month Club sends them a mouthwatering assortment of marshmallows, homemade graham crackers, and a chocolate surprise that’ll leave them wanting s’more and more every month.

assortment of chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers, as well as a hot chocolate packet

Marshmallow of the Month Club / Cratejoy

What they’ll get: Each box from this awesome Black-owned company contains a yummy assortment of half a dozen bite-sized marshmallows made with all-natural ingredients and colors, as well as homemade graham crackers and chocolate.

Get it from Cratejoy: $20/month.


Bath Bevy brings them an array of items each month that’ll make bath time super relaxing.

The box filled with bath products

Bath Bevy / Cratejoy

What they’ll get: Each box features six to 10 items like bath bombs, bubble bars, bath salts, body scrubs, handmade soaps, and more from a variety of small indie bath and body companies. Plus, each month has a thoughtfully curated theme!

Get it from Cratejoy: starting at $34.95/month.


HopeBox sends them a perfectly curated care package each month filled with things like skincare, books, jewelry, snacks, and more!

box filled with products like chocolate chip cookies, a card, a book, and more


What they’ll get: Depending on which subscription you choose for them, they’ll receive either 6+, 10+, or 15+ quality treasures such as books, aromatherapy, jewelry, candles, snuggle buddies, organic soaks, scrubs, masks, and more, as well as a personal message. Each self-care product is full-sized, vegan, and cruelty-free!

Get it from Cratejoy: $50.99/month


Jessies-Nutty-Cups sends them handcrafted peanut butter cups in a variety of mouthwatering flavors each month, because there is no denying that anything made with peanut butter means instant deliciousness.

assortment of peanut butter cup flavors


What they’ll get: Depending on which subscription you choose, they’ll get either 8 or 15 cups each month in a variety of yummy flavors like dark sea salt, peanut butter and jelly, Oreo, and one special cup of the month!

Get it from Cratejoy: starting at $16/month


FaceTory brings them amazing face masks each month to treat their skin in the best way possible.

An assortment of six face masks


What they’ll get: Depending on which subscription you choose for them, they’ll get either four or seven essential fabric face masks each month that are good for all skin types, and have been curated and tested by the FaceTory team. You can also opt to get them the K-Glow subscription box which includes three full-sized skincare products, three sheet masks, and one speciality item! They’ll also get tips to make the most out of using these amazing masks!

Get it from Amazon: starting at $11.90/box


Gusto di Roma sends their tastebuds on a fine Italian culinary journey thanks to their box of gourmet goodies like fruit jam, biscotti, grilled veggies in extra virgin olive oil, and so much more!

box filled with items like olives, panettone, and more

Gusto di Roma / Cratejoy

What they’ll get: Each box comes with five to six gourmet Italian goods like salami, biscotti, olives in sea salt brine, grilled vegetables in extra virgin olive oil, fruit jam, and pistachio cream and chocolate bars with cinnamon. They’ll also get a detailed insert outlining what’s in their box and suggested arrangements and pairings!

Get it from Cratejoy: $84.99/monthly, bi-monthly, or tri-monthly

When you realize that subscription boxes are essentially just pre-packaged gift boxes that require minimal effort on your end!


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