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It’s the end of a TV era — after 11 wild, emotional, and iconic seasons, Shameless just came to an end, and it finished with a pretty open-ended finale.

Frank saying, "We're not doing this telling you what happened on 'Shameless' last week anymore"


So, here’s what happened to all of the Gallaghers, Kevin and Veronica, and more.

🚨Obviously MASSIVE spoilers ahead for the final season! 🚨


Lip Gallagher

Lip saying that everyone is making him make big decisions and Ian saying, "It's 'cause you're the closest thing to a dad we ever had"


Throughout the final season, Lip was going through it as usual. Not only did he lose his job at the motorcycle repair shop, but despite fixing up the perfect house for him, Tami, and their son, Fred, they end up getting kicked out after the landlord sells it. So, Lip spends the final few episodes of Shameless trying to sell the Gallagher family home. However, after putting a lot of work into it, he plays hardball on an offer with a developer, and they don’t want the house anymore. The series ends before we know if Lip is going to accept a lower offer on the house, but Ian assures him that he’ll make the right decision no matter what.


Ian Gallagher

Mickey saying, "I'd be a shitty dad, man" and Ian hugging him and saying, "Come here. Come on. You're gonna be a great dead"


In the penultimate episodes, Ian and Mickey decided to move out of the Gallagher’s home and they found their own apartment, except it’s not on the South Side. So, during the series finale, Ian and Mickey are looking for new furniture, and Ian announces that he wants to have a baby someday. Mickey is hesitant and it leads to a really sweet moment where Ian assures Mickey that he will make a great father someday.


Mickey Milkovich

Mickey smiling at Ian and Ian saying, "I love this man" before kissing Mickey


Alongside Ian, Mickey spends the final episode hunting for furniture for the new apartment. At the end of the day, Ian is shocked to realize that Mickey has forgotten their one-year wedding anniversary, and he confronts Mickey about it. In the final moments of the finale, Mickey surprises Ian with a party at the Alibi, and the entire Gallagher family and their friends celebrate Mickey and Ian.


Kevin Ball and Veronica Fisher

Kevin asking V, "Are we selling or not?"


During the final season, Kevin and V made the decision to leave Chicago and move to Louisville, where V’s mother lives. So, in the finale, Kevin and V are trying to sell the beloved Alibi bar. While Kevin wants to make sure the Alibi stays a bar, the real estate agent has other plans and thinks someone will want to completely change it. The series ends with Kevin and V not having accepted an offer for the Alibi and we’re left to assume that they do eventually move to Louisville.


Carl Gallagher

Tipping telling Carl, "You can't let them sell this place. it would make a great cop bar"


If you haven’t watched Shameless in a minute, all you need to know is that Carl joined the Chicago P.D. and he’s loving it. He spends the final season trying to find his place amongst the police department and he becomes friends with fellow cop Arthur Tipping, who is played by Joshua Malina. During the series finale, Carl is working as parking enforcement and doing his best to keep the South Side the same. In the final moments of the episode, Tipping tells Carl that the Alibi would make a great “cop bar,” and he asks Carl if he wants to be partners and buy it from Kevin and V. The episode ends before we know if Tipping and Carl have bought the bar.


Debbie Gallagher


Debbie’s ending is honestly quintessential Debbie. Throughout the last few episodes, Debbie was desperately trying to sabotage Lip’s plan to sell their home, so now that the offer has fallen through, she’s pretty content. During the series finale, Debbie starts a somewhat relationship with Heidi, an ex-con who takes Debbie along on a day filled with smashing car windows, selling stolen vehicles, and more. In the end, Heidi invites Debbie to join her in Texas, and to bring Franny with her. The series ends before we know if Debbie accepts Heidi’s offer.


Liam Gallagher

Liam saying, "No Frank?" and sitting at the bar


After learning about Frank’s alcoholic dementia diagnosis a few episodes ago, Liam is constantly trying to help Frank and make sure he’s okay. Honestly, Liam has always been one of the best Gallaghers. So, during the series finale, Liam decides to search Chicago for Frank, who has left the house after his overdose in the penultimate episode. Liam doesn’t track Frank down and he spends Mickey and Ian’s anniversary celebration at the Alibi waiting for Frank to show up.


Frank Gallagher

Frank saying, "I guess that's it. Not much left to say really...except, time's precious. Don't fuckin' waste it. Have a good time. I sure as hell did"


Alright, so during the final season, Frank was diagnosed with alcohol-related dementia and we watched as he slowly started to forget things. The series finale starts with Frank lying on the couch after his overdose, and the rest of the family decides to just leave him because he’ll eventually wake up. Soon, Frank leaves the house and begins to wander, and he actually walks past a bunch of important places from Fiona’s past, namely a boarded-up Patsy’s Pies and the church where she almost married Sean.

Frank goes into the church and he thinks he’s a young boy again who is late to help set up a church service. The priest calls an ambulance and Frank is rushed to the hospital. While in the ER, Frank keeps mistaking the nurse for Fiona and he tests positive for COVID-19. So, Frank eventually dies from a combination of his alcohol-related dementia and COVID-19.

In the final moments of the episode, we see Frank at the Alibi and hear what he wrote in a note to the entire Gallagher family before his overdose. The series ends with Frank sitting on his stool at the Alibi before floating up to the sky and seeing his family together one last time. The series ends before the rest of the Gallaghers find out about Frank’s death.


Tami Tamietti


After having to move from their home, Tami and Fred are back living with her family until she and Lip find another house. During the series finale, Tami announces to Lip that she might be pregnant again, and they have a conversation about whether or not they can afford to bring another child into their wild life. So, that’s really where Tami’s Shameless journey ends.


Tommy and Kermit

Tommy and Kermit raising their glasses of beer at the bar


The Alibi’s favorite customers that were with us until the very end. During the series finale, Tommy and Kermit are on their usual stools at the Alibi and they’re getting more and more nervous that whoever buys the bar won’t keep it a bar. The series ends with the two of them joining the Gallaghers outside as they watch a car on a fire.


And finally, Fiona Gallagher

Fiona asking Lip, "Take care of them for me, will you? Promise?"


If you loved Shameless during the earlier seasons, you are probably wondering if Emmy Rossum reappeared during the series finale. The answer is no. So, the last time we saw Fiona was during the Season 9 finale when she decided to leave Chicago and start a new life. According to showrunner John Wells, the show was trying to get Emmy to return for the series finale, and she wanted to, but due to strict COVID restrictions, they were unable to make it work.

What did you think of the Shameless series finale? Tell us in the comments below!

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