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When Kevin brought in some of his famous chilli to work in The Office.


The tension was palpable as soon as Kevin appeared on screen with his giant vat of chilli. When we see the ‘out of order’ sign on the elevator, it’s clear to see this scene is only going to end in hilarious calamity.


When Fleabag looked absolutely stunning at her mother’s funeral in Fleabag.

BBC / Via

Death is an extremely hard subject to make funny, but this scene in Fleabag is both hilarious and extremely cringeworthy. Phoebe Waller-Bridge is the GOAT when it comes to this awkward style of comedy.


When Tom goes glamping in Parks and Recreation.

NBC / Via

Tom’s hilarious approach to spending time in the great outdoors is made even better by the fact he is using Ron’s car battery to power his glamping experience.


When Erin accuses Katya of being a sex worker in Derry Girls.

Channel 4 / Via

Erin’s disbelief that anyone could find James attractive resulted in this side-splitting moment.


When George Senior taught the kids a valuable lesson in Arrested Development.

Netflix / Via

This hysterically funny way to teach your kids a lesson not only had me in stitches, it has given me some great tips for parenthood.


When Ann tried to upgrade the town’s water fountains in Parks and Recreation.

NBC / Via

This disgusting and highly amusing water drinking technique made for a rib-tickling skit.


When Larry has to fly coach in Curb Your Enthusiasm.

HBO / Via

Larry David’s farcical depiction of everyday life is both extremely funny and something we can all relate to.


When the Catholic priests get stuck in the lingerie department in Father Ted.

Channel 4

This war film parody scene from Father Ted is too funny for words.


When Mac and Charlie beat up some kids for stealing their bike in It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.


Beating up some little kids really shouldn’t be this funny but here we are.


When Jen is dating a man called Peter File in The IT Crowd.

Channel 4

Jens increasing disgust as more people mistake her new boyfriend’s name for paedophile never fails to make me chuckle.


When Jerry shaved his chest in Seinfield.


This scene from Seinfield starts off funny, but no one expected it to build to this riotous and farcical crescendo. Bravo!


When Dre meets a little girl in the lift in black-ish.

abc / Via

This hilarious take on the differences between how certain things Black people do are perceived in comparison to white people is a hysterical comment on life.


When Jake makes criminals sing the Backstreet Boys in Brooklyn 99.


This lineup scene is so wonderfully over the top and never fails to get a laugh.


When Jeremy eats Mummy the dog in Peep Show.

Channel 4

Who thought a show that has someone barbecuing and eating a dog could be so funny? Somehow Peep Show pulls it off spectacularly.


When David Brent did a motivational speech in The Office UK.


David Brent might possibly be the most cringe-worthy character ever written, this scene still has me in fits of laughter even after watching it countless times.


When Jay made a new friend in The Inbetweeners.

Channel 4

The Inbetweeners encapsulated goofy adolescent behaviour like no other, and this scene where Jay says bye to his “friend” will have even the most stoic person in fits of giggles.


When Will walks in on his mom and Lisa’s dad in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.


The idea of catching your parents in the act is extremely traumatising, but when Will discovered his mum in bed with Lisa’s dad, the results were side-splitting.


When Ilana goes shopping with Abbi at Bed, Bath, & Beyond in Broad City.

Comedy Central / Via

Abbi’s love for Bed, Bath, & Beyond was a bit of a running joke in Broad City, the show didn’t disappoint when we finally got to visit the store with her.


And finally, when Ross gets his teeth whitened in Friends.

NBC / Via

We all knew at some point Ross would reveal those pearly whites, but nobody was ready for just how funny it would be.

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