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Welcome back to another Snowfall recap! The season is coming to an end, so you know things are about to get WILD!


Here’s a quick rundown of what happened in Season 4, Episode 9 — “Sleeping Dogs.” 🚨SPOILERS AHEAD.🚨If you haven’t watched it yet, you might not want to keep scrolling.

The episode kicks off with Franklin and Peaches confronting Tanosse, after finding out she’s been playing Franklin all along.

Ray Mickshaw/FX

Tanosse revealed Manboy offered her $100K to get close to Franklin. Unfortunately it was an offer she couldn’t refuse, because when she tried to turn him down, Manboy threatened to kill her and her brother. To show how serious he really was, Manboy had Tanosse’s brother jumped in jail.

But despite the lies and deceit, Franklin let her live…which was expected. We all knew he was going to use her for a bigger scheme to bring down Manboy.

While talking to Tanosse, Franklin gets a page from Leon, warning him that Jerome is on a rampage for revenge.

Ray Mickshaw/FX

Still hurting after Louie got caught in the crossfire, Jerome is desperately looking to get payback. But before Jerome can act on his plan, Franklin tries to stop him. The two come to blows, leaving Franklin on the ground bleeding from his mouth. He was down but not out. Thankfully, Franklin convinced his uncle to calm down for the time being and reassured him that Manboy’s time was coming.

Damson Idris (Franklin) put on one hell of a performance this season. It definitely deserves some Emmy Awards recognition.

And it looks like it was coming sooner than we thought! Franklin and Jerome got Tanosse to call Manboy and set him up with the quickness!


Y’all, the way Franklin was mean-mugging Tanosse during this call had me cracking up! They really put the fear of God in her, LOL! Ok, so Tanosse called Manboy and convinced him that Franklin was ready to give up his plug. Manboy sounded a little suspicious on the phone, but he went along with it anyway. She told him Franklin would meet him under a bridge by some arches, and Manboy agreed.

Meanwhile, Irene is still pushing to get her exclusive story heard, no matter who tries to stop her.


After being fired from her paper for getting a little too close to the truth, Alton took Irene to a radio station, so she could get her message out to more people. Irene threatened the CIA to come clean or she’d be forced to release Teddy’s name, along with his alias.

And, of course, guess who happened to be listening to that broadcast? Teddy and Gustavo! Y’all remember how they warned her to stay quiet last time, so you better believe this time won’t be pretty.

In other news, MAN DOWNNNNN!


Manboy’s suspicion was right, so he paid Tanosse a visit instead of “meeting” Franklin under the bridge. But Franklin knew that Manboy wouldn’t fall for it, so Franklin was waiting for Manboy at Tanosse’s house. Franklin ambushed Manboy while Jerome handled Manboy’s crew outside. To make a long story short, Franklin killed Manboy. But Manboy didn’t go out like a punk, instead after being stabbed and shot multiple times, he still was able to get one of his long speeches in before he took his last breath. We all know Manboy likes to run his mouth, so I didn’t mind him going out like that.

Word of Manboy’s death spread fast and it didn’t take long to get back to his sister Khadijah.

Ray Mickshaw/FX

I really feel bad for Khadijah. First her daughter, now her brother? It’s like Franklin and his crew want to keep a permanent target on their backs. If they were in her position, I guarantee you they would’ve responded the same way.

Well, hearing about her brother only enraged her more, so she called up her stripper friends and upped the bounty for Leon.

Franklin and his crew remained 10 steps aheads, figuring out that Khadijah would send the strippers to look for Leon, so they sent in their reinforcement: Wanda.


Say what you want about Wanda, but she’s remained true through and through! She has an unbreakable bond with Leon, making her the perfect person to use as bait. Wanda made a deal with the strippers, convincing them that she’d show them where Leon is in exchange for a cut of the bounty. Then, they soon realized they were being set up, but they ultimately ended up making a deal with Franklin. They’d help Franklin find Khadijah and in return, they’d work for Franklin with a big payout.

Khadijah fell for the trap and soon found herself face-to-face with Leon.


Leon attempted to apologize to Khadijah, but she wasn’t hearing it. After everything that went down, including her brother, Khadijah didn’t feel like she should be the one to be a “bigger person” and let it go. AND I DON’T BLAME HER! Franklin and Jerome knew Khadijah wasn’t going to stop until she killed Leon, so Jerome killed her first. Leon was devastated, more so because him killing Khadijah’s daughter still haunts him.

I’m mad about this one! I felt bad for her and ultimately, they got away scot free! She just wanted them to feel even an ounce of the pain she was feeling.

Meanwhile, Teddy decided to meet up with chatty-Patty, AKA Irene, for a plan of his own.


Teddy tricked Irene into believing that he was ready to turn his back on the CIA and provide her with the details she’s been so desperately craving. But in reality, he just got her extremely drunk (possibly drugged her) and followed her home until she crashed her car. Then, still alive after the crash, Teddy finished the deed by suffocating her. He then proceeded to steal her tape recorder, which had all of the info he revealed to her at the bar.

And finally, once Alton heard about Irene’s death, he made a run for it!


Irene’s death was ruled as a drunk-driving accident on the news, but Alton knew it was way more than that. The episode ends with him running out the door. Where’s he going? Cuba? Off to warn Cissy one last time? Guess we’ll find out on the season finale next week.

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I can’t believe we only have one episode left in the season! Be sure to watch Snowfall every Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET or stream it on Hulu the following day.

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