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Chris Redd first joined Saturday Night Live in 2017, and he’s accumulated quite a few iconic sketches under his belt as a cast member.

Chris Redd

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From Kanye West to Barack Obama, he’s one of SNL‘s finest impressionists. He also won an Emmy in 2018 for co-writing “Come Back, Barack.”

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Despite his great work, Chris doesn’t always get the credit that he deserves from the media. He’s even quote-tweeted a few news outlets…

@Reddsaidit/Twitter / Via Twitter: @Reddsaidit

Insert eyes emoji here…

To pay homage to Chris’ truly excellent track record on SNL, we’ve rounded up some of his best sketches on the show so far!

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Chris portrays half of the respectful duo The Booty Kings, who rap about women shaking their booties…if they want to! We stan consent!


“The Baby Step”

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“I’ve got all these MILFs, they trying to breastfeed me” are lines that Chris actually uttered as *checks notes* Heavy Diaper.


“That’s the Game”

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Here, Chris plays a gang member named Quan who’s trying to pull a mutiny on the boss (Kenan Thompson). He might need a little help, though, given that he tries to screw in a bullet!


“Fresh Prince”

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Unfortunately, Chris as the Fresh Prince isn’t really chilling out maxing, relaxing in this spoof of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air opening theme where everything goes awry.


“Come Back, Barack”

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Chris, Kenan, and Chance the Rapper form the ultimate slow jam trio singing about how much they want Barack Obama back. Chris’ “2020’s looking sad” and “I’d vote for Joe Biden” lines are especially spooky given this song went live in 2017…


“Weekend Update: Bruce Springsteen and Barack Obama”

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Bruce Springsteen (Beck Bennett) and Barack Obama (Chris) head onto Weekend Update to promote their new podcast Renegades. Chris’ dead-on impression of Obama’s tone and cadence will give you goosebumps.


“Weekend Update: Chris Redd on Black History Month”

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Chris has very strong opinions about Harriet Tubman doing Wakanda forever on a Visa card!


“Captain Shadow and the Cardinal”

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Chris’ swishy hand motions and dramatic overenunciation absolutely carry this short. Here, he portrays Captain Shadow’s (Kevin Hart) trusty sidekick Cardinal, who lives with him — in a cave!


“Network Meeting”

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After his hoax scandal, Jussie Smollett, aka Chris, pops up late at a network meeting. He’s represented by Sandra Oh, but even she has some serious doubts about his latest excuses for showing up late.


“Weird Little Flute” ft. Kid Cudi

NBC / Via

Chris, Kid Cudi, and Pete Davidson have the fits, the flows, and their “weird little flutes.” Yes, *literally* flutes.


“Mr. H”

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Mr. H (James McAvoy) finds his underachieving student Marcus (Chris) on the streets. Marcus believes that Mr. H wants to pull a Freedom Writers situation and change his life, but Marcus might not be as bright as he think he is.


“Kanye West Donald Trump Cold Open”

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Chris’ impression of Ye is just so, so good. With his jokes and Alec Baldwin’s riffs, this cold open might actually be more coherent than the original video that inspired it.


“Britney Spears Talk Show Cold Open”

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Lil Nas X is just your typical “gay Black country rap sneaker entrepreneur” who puts on his pants like everyone else — “one assless chap at a time.” But his talking interview with Britney (Chloe Fineman), isn’t even the best part. Just wait until Chris starts giving not-God (Mikey Day) a lap dance. Happy Easter indeed!


“Black Panther New Scene”

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You know what’s professionalism? Chris, who plays T’Challa, maintaining a straight face while Kenan Thompson, T’Challa’s weird uncle M’Butu, rubs a whole hamburger on Sterling K. Brown’s face.


“I Love My Dog”

NBC / Via

It’s a rap about dogs with Chris holding a tiny dog in a teacup, so of course it’s here!



NBC / Via

Chris and Pete Davidson rapping about trees is just as ridiculous and epic as you would think.


“Marcus Comes to Dinner”

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It’s a naughty sketch with Sam Rockwell as Richard, a man whose son’s boyfriend Marcus (Chris) comes over for dinner. Marcus is a gay porn star, and Richard just can’t shake the feeling that he’s seen Marcus before.


“Soulja Boy on the Government Shutdown”

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From Chris dabbing to “Soulja Boy Crank That 2020” to him describing Trump as “the man who got beef with Nancily Peloski,” this skit is packed with so many iconic moments. And if you’ve watched even a part of Soulja Boy’s actual interview with The Breakfast Club, you’ll appreciate how brilliantly spot on Chris’ impression is.


“Flight Attendants”

NBC / Via

Will Ferrell’s existential insertions into this flight safety rap are hilarious, but we’ve got to give Chris and Aidy Bryant due credit for their dedication to their corny flight attendant characters.

Clearly, he’s a national treasure. Do you have a favorite Chris Redd moment from SNL? Let us know below!

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