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Good news, deal-lovers! Sam’s Club is having a sale for all your home decor, WFH, kitchen needs and more. Need a new laptop? They’ve got you covered. Couch looking pretty darn old? They have options aplenty!


So let’s check out some of the ~best of the best~…


An HP touchscreen laptop that will make sending emails feel super high tech. It’s an easy way to upgrade your electronics set up that will make you feel like you’re stepping into the future.

The touchscreen laptop

Sam’s Club

Price: $549 (originally $799)


A three-piece reclining sofa set for the person who loves having a matching living room set and doesn’t want to go hunting for each individual piece. Save time and money with this incredible value on a set of recliners that are as comfortable as they are nice to look at.

The three-piece reclining sofa set in brown around a black coffee table

Sam’s Club

Promising review: “Love it. Sturdy and comfortable!” —HAPPY FINALLY

Price: $1,799 (originally $2,699; available in two colors)


A seven-piece dining set because we could all use a new formal dining set, right? It’s seats have cushy black vinyl padding for extra comfort that also compliments the set’s sleek look.

The seven-piece dining set holding a bowl of fruit

Sam’s Club

Promising review: “Table is very nice sturdy. Love the color. I used power tools to put it together was much easier and gets it done way more quickly when doing it by yourself.” —OSCAR E

Price: $499 (originally $599)


A two-piece hard side luggage set so you’ll never run out of packing space. It will make upcoming travel plans feel way more orderly and if you’re a light traveler you can gift one to your travel buddy.

The two-piece luggage set in crystal grey

Sam’s Club

Promising review: “Great quality project!!! Love both sizes. Packs easy and one can manage and organize to their liking.” —PF CHANGS

Price: $129.98 (originally $159.98; available in four colors)


A pair of wireless earbuds that knock expensive headphones out of the water. They have incredible sound quality that will make paying for their $200 counterpart feel silly.

The set of wireless earbuds in black

Sam’s Club

Promising review: “They were priced right, and the quality seems close to the Apple Earbuds which sell for $169 a set.” —Bevobob

Price: $29.88 for two (originally $49.88)


A concert speaker with Bluetooth for those who are looking to have their own personal party. It’s great for social gatherings, when those are possible, but can also simply be used to amplify your favorite tunes while making dinner or having an impromptu dance party.

The concert speaker with bluetooth

Sam’s Club

Promising review: “This is a great item. It’s a lot BIGGER than I expected. The sound is great. My husband really enjoys his speaker. I just wish it was travel-ready to use away from outlets. Either way, it sounds great and I am very happy. I would recommend this item.” —K Cortez

Price: $139.88 (originally $179.88)


A lawn mower and blower kit because there’s no reason your lawn can’t look sparkling clean. This two-in-one pack is seriously a groundskeeper’s dream come true and will make the seasonal change and spring cleaning so much easier.

The lawn blower in lime green being held by a model blowing leaves

Sam’s Club

Promising review: “I bought this lawnmower because I did not want a gas-powered mower. This is a great piece of equipment. Easy to use. Mine came with a blower by the same manufacturer. Great deal at Sam’s.” —Ree

Price: $316 (originally $396)


A heavy-duty steam mop so you can ensure your rugs and carpets are getting the attention they deserve. It’s a simple way to keep your house tidy, clean, and orderly without breaking the bank by renting an expensive rug cleaner.

The heavy-duty steam mop in white with black detailing being used by a model on a rug

Sam’s Club

Promising review: “I have a Pergo flooring. I love it, but using Bona was not good enough, so I decided to try an easy-to-handle steam mop. Works perfectly on my flooring and yes, finally… the kind of clean I like!!!!” —Lea Davis

Price: $44.98 (originally $64.98)


An electric standing desk converter that will make WFH so much easier. If you’ve been craning your neck down to look at your screen all the time, make working feel more mobile and less physically taxing with this elevated standing desk.

The electric standing desk converter

Sam’s Club

Promising review: “This has made work more enjoyable for me. I can stand and sit. As a vertically enhanced person. It is a back saver. Saves my back from the strains of stooping. The power lift is supper and even came with USB port. That is wow! I am enjoying it.” —Iyems

Price: $149.98 (originally $199.98)


A handheld steamer for those who want to look as put-together as possible. We’re all feeling a bit more shabby than chic these days but with summer right around the corner comes a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to dressing.

The handheld steamer in black being used on a series of nude colored shirts

Sam’s Club

Promising review: “This steamer is very quick to heat and easy to use. Has a long cord which makes it really handy. Glad I purchased this.” —REA

Price: $27.98 (originally $39.98; available in three colors)


A front-load Samsung washing machine with super speed because if you tend to get your clothes dirty pretty quickly, this may just be the perfect item for you. It’s an easy way to accelerate the laundry process and will make keeping your clothes need and orderly super simple.

The front-load washing machine with super speed in white

Sam’s Club

Promising review: “Loads of standard cycles along with a full list of options to easily customize your wash needs. I did notice that my clothes are coming out cleaner and it’s very energy efficient!” —Jakie

Price: $794 (originally $994)


A full Casper mattress so you can enjoy the best night’s sleep possible. If you hadn’t heard, Casper is one of the most coveted mattresses up there, improving posture and giving customers the most-sound sleep they’ve ever had.

The Casper full mattress hold a gray fabric bed frame with a headboard

Sam’s Club

Promising review: “This is absolutely the best bed I have ever slept on! A must-have! Highly recommended!” —RJA

Price: $294 (originally $374)


A classic curling wand that will give you those Shirley Temple locks you’ve been craving. It’s an easy way to make yourself feel a bit more put together and will be sure you serve you well with future events to come.

The classic curling wand in black

Sam’s Club

Price: $47.98 (originally $62.98)


An adjustable in-ground basketball hoop for the person who just loves running around the court. This is a simple way to add some more movement into your routine and get outside in a safe way.

The adjustable in-ground basketball hoop

Sam’s Club

Promising review: “I needed a replacement part and Kyle in customer service was exceptional. He went above and beyond to solve my problem, he actually noticed another issue in a photo I sent of my basketball hoop and initiated a replacement for that without me even asking! I already love the product, the excellent customer service was the icing on the cake!” —Andy75

Price: $529 (originally $679)


A cotton bedding set because who couldn’t use an extra set of sheet? It’ll make keeping your bed made way more gratifying to know that you actually like the bedding you have.

The cotton bedding set in dusty lavender next to two mismatched nightstand

Sam’s Club

Promising review: “Color was as pictured, soft fabric and very nice feel to it. My son loved it!” —Rstrat

Price: $29.98+ (originally $49.98; available in six colors and three sizes)


A five-piece pan set so you can always have a place to keep your salmon, chicken, veggies, etc without having to cram them all onto one tray. It’s perfect for broiling, baking, and slow cooking your favorite foods all the while being totally heat safe, nonstick, and durable.

The five-piece pan set in black holding fillets of salmon, a slice of lemon, and mint

Sam’s Club

Promising review: “A great purchase as it fits into my toaster oven, is non-stick, cleans well, and the boiler pans are an addition that is so useful.” —SA

Price: $29.98 (originally $36.98)


A 400-thread count down pillow that will make you fall asleep faster than you can read this sentence. It’s super squishy and will have you feeling like you’ve fallen asleep in a hotel bed.

The 400 thread count down pillow in white on a bed

Sam’s Club

Promising review: “I bought one of these down pillows and liked it so much, I got a second one.” —cheriwinkke

Price: $39.98 (originally $56.98)


An inflatable queen-sized air mattress for the person who seems to have family in town at least once a month. It’s great for more than one person and will feel super luxurious for a solo traveler. It’s an easy item to store away but will definitely come in handy pretty regularly.

An inflatable air mattress in queen size

Sam’s Club

Promising review: “Awesome inflatable air mattress to fit into our conversion van. Perfect height and comfort for two adults!” —Monica G

Price: $99.84 (originally $128.84)


A baby stroller in denim because having a good stroller is absolutely essential and this one’s cute and sleek design is just begging to be taken for a spin around the block.

The baby stroller in denim blue with black hardware and wheels

Sam’s Club

Promising review: “Easy to fold and unfold, stable, and has the right positions available for the child’s comfort with a large canopy to keep the sun out. Easily pushed on our 3–4 mile walks.” —renkrib

Price: $199.91 (originally $339)


And an Internet privacy protection service so you can ensure your total protection when it comes to the novel parts of internet security. It’s a simple way to make sure your data is secure and you feel comfortable with the amount of information that you’re sharing.

The internet privacy protection service in it's box

Sam’s Club

Promising review: “The software is well made and easy to understand and intuitive. I like that you can use it on all of your devices, regardless of what operating system you use.” —Elizabeth

Price: $48.98 (originally $69.98)

Don’t forget to check out the rest of their incredible selection before they sell out!

Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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