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Adoption is such a fulfilling and important way of growing a family, and there are certainly many different arrangements people use when going into it.

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One adoption type I’ve always been curious about is an open adoption, where the biological parent(s) are still involved in a child’s life after the adoption.

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If you’re a child of an open adoption, we’d love to hear about your experience! Do you spend holidays with both sets of parents, or do you have separate time with each? What’s it like to have two sets of parents — or do you consider your biological parents more like extended family members?

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Maybe you’re a parent who adopted a child or even a teenager via an open adoption, and you have a relationship with the biological parents of your child. Maybe it’s sort of like sharing custody, and your child spends some weekends or summers with their biological parents. Or maybe their biological parents live far away and you just send them photos and updates!

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Or maybe you’ve chosen to engage in an open adoption with your biological child and participate either minimally or massively in your biological child’s life, depending on your comfort level. What brought you to this decision, and what has it been like? How involved are you in your biological child’s life?

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Of course, everyone’s experience with open adoption is different, and there isn’t one “typical” experience. But whatever your experience with open adoption has been, we would love to hear about it — how it’s worked, what your arrangement is, and what your thoughts are on it. Share your experience in the comments below or via an anonymous Google form here, and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community article!

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